Opal Smith

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Opal Smith

Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Raleigh, NC
Player: Amanda Bellanger
Storyteller: Andrew T. Hermann

Available to Camarilla Kindred

Notable Traits: Opal is soft spoken and polite. When her anger is stirred, she quietly beats her opponents into submission. She dresses well and is always wearing nice heels.

Opal Smith, Performer.

Commonly Known History:

  • Ms. Smith is currently the Steward for Clan Brujah. She is known to travel when her duties as Sheriff allow her to.
  • Opal was embraced in the 1920's by her sire and sister, Virginia Smith. They both are former circus performers.

Camarilla Titles:

  • Harpy of Raleigh, NC
  • Steward of Clan Brujah

Camarilla Status:

  • Acknowledged in the Domain of Raleigh
  • Confirmed as Ancilla (Machiavellian Prodigy)
  • Courageous by Prince Elijah Hunter
  • Favored by Elder Lucien

History known to Camarilla Insiders

Available to Brujah:

  • Lineage
  • Known Childer
  • None
  • Known Grandchilder
  • None
  • Known Great-Grandchilder
  • None


Quotes and Rumors

  • Quotes
  • "My sister holds a fire and passion not to be taken lightly, behind a soft and quiet exterior. We are very alike, and very different." - Virginia Smith
  • "She is a prodigal scion of the blood. Her social grace is only matched by her wit and occasionally her temper. She brings great pride to the Anicetus name." - Malachi Anicetus, Prince of Odessa. Patriarch of the Blood
  • "Those Heels look dangerous" Simon Boudreaux/ Mr. K
  • "For one who has such a diamond exterior, Primogen Smith has shown me she is not only the flower, but also the thorn. A trait I completely respect." - Virgil Maxwell
  • "For someone who claims to like to get her hands dirty, she strangely treats common clothes like they are her Sunday Best." - James Mason
  • "An excellent companion for conversation. It is good to meet another cousin of like mind." - Eileen Vargas
  • "Opal is as elegant as she is strong, as close to a Rose as anyone outside the clan can possibly be." - Xavier Guard
  • "Fair of face and soul. She is as lovely as her namesake." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "She is Noble and fair this Woman has my Respect." - Vince Black
  • "I just don't know about her yet." Sighs "I just don't know." -Charlotte Belle
  • "It seems to be that Brujah are bound to impress me. Combat prowess and beauty aside, the aerial display performed in my Domain was one I'll not soon forget." Lilliana Grace
  • "Opal personifies the qualities a Brujah Steward ought to have. Beautiful, formidable, and possessed of giant balls of burnished brass." Lochlann MacAllan
  • "Opal is my sister. I would do damn near anything for her, and I would not recommend testing where that line is." Dravon

  • Rumors
  • She seems hesitant to handle her own problems. Always looking for others to do it for her......I'm not buying the "Oh Poor me". Or perhaps she has learned the ways of the Elders very early.
  • She killed an Anarch Malkavian by driving the heel of her shoe into his head.
  • Opal is an honorary member of the Gloom Patrol.
  • "She reminds me of a girl I went to High School with. Don't let that sweet smile fool you because I bet she has a mean right hook." Jinx

  • Rivals and Antagonists

  • Enemies

OOC Background Information


  • Lady turned Civil Rights Activist

Ties Sought:

  • Any! I am open for ties!
  • Fellow Kindred who stood up for the civil rights movements of the 1900's

Sound Track:
Player Information Player: Amanda Bellanger
Character E-mail: ms.opal.smith@gmail.com

Location: Raleigh, NC NC-006