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"Reputation is an idle and most false imposition; oft got without merit and lost without deserving."- Iago

Grandfather Thunder has a heck of a hug.

Born beneath the thunderheads of the Pacific Northwest, the Stormcrow called Omengazer has a long history of fraternizing in the darkest parts of human civilization. Despite his undeniable breeding, Dylan was long thought to be incapable of Changing--a fact which relegated him to more menial (and often abused) tasks within the Garou Nation. Somewhat obviously, this somewhat jaded history with Gaians bred a sort of quiet disdain towards Wolfkind which has only recently found itself alleviated.

Since his First Change at the rising of the Red Star, Omengazer has acted as somewhat of a liaison between Caerns and a wandering friend to the Fera. Even at the height of Fera-directed paranoia (with the revolt of the Ratkin), Dylan went to great lengths to establish long-distance routes of communication with Corax, Nuwisha and any other non-Garou Shifter he happened to encounter. Though his motives were often questioned, the utility of his intelligence allowed him to continue to pass peacefully between Septs.

Posing as a mundane reporter (of the strange and unexplained) and private investigator in the mundane world, Dylan continues to maintain the fine line which must be maintained to ensure the secrecy of the Nation. An avid paranormal enthusiast in his free time (not atypical for a Theurge), this Seer and Oracle of some small reputation finds value in the core of all information...regardless of its source.

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Omen bullet.png "Papa Ogou watch over dis one, dat fo' sho'."Bayou
Omen bullet.png "He talks a lot for a Crescent Moon and I don't understand half of what comes out of his mouth. But he's come a long way back from the edge and he has a long way to go. Assuming I don't kill him beforehand."Returns the Faith
Omen bullet.png "Oh this one is dangerous."Sings the Forgotten
Omen bullet.png "He has a much better singing voice than I expected. Also, he seems like a decent Garou. Proud, but not so much as to make it a burden."Tiercel Twice-Sworn
Omen bullet.png "So as far as I am concerned Shadow Lords come into two primary flavors. There are the ones that make you shrug and laugh at the way they twirl their mustaches. As over the top as they are overconfident. Those kinds I can deal with. Their own idiocy will be their undoing. But then there are the other kind of Lords. Scheming, manipulative and conniving as the day is long. You never know what they are really up to because they are already playing 12 steps ahead of order. Dylan is definitely one of the latter. He knows just how far he can push things. At the last minute he always seems to bear his throat and toss a couple of aces on the table which he's been holding in his sleeve for the last half the game. As long as Pari walks, I think we can keep him under control. Stag help us if something ever happens to my daughter though. "Declan Brennan
Omen bullet.png "My experience with Shadow Lords has been rather limited until Dylan-rhya arrived. He is as cunning as the mongoose, and not to be underestimated. "Nakia Menefer
Omen bullet.png "He's a sneaky son of a bitch. But you know what, he's pretty funny."Asha
Omen bullet.png "Dylan is what I come to expect from a capable Shadow Lord. A bit arrogant, silver tongued, and having a knack for finding out information that you want kept quiet. Aside from that, Dylan's good people... he doesn't pity me, but rather is as genuinely nice as I believe one of his tribe could be towards one of mine. If he's good enough to be in Pari's pack, he's good enough in my book"Meagan Greene, Beyond All Doubt
Omen bullet.png "Dylan has a darkness that he carries. I do not know if it goes as deep as mine can at times, but I find a sense of brotherhood in the fact that he understands."Spirals of White
Omen bullet.png "Ok, gotta admit, I really did *not* expect that the way to a kinfolks heart would be to go slightly creepy stalker type and get her phone number through a friend...but shit. Apparently it's working. At the very least, it got him a date. Maybe I'm weird, but that shit would have creeped me out...Also? Seriously? Eavesdropping on the kinfolk women is cheating."Alaska Hayes
Omen bullet.png "Dylan is defined by ambition. He knows what he wants to do, and his drive to make it happen is fierce and unstoppable. Thank Gaia that ambition is pointed in more or less the right direction, but even so; people who move that fast tend to leave things broken behind them."Laughs-Last
Omen bullet.png "Dylan is weird. Gaia forbid he ever allow harm to come to my cousin."Ebony Forakis
Omen bullet.png "Trying to follow a Theurge's train of thought will have your mind going in knots, add that to a Shadowlord's inclination for... evasiveness and you a combination that might drive even someone like me to drink."Jacob "Takes-the-High-Ground" Whitewater
Omen bullet.png "That guy? Fascinating, really. Normally, I would say the theurge has balls of steel, but this one has balls of silver. Just don't tell him I said that."Cozzie Steals the Moon
Omen bullet.png "We are not the measure of our father's shadows. We are our own shadows, and we must be the lords of them," he says, looking up to the man's face, "They will say you wore your heart upon your sleeve for daws to peck at. You are not what you are. You do not belong in my shadow, either."Margrave Yuri Konietzko
Omen bullet.png"I really want to not like him..but I can't really help that I do. He's weird. And Shadow-Lordy and shit...but he's also a good person...and Pari adores him. So I can't help but like him. It's weird. He's cool."Tia Finn
Omen bullet.png "Dylan's here? Shit. He's probably poking sticks at things that we aren't ready for yet. We need bigger weapons for whatever he's doing, I'm sure."Greyscale
Omen bullet.png "He is someone that is very unique. He told me more than I expected and that is something that I can truly respect. I look forward to working with him more."Ray "Serpentsbane" Fullbringer
Omen bullet.png "He tried. I'll give him that, but I couldn't go. Not this time at at least. He saw it in me, though, the fierce determination. He has good sense for one of his tribe. The time will come again. And when that day comes, I will be there. For him." - Hilde Rekkstrum
Omen bullet.png "He is ambitious, but he values the balance of wolf and man, wolf and wolf, and wolf and other-kin more than power for his own sake. In this he shows himself much wiser than I have come to dread from his breed and Tribe." - Red Rain
Omen bullet.png "He tests you, with every sentence, and every action you take. It may be frustrating at times, but someone who makes you think that much about yourself is probably better for you than you'll ever realize. So I'll keep that in mind, and welcome what he gives." - Swift Talon
Omen bullet.png "Just like his cousin, I'm not entirely sure what exactly Dylan-rhya sees in me. And also like his cousin, I look forward to seeing exactly how he intends to get me to see it too." - Nadya Nighthawk
Omen bullet.png "Dylan's my best friend. Which is ironic because we began as heinous enemies. I guess that just goes to show you that 'Ebony and Ivory' was more profound than anybody realized." - Feather's Weight
Omen bullet.png "For a very long time I considered myself the mightiest warrior capable of walking the face of Gaia. Howl-of-Thunder-rhya was the first Garou to show me how wrong I truly was." - Seiðr’s Sacrifice
Omen bullet.png "The Law of Crow says that 'man's law changes with his understanding of man. Only the laws of the spirit remain always the same'. I believe that Howl-of-Thunder-rhya feels he is capable of changing the laws of the spirit. What's more...I believe he may be right." - Secrets Unearthed
Omen bullet.png "Dylan? Yes, he's my son. Are you going to swing at me now too?" - Damian Price
Omen bullet.png "They say lightning never strikes twice. This is true; it is but once in a lifetime." - Hela Vördottir
Omen bullet.png "When others seemed ready to jump the gun and scream because Hank and I suggested that Killbox-rhya speak with the General, Dylan-rhya understood why we made the suggestion and voiced it. He also seems to understand much sooner than most that I don't do well with crowds." - Dr. Emma Bailey
Omen bullet.png "Our predecessors have fallen, our enemies mass, and our Nation stands on the brink. Perhaps it is no coincidence that he and I have the chance to do what none before us have been able. Perhaps we can turn the tide and lead our Tribes and our people to something better." - Dawncrown
Omen bullet.png "A little too serious most times, needs to work on that sense of humor, but if there's something that needs doing and you want to know it'll be done, Dylan's who you come to see." - Alvarez
Omen bullet.png "He does appear to know much, he is well spoken,and listens. He keeps his own council and time will tell if his actions equal his words. " - Jericho Windstorm
Omen bullet.png "It is apparently, my unannounced destiny to be a distinct source of aggravation to Dylan." - Megan
Omen bullet.png "In my family, drive and power runs deep, and Dylan and I probably show it more than most. We show it in different ways, but we're always ready to roll the hard six if we have to. And... let me borrow a line from popular culture here, and say: I never bet against my family." - Laughs-Last
Omen bullet.png "At one point, I thought we would inevitably draw silver. Now that we see eye to eye, that will no longer be necessary" - Berkowski
Omen bullet.png "Dylan is the standard when you look for a Spirit Warrior of my tribe. Cold, calculated, ready to sit down and "talk". He's going places, but I can't help but feel he'd get there alot faster if he just tear some deserving throats out along the way." - Simona
Omen bullet.png "We first met when I was trying to sell a cover identity to a group of garou whose usefulness I was trying to assess. The confusion thus created caused a bit of a bother for Howl-of-Thunder-rhya. He ended up helping me sell it perfectly and I never determined whether he meant to or it was a bit of serendipity." - Long Fang
Omen bullet.png "It's so fun watching Dylan lead so many around like a hen with a bunch of little chicklets. One of these days, the wrong person will get uppity and learn how truly powerful my cousin has become. I just hope I have the popcorn ready for when this does happen." - Markus
Omen bullet.png "He's so... civil. I wonder just how deep that carefully managed rage runs." - Lara Radic, "Tides of War"
Omen bullet.png "When I first met him he had questions I could not seem to answer. When I next saw him, he had lessons that sought my insight as well as my attention. He takes no action without purpose, and I've come to learn much by watching him. So when he speaks, listen. And when you hear a question, understand that he's not always asking you what you think. I understand that now." - Swift Talon
Omen bullet.png "He's not what those outside the Tribe would call a typical Shadow Lord, but plays up those stereotypes to those stupid enough to believe them. He's insightful, well-informed, and the first Garou I think of when I encounter something out of my league." - Ulryk Kordus
Omen bullet.png "If you think he's done, just you wait. Dylan is just getting warmed up." - James Nathan Hunt

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Omencrinos.jpg Information known only to Shadow Lords
Undeniably of Shadow Lord stock, Dylan Spade is a strikingly confident Elder who wears ambition on his sleeve whilst also demonstrating an astonishing temperament. His long years of journalistic support within the Tribe (as a kinfolk) have given birth to a Garou with his claws on the pulse of society--a creature as ruthless in his interactions with Spirit-kind as in his dealings with others among the Nation. Known to be a Seer of repute and a Walker Between Worlds, Omengazer does all within his power to position himself as an utterly invaluable asset to both Tribe and Nation.

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Omen bullet.png Pari Forakis — Elder, Black Fury
Omen bullet.png Ivan Truthseeker — Athro, Silver Fang
Omen bullet.png Aslaug Ragnarsdottir — Athro, Get of Fenris
Omen bullet.png Henry Anderson — Elder, Silicon Sentinel
Omen bullet.png Talisa Enola — Athro, Uktena
Omen bullet.png Wakes the Winter — Adren, Wendigo
Omen bullet.png Sophie Deal — Fostern, Child of Gaia
Omen bullet.png Red Rain — Fostern, Red Talon

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Omen dot2.png Iago, from Othello by William Shakespeare
Omen dot2.png John Constantine from the pages of Vertigo Comic's Hellblazer
Omen dot2.png Sam Spade from the film rendition of the Maltese Falcon

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Dylan Spade

Player: V.C.
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Shadow Lord
Position: Margrave
Rank: Elder
Pack: Pathwalkers
Sept: None, Anruth
VST: Craig V.

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