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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

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Apocalypse PC

Character Information
Auspice: Theruge
Tribe: Uktena
Breed: Metis
Pack: Reclamation
Sept: Sept of the Eagle's Talons
Rank: Fostern
Glory: •••
Honor: ••
Wisdom: ••••• ••
Player: Kevin Schendell
Storyteller: Laura D

Character Information


Mortal Name: Pan Comeau
Aliases and Nicknames: Archer

Deed Name: "Hears the Past", "Casts Back the Night"

Howl Name: "The feeling of being lost in a sea of stars"

Auspice: Theurge

Rank: Adren

Tribe: Uktena

Breed: Metis

Sept: Sept of the Eagle's Talons

Pack: Reclamation, of Wild Turkey

Title or Position: Master of the Rite

Renown: 3 Glory, 2 Honor, 7 Wisdom


Notable Traits

  • Horns


Dojo HornedWolf.png

Homid: 20 years old caucasian looking. Stands about 5'10" but slouches a lot. Brown hair and goatee, and glasses. often has a far away look in his eyes. A tattoo of the Black Fury Laws is on the inside of his left arm.

Galabro: Small goat horns sprout from his head, he gains about a foot in height and two in bulk. Small scrolls are woven into his hair. He wears this form most of the time he is with Garou society.

Wolf: His Black Fury heritage shows in his wolf form as he is a jet black wolf with no white patches. His horns are smallish protusions almost hidden by his shaggy fur.

Hispo: His great wolf form has massive rams horns placed just right for slamming into foes.

Crinos: A Frightening mix of Wolf and man and Monster, with battering ram horns and glowing runes along his left arm.


Soft spoken, often differential. Hears the Past rarely speaks about himself directly - It is rare that he would say "I want" or even "I need". Unless he is giving orders in battle.

That said, he can be quite forceful under the right circumstances. Defending his pack or those he cares about, or defending something he believes in fully means that he will stand hard.

There is also a certain disregard for certain human social norms. One could mistake him for being slightly Autistic or at least having Asperger's. In truth, it is that he does not think of himself as Homid. He is Garou, and those are the values that matter most to him.

For the lucky ones who catch him with children, that is when he is obviously happiest. He's the uncle that everyone loves and trusts. He even seems to "speak baby" and has quickly become like a second Den Parent to some.

Known History

Wolfkin uktena 001.jpg

His parents are Storm's Fury, Ahroun of the Black Furies, and Bird's Cry, theurge of the Uktena. Nineteen years ago, these two were put together in a pack in order to go find an object needed to make a particular spirit slumber. Storm's Fury and Bird's cry fought like cats and dogs the entire time they were in the pack, so finally the ragabash got the idea to awaken the spirit in their beer one night so they'd both get drunk and pass out.

Except they didn't pass out. The whole reason they fought so much was that they were secretly in love with each other and fighting it. After Pan was born on the Bawn of the sept, Storm's Fury was asked to leave the Sept of the Eagle's Talon and never return.

For most of his early childhood, Pan has passed back and forth from Bird's Cry's care to Storm's Fury, learning both their ways to see which he would favor later in life. Unlike most Metis, his parents showed their love for the boy. They may have been wrong to birth him, but neither ever regretted him.

In his eighth year, there was an incident. Pan disappeared from the Sept proper, and hadn't been seen. Packs were sent to find him, many thinking the sinful nature of the child drove him to join the Black Spiral Dancers. What they found instead was worse. Three days after his disappearance, they found the boy in a small cabin that reeked of blood. The boy had been tortured and raped repeatedly, silver taken to his skin to burn the word "Unclean" into him. At one point he had even been flayed alive, but his regenerative ability grew back the lost skin.

His return was poor timing. The boy remained catatonic for a couple of years while his Sept fought against the Ratkin. Finally, Storm's Fury returned and simply swept out with the boy in hand, before taking him to a Hidden Black Fury Caern. There they performed the rite of "Soothing the Scars" in a hope that it would undo the damage. The boy returned to the waking world, but unable (so he claimed) to remember who had tortured him so. Upon his journey home they paused in Tennessee long enough to meet the Perfected Metis as he was being taken to safety.

Because of the Ratkin War, it would not be until much later that Pan would have the chance to be part of a pack and earn his deed name. Because the sensitive metis can see and speak to the dead and used what they told him to find a wyrmling nest, he was named "Hears the Past".

Recent Deeds

  • Aided his Sept in cleansing a Pit and the Hives that protect it. He assisted in slaying a the matriarch of the Black Spiral Dancers and her guards. Had she given birth to her corrupted child it would have had dire consequences.
  • Aided another Uktena on her Anthro Challenge by entering the Uktena homeland and helping prepare her for the challenge. Also returned with the strangest antlers in anyone has ever seen.
  • Took part in the assault of Alaska's Fire Factory that resulted in a Corrupted Gurahl being cleansed long enough to give birth before being overcome by her wounds as well as the destruction of the Fire Factory, rescue of ancestor spirits, and rescue of kinfolk.
  • Aided the Wyrmfoe Shamans crown Victor Dawncrown king of House Wyrmfoe.
  • Aided in the Defense of Hyperion's Citadel when the Nightmaster's minions attacked.
  • Defended against, and later Led an assault against vampiric minions of Nightmaster near the Sept who attempted to steal the Pathstone.
  • Died during a rescue of two of his septmates from Pattern Spiders during the Battle of Hong Kong.



Pack Totem: Owl


Pack Members

Friends and Allies


feel free to add some

  • As a cub, he once used one of his horns to cut himself to give blood for the Moot Rites. He has yet to do it again.
  • He's a Brony, and loves the yellow and pink pegasus called "Fluttershy"
  • He has a set of pan pipes and they are a fetish. When played they make the grass and trees grow, but never ask him to play Smells like teen spirit though, crazy things happen.


From him

  • "you give me a Crinos Wedgie I give you a thermite crown."

From Others

  • "He does his duty well, knows it in his bones. I am glad to have him with me, and look forward to what he will become." - Nantan Shadow Seeker
  • "He's as much my family as any one of my children. He's going to be great, I just know it. People will remember him." - Autumn Tyee
  • Feel free to add yours

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