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"Ring around the Rosie, pocket full of posies
Ashes... Ashes...
we all fall down."

Orelia Taipetra of Clan Malkavian

Sire: Octavio
Lineage: The current Matriarch of The Coronati Lineage
Notable Traits: Orelia dresses in flowing gauzy clothing, her hair is matted and always dischevelled, but what makes her stand out in a crowd is the constant flow of blood that drips from her eyes.

Acknowledged in multiple domains, including Houston, TX and Colorado Spring, Co
Venerated by age.
Established as an Elder.
Courteous by Prince Orelio Taipetra of Baton Rouge
Favored as seen by Chandra de Soissones Primogen of the Malkavians of Philadelphia

Coteries/Societies: None known.

Information Known by Kindred Society

This strange malkavian elder has a reputation that precedes her, and not all of it is good. She is loyal to the Camarilla, and has never once been questioned upon her loyalty, but the younger children sometimes wonder what she's done to make this possible.

Having lived almost exclusively with family her entire existence, she has a habit of appearing and sometimes giving the impression of someone much younger than she is. She has not adapted well to life outside of the asylum. On excursions to large gatherings she seems to always be accompanied by someone in her lineage, very rarely is she seen traveling in the presence of other vampires without a male escort.

It is rumored that the lady has a very sordid past, and that is completely the reason she always has a male escort with her. It can not be verified whether the family is protecting Orelia from others, or protecting *others* from Orelia.

She has been known in the past to disappear from society for periods of years and then turn back up mysteriously, the family then resumes their escorting of the lady, making like the time she was gone never happened.



  • Something just isn't right at all about Orelia.
  • Very powerful friends have helped her stay alive for longer than she should have
  • She may stay in the background, but she must have a plan...
  • Very closely resembles another powerful Elder not of her own clan.
  • Orelia found something she lost a very long time ago, and no longer needs to be among this world.
  • Certain members of Orelia's family get very nervous when Orelia talks about "Tea Time."
  • The tears of blood she sheds is said to be because she relives her embrace, and thus her death, every night when she awakens.
  • She found her tea set.
  • Orelia's eyes have stopped bleeding recently, and when anyone ask she says the Fae took them.
  • She seems to be getting more and more humane.....
  • May in fact be a better Prophet and Seer then any others would expect.
  • Something has gone horribly wrong.
  • She no longer... alive... any longer.
  • Even death doesn't like her hanging around too long.
  • Recently she has become more.... insane.


  • "It always opens in the machine, everything crushing steaming powered on the backs and grinds of the gears within, but when you tweak the smallest gear within- the system slows, the pressure builds, and that when things get interesting." ~Orelia Taiapetra
  • "My grandsire has always been my mother's favorite amongst my lineage. Perhaps Orelia's tears of blood remind my mother than she is not alone in her sorrows." ~Edward James Crowe, MD

  • "......no. You owe me compensation for that question, now go away" - Prince Gabriel Tavaasche of Baton Rouge, after being asked about Orelia

  • "I do so love her stories. She's my favorite partner-in-snark." - Maria Aigner

  • "Tuo fratello ha restituito, mi amore" - Prince Orelio Taipretra of Baton Rouge

  • "You can meet so many kindred at a party and forget names and faces after the event, but Honoured Orelia was a breath of life into a otherwise standard evening of small talk. Anyone who values family as much as she does has my respect and admiration." Prince Joseph Phibbs of the Mississippi Gulf Coast

  • "Mi amore. The very idea that there are those who think to pull my loyalties, who think to even know and fully understand my loyalties, when it comes to my own Flesh....is beyond laughable. What their jealousy hides is a fear, a justified (though ignorant) fear of what Familia Taipetra is capable. Look around, beside, and behind us....a familia gathered beyond the bonds of Clan. They are right to be jealous, and afraid" - Prince Orelio Taipetra of Baton Rouge

  • "At first I thought she was just a crazy old bitch. After getting to know her, I've realized she's my kind of crazy, and my kind of bitch. You could say I'm fond of her." - Alexis Levasseur

  • "I cannot verify the rumors that she has the ability to be seen in multiple places at once nor that Princes have been known to grow concerned with the mention of her possible presence. I can say that she keeps the most delightful of pet dragons." - Cedric Wadsworth

  • "Her voice still rings, like golden bells in the back of my head. She was very kind to me and I will never forget that." - The Gambler

  • " My memories are watercolors, as my last days as a human and my first days as a Kindred. I remember Lady Orelia as a beacon of hope, when things were very dark and hopeless. She still is that beacon." Candice Caine

  • "In my brood there were other kindred descended of women - once. These kindred were my peers, able to see beyond the cardboard and shadow into the patterns beneath. While not so rooted in the principles of math - I recall they heard another more primal song. They did not just destroy but also created -- Orelia, is like that." - Chandra de Soissones

  • "Insightful, knowledgeable and caring. She seems to heed every voice. I like that." - Harper Gray

  • "Questa donna è un presagio di morte e di delirio. Lei è bella." - Angelo

  • "I was told she was coming to see us and lied to. I was rather angry when I discovered I had been misled but she has the most fetching way of distracting even me from my single-mindedness as I learned many years ago." - Valerius Orsino Giovanni

  • "In my rigorous pursuit of the unattainable and the staunch defense of my home's social well-being, I fear I offered her offense. Such was never my desire, and the ineffective balm of a dismissive 'so be it' has done as little as one might expect to salve my conscience. What power has this woman that she can make me linger on my own words beyond the moment of their telling?" - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo

  • "Archimedes once said ' Δώσε μου, αλλά μία σταθερή θέση στην οποία θα σταθεί, και θα προχωρήσουμε τη γη.' I'm of the belief that phrase goes equally well for Orelia Taipetra." - Dexter Mara

  • "She is my 3rd time Great Grandsire and any time I am around her I just feel in awe of how she commands those around her, next to Mother Candice she is my favorite family member." - Lilith Serenity

  • "I do so enjoy my time with Zia Orelia. It is so rare that you meet one that can make you laugh and think at the same time." - Speranza Giovanni

  • "An Interesting Woman. While I think 4 moves ahead of my targets, she thinks 7." - The Broken

  • "My sister has always leaned towards more eccentric proclivities in comparison to our brother and I. Around her she builds a cult of personality, and I pity those who become a part of it. My sister cannot abide fools and often those are the only ones drawn to her; like a moth to a flame if I may use that old trope." - Dr. Daniel Thornvick, Prince of Colorado Springs

  • "I value Orelia every bit as much as I do my Clanmates, tread lightly. If she doesn't get you, many of us will" - Chance

  • "Such sweet sounds are made, such sweet things are seen. Then again, she one of the few that will listen to Papa's Dreams. Discount what she says and you gonna pay for it. Listen well if ya be a child, and hear what she say. Never know it might save you some day." - OnyxPathSamedi.png Papa Aquitaine

  • "Orelia Taipetra, Daughter of the Moon is considered a valued member of the Tower and a most esteemed confidante in my eyes. Let it be known far and wide that attacks against her shall be seen as an attack against me and in turn my Domain and shall be responded to accordingly. It would please me if the word were spread and perhaps if those who were closest would keep an eye on this vitally humane member of the Camarilla to ensure that continued attacks based on misconstrued perception cease." - Malachi Anicetus "Mal Walker"

  • "There are seers, and then there are people with vision. When I knew her long ago, Orelia was both; I doubt she has changed." - Serafin

  • "Balliamo con il Diavolo al chiaro di luna pallida . Anche se tutto il mondo è nemico mio, nel buio della luna , molti un amico può essere trovato ." Iacobo Giovanni

  • "Lady Orelia is one of the few outside my family I trust. Lei è la mia amica, mia sorella, la mia famiglia. Chi fa male la mia famiglia cerca la morte." Angelica Giovanni
  • "Alive, I had an idea of what she was capable of. Dead, I am utterly unable to predict what that crazy bitch will do next."- Unknown

  • "There was no greater shame to clan Malkavian than the loss of such a wise and talented Elder. I can only hope with age, I will to gain such wisdom." Nova

  • "Someone like her, is a rare thing. She is more human than I will ever think to try, but she is a beacon for those of us adrift. I can't do much in this world to heal the wounds that are left to suffer like she can, but I will see her reach the next victim unharmed." - Stoneking

  • "We have not known one another for long. I can say, however, that we have known one another for long enough to assert with all certainty that we have a subtle, easy camaraderie. There is comfort in familiarity and a shared sense of purpose." - Midas Madison

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Character Soundtrack

  • Switchblade Symphony- Gutter Glitter
  • The Used- The Bird and the Worm
  • Joy Division- A Means to an End
  • How To Destroy Angels- A Drowning
  • David Bowie- All The Madmen
  • Korn- Alone I Break
  • Counting Crows- Anna Begins
  • Switchblade Symphony- Sweet(Apoptygma Berzerk Mix)
  • Switchblade Symphony- Dissolve
  • Running up That Hill- Placebo
  • Haunted When the Minutes Drag- Love and Rockets

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: Chloe French
Storyteller: Austin VST


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