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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Sacramento, CA
Player: Jeff Chan
Storyteller: Ron Edens

<font-size: 15pt>What You See</font>

Title: Prince of Sacramento, CA
Status: 5

  • Acknowledge (In Sacramento, CA)
  • Established (Ancillae)
  • Exalted (Prince)
  • Well-known (Prince)
  • Famous (Prince)

<font-size: 15pt>What You Hear</font>

  • Tends to not pay attention to what goes on when in Elysiums
  • Can be very direct and outspoken
  • Obsesses over the opinions of his peers

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<font-size: 15pt>What You Think</font>

  • "Our dear Ovan is not made to last, rushing in blindly reduces his value and the value of investing in him. If by chance recent events break him of this death wish all the better, other wise he needs to fall in a manner that entertains." - Sylar Montecriff
  • "A common mistake one might make when attempting to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of fools." - Aleistor Rukh
  • "In time he will either become a man of great power, or ash." - Aharon Gadjarian

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<font-size: 15pt>The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend</font>

Aleistor Rukh - "I'd like to think we both understand each other and know where we each stand. Time will tell what the truth of the matter is, but thus far we have both been satisfied by what has come to pass in working towards our goals...whatever his may be."
Violette de Leoncourt - "I've no doubt she will do what needs to be done for our city and Tower. And while she is an ally I can rely on when it comes to matters of our home and Camarilla, I can't help but notice the lining of her mask and wonder who she really is underneath."

<font-size: 15pt>The Wisdom Of Many, So Said By One</font>

"Give them an inch, they'll take a foot, and soon you won't have your legs to stand on." - regarding [certain] neonates & elders
"Sometimes it is better to accept what is before you than to ponder its meaning and become broken from understanding its workings."
"The difference between Madness and Insanity is Consistency. Knowing why it is so makes it so much easier to see through each and deal with both."
"It is strange, to find that sometimes it is more enlightening to think on what you don't know than what you do know."
"One must learn to follow before one can learn to lead. Perhaps I will learn to lead sooner than anticipated."
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