Pandora 'OT3P' DiAmond

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Sire: Unknown

Childe: Ash(deceased)

Peorth Hilde(Grand Childre)




  • Acknowledged by Prince


  • Favored, by Elder Runa, of Savannah

Notable Traits

Reputation: Pandora is known for losing control of herself when it comes to defending her clan, despite who it may be against. She isn't afraid to speak her mind or act the way she wants, unless Prince Lilliana Grace is around.

Nationality: Caucasian.

Appearance: Blonde hair with black undertones, One violet, one blue eye, large bosom, very curvy yet athletic build.

Attire: Band t's, torn up jeans, generally sporting the 'fuck off' on the buttox. Sports her custom sleeveless jacket with her symbol on the back, usually has straps or chains hanging off her jeans, knee high metal plated combat boots, and finger-less gloves.

Other Traits: Very Colorful language and sexual content



Little Details

  • Resident of Charleston, SC
  • Ancilla
  • Vaudeville singer back in the 1920's, turned metal/rock singer mid to late 80's.
  • Traveled up and down the Eastern US during the 1900s, After released from the one who kidnapped her and her twin sister Karma DiAmond
  • Does not seem interested in picking sides in the allegiances many others make.
  • Has incited 14 full-blown riots.(Allegedly)
  • Even though she has a full crew to do it, she runs most of her music career by herself
  • Is often seen rocking or swaying back and forth, humming or singing random songs mid conversation.
  • More to come.


  • "I'm not an Elder, I'm just famous."
  • - flies throw a window- " I came in like a wrecking baalll!"
  • "She seems to like pain..." -she interrupts- "Well d'uh,I'm a masochist."
  • "Pandora, my love, you should have been a Gangrel. Now shut up and take my Favor." -Elder Runa, Primogen of Clan Gangrel in Savannah, GA
  • " I guess I need to ask for permission for Right of Destruction, because i'll destroy that ass of his"
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  • Has a habit of breaking chairs.
  • Was in a relationship with Cherie Cheria of Charleston.
  • Was in a relationship We Are §aM
  • Has (allegedly) started two riots in Chalreston.
  • Was a lab experiment
  • Killed her own Childre
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Allies, Partners, and Associates

  • Rostislov Petrov, Toreador(She calls him pet) ((present lover)), San Fransisco, CA
  • Elder Meredith Sutton (lover), Daughter of Cacophany, Lakeland Fl
  • Elder Lilliana Grace, Prince of Charleston, SC (Manager)
  • Elder Abraham Tully, Son of Discord(Professional Consultant)Los Angeles, CA
  • Psyric Lamure, Son of Discord (Producer)
  • We Are §aM Malkavian
  • Karma DiAmond, Daughter of Cacophony, Nashville, Tn
  • Elder Runa, Gangrel Primogen of Savannah, GA
  • Elder Ophelia, Malkavian Primogen of Charleston, SC
  • Cherie Cheria, Brujah, Charleston, SC
  • James Harlan, Son of Discord, Waterloo, TX


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Videos Released

Character Information
Clan: Daughters of Cacophony
Sect: Camarilla
City: Charleston, SC
Player: Travis Eblen
Storyteller: VST REDACTED

Player: Travis 'Karmen' Eblen

Location: Charleston, SC

Travis 'Karmen' Eblen

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