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Basic Statistics

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  • Subject Name:
    • Nathaniel Tailer

  • Subject Clan: Malkavian

  • Known Aliases: Assorted.

  • Known Factions:

  • Known Location: Philadelphia, PA

Physical Description:

Tall, charasmatic and always smiling. Usually wearing some sort of black button up shirt, blazer and jeans. Wears a small cross on his right wrist.

General Knowledge:

  • 1683 - Born in Salem MA, the bastard son of William Staughton. Raised by William's sister Rebeccah Tailer as one of her own after her husband's suicide seven months before.
  • 1699 - Began Attending Harvard College
  • 1701 - Returned to Dorchester MA for the death of his 'uncle' William Staughton.
  • 1705 - Graduated Harvard College with degrees in Politics and Religion.
  • 1710 - Served with Brother William Tailer in Queen Anne's War, Capture of Port Royal, Acadia.
  • 1711 - Mother passed away. On her death bed she told Nathan the truth of his father. The sins of his father weighed heavily in Nathan, causing his Puritan beliefs to grow. Such a great man must have been tempted by the devil.
  • 1712 - Stationed at Fort William and Mary NH as Army Chaplain. Began to use the devil, hell and temptation in his sermons. Placed the hand of Satan on the enemies they faced.
  • 1714 - His strict Puritan views got him noticed by Trimeggian.
  • 1718 - Embraced to show Nathan the 'true' evils of the world. The embrace cracked Nathan more than it would most others. All he had believed was true and a lie.
  • 1722 - Left to his own devices by sire.
  • 1751 - Found by Chandra de Soissones lost, alone and barely surviving. Taken under accounting and taught the ways of the Malkavians, the Camarilla and Cultural Trends and Policies.
  • 1775 - Released from his accounting, not claiming, but misleading others to believe Chandra was his sire. Gain a fascination with the faith, beliefs and morals of others, Mortal and Kindred alike.
  • 1755 - 1840s - Traveled the world studying, learning and testing the human psyche.
  • 1840 - Assisted Chandra and her allies in setting up a base of operations in Camden. Assisting her in her gathering of information on the war efforts throughout the country.
  • 1860 - Began to travel again, mostly heading west and exploring how the new West effected the beliefs, morals and lives of those that traveled there.
  • 1861 - 1899 - Continued to study and test the faith, morals and psyche of others. Started his first 'prairie church'. A small cult of mortals that he bent to his own will. 1875 - Met Serafin and his Gargoyle Bodyguard Talia.
  • 1900 - 2014 - Again traveled the country, searching for even more changes in the social, religious and political landscapes of the time.
  • 2015 - Moved to Philadelphia to rejoin Chandra and claim the Malkavian Primogen Seat.

Cultural Standing

  • Noble - as a Primogen of Philadelphia

  • Guardian - as the Clan Head of Clan Malkavian in the United States.

  • Established - as an Elder within the Camarilla and as the Clan Head of Clan Malkavian in the United States.

  • Confirmed - as an Elder within the Camarilla.

  • Privileged - as an Elder within the Camarilla.


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  • Nathaniel is actually Chandra's child

Quotes & Citations:

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  • "Resist beginnings; the prescription comes too late when the disease has gained strength by long delays." - Chandra de Soissones

Technical Details...

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Philadelphia, PA
Player: Michael Smyrski
Storyteller: Adam Hollack

Player: Michael Smyrski
Domain: PA-015-D
Note: I have shamelessly stolen this template from Stacey M; Thank you Stacey!



Character Ties

I am looking for ties in the following areas:

  • Domain Contacts in New Cities - Assistance is confidential and lucrative!

  • Malkavians I have mentored and assisted.

  • Individuals to have worked for from 1500s - 1700s as an investigator or field agent.