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Others on Oktav

  • "The Regent? Yes, he can be very charming and affable in conversation. You'll more likely make a favorable impression being quick and to the point with him, though." Erasmia de Vries, childe of Oktav.

  • "My sire and I may have our differences of opinion, but while I may not have followed his path he understands the reason for mine; never think for a moment I am anything but loyal to him. He is more than just my father, he is my lord and savior. I owe him more than I can say." - Aelia Hyrtakena, childe of Oktav
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Current Characters
(R) - El Catrina (Circle of the Crone / Nosferatu)
(C) - Oktav (Camarilla / Tremere)
(S) - Amir (Sabbat / Assamite)
(A) - Unravels Pattern Breaker's Coils (Gurahl / Kojubat)