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Changeling PC

Player: Apryl Warner
Character: Olympia
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Treasured
Kith: Romancer
Court: East
Freehold: Indianapolis IN
VST: Ian Drake

Character Information

Name: Olympia
Aliases: Emerald Empress, Golden Goddess, Empress of the East in Indianapolis
Seeming: Fairest
Dual Kith: Treasured/Romancer
Entitlement: Charmed Circle
Court: East

Notable Traits: Striking Looks (4)
East Mantle (5)
Seductive Grace
High Presence
Siren Song
Wyrd 7
High Clarity

Mask: She's blonde, no ginger, no, a brunette? Who knows, she's certainly a well-dressed pretty something with a face hard not to look at, but harder to describe.

Mien: Shimmering with the color gem you desire most. To some, she's a platinum blonde with the skin of diamonds, to others, her hair is brushed with rainbows and her skin is opalescent, others she's got a strikingly bright blue hairstyle with sapphire eyes and white teeth and a smile that shines brightly with clothing to match the gem. It's hard to put it all into words, but she's never muted, always dazzling. Though never call her bedazzled, it's awarded the only frown in the history of her reign as the Empress of the East.

Olympia is never described quite the same way from others who've met her or even vaguely interacted with her. Though the closer some claim to be, the farther others tend to believe her personality it from the truth. There is hardly a poor review of Olympia as her 'friendliness' seems to be her defining trait. Some call it kindness, and some call it continued servitude, but she does love making others who surround her feel like Kings and Queens. Those who spend extended amounts of time with her will say her quirkiness is quite refreshing.


During the 1980's Olympia became the first Empress of the East in the directional freehold of Indianapolis, Indiana. She was rumored to set up shop after the former underworld lord of Indianapolis seemed to have fallen off the map after the police were given an anonymous tip to his or her whereabouts, and Olympia's business 'Mount Olympus' was built. During the 80's Olympia was known as Samira, but those who did know her rumored that she had quite the soft and kind personality among lost, albeit naive which led her to being taken back in Arcadia. In 2001, the East monarch returned to her court a shell of the loud personality she was. Since then, Olympia has set up a sleiu of business level relationships in lost society and the mortal world. Much of who she is and why she has very few known friends is a mystery, but extended visits with her have the tendency to make most lost uncomfortable with her very hollowed personality.

Friends and Allies


  • If she calls you her best friend for the day it means quite a lot! - DJ Radix
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OOC Information

Player: Apryl Warner

Member Number: US2008011654

Location: Muncie, Indiana