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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Grand Rapids, MI
Player: Erykah Fassett
Storyteller: [mailto:]

Character Information

An ancillae with as questionable a mind as her sense of humor, Oleksandra Kaidonovskaya doesn't seem the sort that would fit in well with the Camarilla. She began life as an Independent before finally deciding to "settle down" (her own words) into the Camarilla sect recently in 1917 after the fall of the Romanov Dynasty ("I had nothing to do with that.")

Oleksandra, who has gone by the various diminutives of Sasha, Sandra, Misha, Leksy, and Ollie, is a wild card of sorts. Perhaps it is a throwback to her Independent days, but she tends to always have what others are looking for right when they need it the most. When questioned about how she came about it, all she does is smile.

<font-size: 15pt>Description</font>

Oleksandra is a petite woman with "dirty" blonde hair, green eyes and a swarthy even among Kindred complexion. While not rude outright, she has a way with words that means even the most generous of praise could be a scathing reprisal. Depending on the audience, most are never in the know. She also almost never, ever, stops talking. When she does, that means something horrible is about to happen.

While most Kindred's dress heralds back to the time when they still breathed, Oleksandra's attire is almost never the same decade or century for more than a day. Sometimes, she even wears multiple time periods in one outfit, just to keep others guessing. With fashion subculture being what it is in modern nights, hardly any mortals bat an eye to the weird outfits she wears.

<font-size: 15pt>Known Information</font>

  • Recently returned to the Great Lakes after an extended 'Sabbat'ical along the French Riviera.

<font-size: 15pt>Quotes</font>

<font-size: 15pt>Rumors</font>

  • Introduces herself as one name to one person and then a different name to the next.