Orel "Lance" Tvarivich

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Name: Artyem "Orel" Lophukina-Tvarivich
Deed Name: The Lance of Spectral Fury
Rank: Elder (G: 12, H: 12, W: 9)

Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Silver Fang

Great House: Clan Crescent Moon, Seneschal to Queen Tamara Tvarivich
Political Lodge: Twilight
Associations: Royalists, Star Crossed, Lambent Sun School, The Dawn Hunter

Sept: The Golden Door in Puerto Rico, Sept Beta and Wyrmfoe
Pack: The Silver Hawks, Captain
Other: The Daybreak Star Fellowship, Honorary Primary

Archetypes: Judge, Silver Record Scholar
Notable Traits: Ancestors 5, Pure Breed 5, Notable Heritage Merit, Natural Leader Merit


Lance didn't experience the First Change until the turn of the century. He was in his early 40s. His late blooming was the result of a curse that still makes it hard for him to change shapes.

In the decades prior to Lance's First Change, he was prominent among kinfolk. He earned small amounts of Renown and was something of an "adventurer." He was the leader of a large fellowship of Silver Fang kinfolk and is still well regarded by that group; members of the Daybreak Star still function as Lance's aides and bodyguards when he is not around other Garou.

Lance gets massive funding and special training from his tribal House (Clan Crescent Moon, located in Siberia), what was historically the seat of the Silver Fangs' power. His agenda is dictated by foreign werewolves, probably bent on dominating the Garou Nation.

Lance is actively hunted by the Emerald Knights, a vampire motorcycle gang that controls drug trafficking in the Puget Sound region. Their leader is looking for Lance because he wants to collect on an old debt.

Lance owns a Russian mail-order bride company, a front used for importing purebred Silver Fang kinfolk from the Old Country.

Lance is a Klaivaskeriste of the Rukopis Sukosin style klaviscar. He is a Sixth Circle, a master of a recognized school of klaive dueling who is invested with the right to teach others.

Lance owns four klaive weapons. His favorite is one of the Kladentsi of Clan Crescent Moon. The alpha klaive was named for Prince Ivan, a figure from Russian folklore. Lance's most powerful weapon is Sleá Bháis, a grand klaive in the shape of a short spear created by Jov Kutznitopf.

Lance is an expert on the Black Spiral Dancers, having studied their tactics, politics, and languages. He ruthlessly hunts down any Spiral he gets wind of. Lance owns a Bane Klaive named "Ad Hominem" taken from a Black Spiral Dancer.

Meta Data

Name: Randy Ochs
MES #: US2002022622
Location: Seattle, WA

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