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Mr. Wright, The Carthian

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Affiliations: Carthians of Colorado, Carthian Militia, SNAP 16, The House of Red Sand

Faction: Middle of the Road

Position: Carthian Humorist: The hypersensitivity of the Beast to social slights and perceived insults leads to either oppressive traditionalist regimes or violent anarchy. By desensitizing the Beast with minor slights and quips, one might, through humor, condition it to ignore or even appreciate the ever-shifting paradigm of Kindred Society.

Mission: Reduce the occurrences of frenzy by introducing the absurd to those around him, causing them to laugh, and be laughed at, as the social convention of humor integrates into Traditional Society.

OOC Information

Clan: Gangrel ••••
Bloodline: Taifa
Covenant: The Carthian Movement
Conspiracy: None
Player: Korri Smith US2008072642
Storyteller: Ryan Nash
Domain: CO-015-D

Describing the Indescribable

Oral Wright (adamantly called Mr. Wright by most, for some reason) is difficult to miss (in several senses of the word). His flamboyant attire, irreverent attitude, and sheer volume tends to draw the eye, much like a train wreck draws a news crew. The near-perpetual smile plastered on his face (shit-eating grin, some have called it) and an upbeat personality which puts most kine at ease only serve to further exacerbate (Thanks, Damien, for that word-of-the-day calendar!) his relations with other Kindred, but if Oral notices, he just doesn't seem to give a damn.
Clan: Gangrel
Bloodline: Taifa
Sire: Khalid Ibn Sahir
Childer: May Skerrit, Robert Paulson
Grandchilder: James Stirling, Gaston Sauveterre, Zachary Mason
Likes: Mojitos, long walks, breasts, motorcyles, sandals, learning new things, people who aren't afraid to laugh.
Dislikes: Cat people (not people who like cats, but people who are cats), guns, self-righteous pricks, werewolves, getting my knuckles smacked with rulers.
Well-Known (read: obvious) Qualities
- Usually seen in Hawaiian shirt and sandals.
- Published author of Supernatural Romance Fiction (smut).
- Socially Oblivious
- Generally Jovial
- Perpetually Confused
- Occasionally Brilliant