Ordo Dracul Ranks and Titles

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Ordo Dracul - Ranks and Titles

Coil Ranks

The formal titles used within the Ordo Dracul have three distinct components.


The first component is the Title, which is a representation of how many Coils a Dragon claims to have. Note that a Dragon can lie, but doing so runs the risk of extreme (and possibly fatal) repercussions if caught, depending on the dominant Rite in the Academy.

  • Slave:......... No Tiers
  • Supplicant:.... One Tier
  • Scribe:........ Two Tiers
  • Scholar:....... Three Tiers
  • Initiate:...... Four Tiers
  • Adept:......... Five Tiers
  • Master:........ Six Tiers
  • Philosopher:... Seven Tiers
  • Illuminus:..... Eight Tiers
  • Architect:..... Nine Tiers
  • Visionary:..... Ten Tiers
  • Immortal:...... Eleven or more Tiers


The second component is the Domain, which indicates which particular Coil the Dragon is most accomplished within. This is typically placed directly behind the Title. It is also permitted to place an adjective before the Domain, to indicate the second-strongest Coil that the Dragon possesses. This is the most commonly used Decoration, as well.

Coil of Blood

  • Coil of Blood is your highest Coil - ...of Hunger
  • Coil of Blood is your second highest - Sanguine or Bloody

Coil of Banes

  • Coil of Banes is your highest Coil - ...of the Curse
  • Coil of Banes is your second highest - Burning or Fiery

Coil of the Beast

  • Coil of the Beast is your highest Coil - ...of Terror
  • Coil of the Beast is your second highest - Wild or Untamed

Coil of Flesh

  • Coil of Flesh is your highest Coil - ...of Pain
  • Coil of Flesh is your second highest - Carnal or Vital

Coil of the Soul

  • Coil of the Soul is your highest Coil - ...of the Void
  • Coil of the Soul is your second highest - Rarefied or Elysian

Coil of Slumber (Ancient Mysteries)

  • Coil of Slumber is your highest Coil - Alert
  • Coil of Slumber is your second highest - Wakeful

All Equal

  • If all the Coils you have are of equal level - ..of Equilibrium


The third and final component is the Decoration, which is added to the Title + Domain formula as the Dragon wishes, either to convey additional information about the Dragon and his accomplishments within the Ordo Dracul, or simply to appear more impressive to others.

Decorations are usually placed before the Title + Domain section.

  • If you have studied only one Coil:......................... Dedicated
  • If you have studied four separate Coils:................... Invisible
  • If you have studied five separate Coils:................... Aetherial
  • If you have studied the fourth tier of any specific Coil:... Penultimate

As an example, a Dragon who has Blood 4, Banes 3, Beast 1, Flesh 1, & Soul 1 could list his Title as Aetherial Visionary of Penultimate Hunger, which would tell any other Dragon that he has a total of 10 Coils, knows all four tiers of the Coil of Blood, and has at least one tier in all five Coils.

"Some titles see use in a single domain, while other has become virtually ubiquitous." --p 16, Ordo Dracul.

  • "I know rituals of another covenant." ....... Questing or Tested
  • "I'm showing off for the audience." ......... Sublime or Transcendent or Dreadful
  • "I am here against my own will." ............ Terrible
  • "I am lying or disguised." .................. Forgotten or Withered
  • "Outsiders are listening." .................. Subtle
  • "Enemies are listening." .................... Invincible
  • "I need immediate aide." .................... Esoteric
  • "We are in immediate danger." ............... Sterling or Omnipotent
  • "I am favored." or "I am to be protected." .. Renewed or Remarkable
  • "My master wants you to destroy me." ........ ...of the Fourth Darkness

Additional examples of Titles can be found in Ordo Dracul, pages 15 and 16.

Who Outranks Whom

Hierarchy in the Ordo Dracul

There are three Sworn Orders within the Ordo Dracul. Those are the Sworn of the Axe (aka Crimson, warriors and protectors), the Sworn of the Dying Light (Azure, scholars and judges), and the Sworn of the Mysteries (Onyx, diplomats and politicians). The colors noted there are ceremonial colors, and some in each Sworn order may take offense should an Unsworn or Sworn of another Oath wear them at official OD functions. Because the Sworn have additional responsibilities placed on them, their authority expands further than the Unsworn.

When it comes to giving orders, if neither are Oathbound (or both are), the one with more more coils has greater rank and thus greater authority. However, any Oathbound outranks an Unsworn. But, if both are equal in Oath (or lack thereof) as well as Coils, the one with more Ordo Dracul status has more authority.

This has a few exceptions. In battle, deference goes to the Axe. In matters of research, to the Dying Light. In matters of policy, to the Mysteries.

  • When in doubt, feel free to cross your fingers and ask OOC questions. :D If you wanted to join a particular Oath, don't hesitate to ask, we can work it into your story no problem.

Sworn Ranks and Titles

With security being a major concern among Dragons, some members of the Order have devised certain unofficial titles and descriptors for the Oaths they belong to so that they may speak and type more freely. You may notice that certain titles seem incongruous or even inappropriate for the title and/or society they describe; this is intentional. Members are welcome to make their own additions to this list if they so choose.

These Titles are usually included in the Decoration section of the formal title.

Sworn of the Axe

  • Oathsworn - "Tempered"
  • Companion - "Stalwart"
  • Dragon Knight - "Relentless"
  • Rising Dragon - "Brutal"
  • Rampant Dragon / Grandmaster - "Fearless"
  • Commander - "Brave" or "Courageous"
  • Vigilant Dragon - "Knowledgeable"
  • Warden - "Judicious"

Sworn of the Dying Light

  • Oathsworn - "Honoured"
  • Apprentice - "Shrouded"
  • Journeyman - "Traveled"
  • Master - "Noble"
  • Twilight Judge - "Hallowed"
  • Provost - "Impartial"
  • Galliard - "Eloquent" or "Impertinent" (based on style)

Sworn of the Mysteries

  • Oathsworn - "Learned"
  • Seer - "Enlightened"
  • Oracle - "Blessed"
  • Parliamentarian - "Elusive," also "Prolix," "Palaverous," or "Loquatious" by some Dragons with a sense of humor.
  • Navigator - "Unearthly"

Other Titles

Some of these titles appear nowhere (or in name only) in the Ordo Dracul source book or any other sanctioned material. They are included here for general use by those who want to enjoy making their titles even more ostentatious than they already are.

These Titles are usually listed separately from the formal Title.

  • Ambassadors
  • Antiquarians
  • Armorers
  • Bailiff of the Twilight Council
  • Butler
  • Cartographers
  • Castellan - Similar to a "Master of Elysium" for an academy's Chapter House
  • Confessor
  • Convener - Highest ranking Unsworn in an academy. Their position is, in effect, a sort of 'master of ceremonies' for meetings. They function as an impartial outside party so that no one faction is seen as 'having called' a specific meeting, or being in charge of the proceedings. They help to ensure the appearance of impartiality.
  • Couriers
  • Grand Wyrm - Ceremonial title for the Dragon who took her Oath to the Ordo Dracul earlier than anyone else in the academy.
  • Houndsmen
  • Kogaion - Title for the Dragon of each city responsible for knowledge of and guarding Wyrm's Nests
  • Librarian
  • Notaries
  • Scryers
  • Unchained - Title for Dragons who claim no Mentor or Academy (Immortal Sinners pg. 43)
  • Watchers

Custom Decorations

This is a listing of custom Decorations created for usage in the Sanctioned Chronicle. It is stated in the Ordo Dracul source book that there are several decorations that are of a local creation, and this page provides a place for players in the Camarilla to list their own custom Decorations, that other players can then use for their own Titles, as appropriate.

Decorations are usually placed before the Title + Domain section.

  • Inquiring (OD Book, pg 3)
  • Alchemical - A dragon who has knowledge of "Spoiling"
  • Audacious - An alternate title for "Galliard."
  • Balanced - All other tiers besides the primary are equal. Example: Banes 4, Beast 1, and Flesh 1 would be Master of the Balanced Curse.
  • Clan titles - Invented by the Ordo of Reading.
  • Elegant - Daeva
  • Savage - Gangrel
  • Cryptic - Mekhet
  • Haunting - Nosferatu
  • Commanding - Ventrue
  • Confiding - A title given to Confessors, to demonstrate the trust placed in them by the covenant in exchange for their cessation of study of Coils.
  • Delphian - A member of the Sworn of the Mysteries that holds a title unknown to those outside the oath; also called: Enigmatic, Equivocal, or Recondite
  • Evolved - Is a member of a Bloodline; also called: Focused, Refined, or Rarefied
  • Experimental - Has knowledge of an experimental or unconfirmed Tier/Coil. Generally placed in a title but it does not denote a higher rank. For instance someone with Banes 1 and Blood 4 would be an Initiate of the
  • Fiery Experimental Hunger.
  • Forgotten Venom - Knows spoiling. This decoration is usually added after the formal title. For instance, "Scribe of the Bloody Terror and Forgotten Venom"
  • Founding Equilibrium - A dragon whose coil knowledge is comprised of only the "original" three coil paths at equal levels.
  • Harvesting or Harvester - This vampire has taken part in but never lost a Code Duello.
  • Inspired - Has developed a Devotion that utilizes one or more of the Coils.
  • Lernaean - Has mastered the Minds of the Dragon to the level of the Mind of the Inscrutable Hydra. First heard whispered about the Academies of Scotland and Australia, the Dragons responsible for re-discovering and disseminating the forgotten technique are often referred to as Herculean.
  • Phantasmal - A Dragon who has the ability to see and/or hear ghosts.
  • Preeminent - An Admired member of the Covenant (Status x5).
  • Purified - A Dragon who has learned one of the secret enigmas granting freedom from the influence of vampiric blood. This is now widely suspected to refer specifically to the Citadel do Sangue, although there may be other powers still hidden within the Sworn of the Mysteries that might be referred to by this title.
  • Weaver - A rare title, granted to those who show the ability to link the Minds of Dragons together.

Custom Titles

This is a listing of custom Titles created for usage in the Sanctioned Chronicle. These Titles have originated in the Sanctioned Chronicle, and are not found within White Wolf's books about the Ordo Dracul. They are exclusively player-created and player-promoted.

  • Knows one Fontal Ritual - Insightful
  • Knows two Fontal Rituals - Perceptive
  • Knows three Fontal Rituals - Erudite
  • Formerly Belonging to Another Covenant - Shattered or Broken
  • Formerly Belonging to the Invictus - Broken (or Shattered) Estate
  • Formerly Belonging to the Lancea Sanctum - Shattered (or Broken) Spear
  • Formerly Belonging to the Circle of the Crone - Broken (or Shattered) Circle
  • Formerly Belonging to the Carthian Movement - Shattered (or Broken) Experiment
  • Inceptor - Is the creator and Progenitor of a Bloodline.

These Titles are usually listed separately from the formal Title.

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