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"There is advantage in the wisdom won from pain."- Aeschylus, The Oresteia

Pari is a member of the Forakis lineage of the Black Furies. She is the daughter of Galina, a Kinfolk of high Pure Breed (5) and the granddaughter of "Heals the Wounded Soul", an elder Black Fury residing in Lemnos, Greece.

Like all Black Fury males who change, her brothers were adopted by other tribes, both of whom Pari has a great fondness for. Her eldest brother, Manny "Searchlight" Forakis, was adopted by the Bone Gnawers. Her other brother, Atti, was adopted by the Fianna, and killed in 2009 by gang violence in New York. His name is tattooed on Pari's wrist. In addition to her direct family, Pari has cousins and distant kin throughout the Garou nation, a product of the males being adopted.

Pari's father is Declan "Drinks All Night" Brennan of the Fianna. Through him, she is related to most of the tribe.

Pari had her First Change in Queen, NY not long after her brother's funeral. Her Rite of Passage included a recitation of the history of the Black Furies, earning her the name "Knows the Tales". She sought out the Three Faces of the Goddess Spirit in Boston and earned the favor of the Mother, which earned her the rank of Fostern.

Along with her mother, Pari moved to the Sept of Roadrummer's Promise in 2010, in part to be near family and in part to seek out and challenge an Athro Black Fury. Not long after she succeeded in her challenge, the Sept's leadership was wiped out in Alaska, leaving a vacuum. Having never actively participated in a Sept before, Pari took on the duties of her rank and stepped in as Den Mother to the swath of cubs who would become the future leaders of the Nation. She held the position until October 2013, when she handed it over to one of her former cubs, now a Fostern, so she could focus more on the Sept as a whole and her Tribe.

In 2013, the death of the Sept Alpha triggered another shifting of power, and Pari became Sept Beta to a Lupus Shadowlord. Upon his death, she grudgingly took the position as Sept Alpha. She later moved to Auburn and took territory for her pack, The Pathwalkers.

On the Ides of March, 2015, Pari was named an Elder.

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Pari lupus.jpg In Homid: Pari is a Homid and spends most of her time among the human folk. She is a small, young woman, with light olive skin and a bone structure that is distinctive of the Legends and Elders of the Forakis Line. Despite this, she has pale blue eyes and a auburn hair, which is usually wears tied in a high ponytail with a bandanna folded into a headband around her forehead. She is usually seen in jeans, a black tank-top, and a black hoodie, all of which look like they were found on the floor. She always wears sneakers, usually dusty Converse All Stars, and leather cuffs on her wrists.

In Lupus: Though she's Homid, Pari spends a decent amount of time in Lupus, especially on the Bawn. She is a large, black wolf with a thick and glossy coat. A streak of red runs from between her ears down her tail.

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Pari dot.png Dylan Omengazer Spade — Elder, Shadowlord
Pari dot.png Ivan Truthseeker — Athro, Silver Fang
Pari dot.png Henry Anderson — Athro, Silicon Sentinel
Pari dot.png Aslaug Ragnarsdottir — Athro, Get of Fenris
Pari dot.png Achak Wakes the Winter — Adren, Wendigo
Pari dot.png Talisa Enola — Adren, Uktena
Pari dot.png Sophie Deal — Fostern, Child of Gaia
Pari dot.png Red Rain — Fostern, Red Talon

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Pari archer.jpg Pari dot.png "I could not ask for a better friend. Pari is my person." — Tia Ragins, Glasswalker Kinfolk
Pari dot.png "She was the first Black Fury I met and the stories now see exactly that, stories. Yet her core coding is the same of all strong and compassionate women. The fact that she could probably bench press a car just adds to her character. She looks at merit rather than gender, so for that — we see many things along similar lines. I just can't process the whole camping thing." — Defrags the Spiral
Pari dot.png "She was the first to find me after my first change. Her care and understanding in that situation is greatly appreciated. I owe her. — Jonathan Carter
Pari dot.png Pari created a bow fetish so powerful, the tribe took it from her to provide it to their powerful warriors. It can even turn men into pigs. (Wait..Is that possible?)
Pari dot.png "Pari's like a little sister to me. But don't let the moniker fool you — she may be little but she's got the wisdom and insight of her breeding. Sometimes I think it's a damn shame she got born into the Furies — if only because her temperament would make her a damn fine Druid to the Fianna." — Patrick Kennedy
Pari dot.png "Different, but same." — Storm's Cold Fury
Pari dot.png "I get the feeling she's trying to set me up with Kinfolk, just to see what happens. Wonderful Theurge, excellent Den Mother. With Garou like her, our cubs have an infinitely better chance of doing Gaia's good will." — Speaks Softly
Pari dot.png Pari allowed Circe's Vengeance to be Den Mother out of guilt and obligation. She is, after all, Greek.
Pari dot.png "Parthenia and I became acquainted in tragedy, and grew in joy. We have known our ups and downs, and she has always been as a daughter to me. I know that she can stand on her own, but I will always be there to pick her up when she falls. She comes from good stock, though. Brave, loyal, true, and could ask for no greater a boon than her assistance."Papa Farwalker
Pari dot.png "The fuck man...why didn't I get a BAMF Den Mother like her? She's tiny and full of fury, tempered by the unique fairness that a Den Mother needs. She doesn't coddle her cubs, she hones them. Like the big ass Get cub said....Phoenix is a Forge...and Circe-rhya...she's the mother fucking-blacksmith." — Gaia's Messenger
Pari dot.png "I think she wants me to join the Fury camp, but other than that she's great. A lot of people want to shove me in a corner but she gives me jobs and stuff. She doesn't raise cubs, she raises Garou." — Linda Carter
Pari dot.png Pari is weighing the Weaver/Wyrm/Wyld balance of alternative pregnancy options to fulfill her obligations to provide offspring (and grandchildren). Having a Glasswalker friend is not helping.
Pari dot.png "Only family can fight like we do, she has honor, and respect that runs blood deep, as much shyte as I give her I’d have the hide off anyone who spoke poorly of the lass." — Jameson's Lament
Pari dot.png "She's always been kind to me, honest and fair and open to possibilities. She's served all her roles well and I hope she continues to. I doubt I'll ever earn her forgiveness for what I've done, but she has enough on her plate that I doubt she'll have time to think much of it either way." — Unbroken Belt
Pari dot.png Pari will soon be honorably mated, the product of an arranged marriage by her mother.
Pari dot.png "I am honored by her regard for me, sharing her story for my lips to sing. We are better matched as friends than I would have thought, at first, because of our nearly opposite approaches to dealing with others. That she recognizes how our differences could bind us together as such fast friends is a most Children of Gaia virtue...but have a care with saying that too loudly. She'll scowl at me if she hears it." — Wisdom of Babel
Pari dot.png "I met Pari after the most awkward turtle of events, she revealed to Dec that she knows their relation. She's someone I wish I could be like; strong, commanding, and very respectable. For some reason, she has offered to aid me in my troubles and my goals. I hope that I remain worthy of her aid." — Meagan Greene
Pari dot.png "Interesting woman, good Theurge...and not quite what I expected in a Black Fury. But then, most of my experience with then was with the angry, hate-filled man-eaters. It's a pleasant surprise to find one who is reasonable." — Sings the Forgotten
Pari dot.png Learning the name of her father set off a confrontation between the two. They have settled into a tenuous peace... (Peace nothing, there's a war brewing!)
Pari dot.png "She's my Alpha — meaning that I spend more time with her than probably anyone else in the Nation. She's short tempered, condescending, arrogant and aloof...and those are her good qualities. But she's also the absolute best at what she does." — Dylan Omengazer Spade
Pari dot.png "A long time back I had a stupid ass, cunt faced dyke of a Fury kin steal my baby girl from me. Something about the Pegasus' claim to tits in her line. Well long story short, Pari over there is my long lost fucking little girl. She might not have had the fortune to have been raised in the back woods and hollars of Appalachia, but she's tough as nails, has smoked enough weed to blow out her trachea and will fucking go Charles Manson on the drop of a dime. She's everything I ever wanted in a kid. So just remember if you go looking to fuck with her she'll have her extended clan of backwoods, racist ass hillfolk Fianna at her side. — Declan Brennan
Pari dot.png "She seems really nice! I don't think she wants the job of Alpha, but she's got this great balance of blunt honesty and genuine awesomeness that makes her someone people want to listen to." — Gaia's Qwerty
Pari dot.png "Pari and I are cousins, with all the drama that goes with it. I won't hear a word against her. She is my cousin, my family. She is also stubborn, but I think you should meet her and find that out for yourself. She's also a clever Theurge, don't annoy her." — Ebony
Pari dot.png "For a self-confessed cranky malcontent, she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Those I've met of the Forakis line have impressed me." — Tiercel Twice-Sworn
Pari dot.png "Pari-rhya has given me the gifts of stern and harsh wisdom as well as family that I had never known. She has my respect and my gratitude and always will — Damian Tears-of-Laughter
Pari dot.png "So the weirdest thing ever is knowing your best friend is going to eventually be a Garou Legend. Every time I hear of the deeds she done I can't help but feel pride. Even if it means I have to tolerate the worthless asshole that is her father. I'll do it for her, I'd do anything for my Pari." - Tia Ragins, Glasswalker Kinfolk
Pari dot.png "Our meetings have not always been in the best of times, but Pari-rhya has always been honorable. Perhaps in time a friendship can be built between us, but only time will tell."Nakia Menefer
Pari dot.png "Pari is great. She's strong, she's badass, and she encourages me to be both of those things as well... In her, I can see how my life could have been if I was wanted, if I wasn't lost or forgotten about. One day, I hope to become more like her, and I have a feeling she'll be there to help me, every step of the way!"Beyond All Doubt
Pari dot.png "She does not have to frighten or force one to respect her. She has stone in her soul. You can see it in her eyes that she has seen much. I feel like she and I have much in common." Steel Vice Bite
Pari dot.png "For as much as we are alike at times, Pari and I should be related. Blood or not, she is my alpha and my packmate, and that makes her family. I'll try not to disappoint her."Builds Harmony
Pari dot.png "Only just met her, but she definitely has the Brennan blood in her. Tough as hell and takes combat to an art form. This is one I think I could get along with, assuming my beak does not get me into trouble."Specter's Flight
Pari dot.png "We have crossed paths only during the mourning of friends, but even I have heard of this Daughter of Pegasus. My mother's people are a proud one, and she is a symbol and icon of that noble heritage. One wonders if she will lead her tribe to join ours in our struggles for equality and acceptance. I can only hope that one day we will walk side by side in honor and in respect."Jacob "Takes-the-High-Ground" Whitewater
Pari dot.png "Damn. She's like, hot, strong, smart, and don't take bullshit. I think I'm in love. Well, in a completely platonic, sisterly type garou way of course." Cozzie Steals-the-Moon
Pari dot.png "Pari is brave, wise, and honorable to a tee. She's also completely uncompromising; that I once thought otherwise was my error, and not a mistake I'll make again." Laughs Last
Pari dot.png "Pari's good folks to have around. I mean, she and I have had our differences, but she's rock solid when it matters."Greyscale
Pari dot.png "She leads and listens also. That is good to have in an alpha no matter how many legs they go on."Red Rain
Pari dot.png "Anyone that bounces up and down like that with glee while asking if she can borrow someone's cubs is... Slightly off putting. Still, she seems okay.. I think...? I don't know her that well yet."Lilly McGrory
Pari dot.png "Yes, I pretty sure she hates me. Likely wants a swing at me too, for... personal reasons let's say. Difference is she's probably one of the few that I'd actually let hit me if she took that swing - probably"Damian Price
Pari dot.png "Your quote here!"Character Name

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Pari's comments about others.

Pari dot.png Bad Moon Rising - "She's smart and competent, though I don't entirely trust her. She'll be a perfect Alpha for this Sept.
Pari dot.png Defrags the Spiral - Not bad...for an urban tribe. He wields the tools of his tribe with incredible precision.
Pari dot.png Declan Brennan - He is a stranger to me, a Garou whose stories I know and whose infamy precedes him. And yet I can not deny that we are cut from the same stone. He is my father.
Pari dot.png Gaia's Messenger - I was spoiled with her I am reminded that the Children of Gaia who were born under the Full Moon come in a variety of flavors. She has great potential, if she can find some of the peace her brother had. Otherwise, she'll be a blip on the Nation's radar, a bright spot that burned out and was forgotten.
Pari dot.png Ghost in the Machine - I could not ask for a better person to stand as the Weaver in my pack. He's smart, focused, brutal, and a damn fine tech nerd. A tech nerd who uses guns that hurt spirits. When you watch him fight, you can understand why the Weaver is feared by the Wyld. I'm glad he's on our side.
Pari dot.png Gaia's Qwerty - Girl needs to learn to speak up a little when telling her tales and Cracking the Bone, but it takes a tough wolf to look an angry Athro in the eye and level your concerns. She's going to be alright.
Pari dot.png Jameson's Lament - If he makes it to maturity, I'm sure he'll be great. I'm more worried about him getting bounced back down to cub...where he's my problem.
Pari dot.png Linda Carter - The luxury of childhood has passed. It's time for her to grow up...or find herself cast out like the rest of the failed cubs.
Pari dot.png Patrick Kennedy - The best of his Tribe. I hope he doesn't fall to the worst of it. He can't replace the brother I lost, but he's dear to me for even trying.
Pari dot.png Rises on Swift Wings - None of us are safe from tragedy, it's the nature of our kind, but still...this one's had a bit worse than others. We will see if he can find his spirit within the Rage.
Pari dot.png Meagan Greene - I despise her deed name and the things people call her, but she has a lot of potential...if her blood doesn't too sharply define her. Also, she has something I want.
Pari dot.png Omengazer - He talks a lot for a Crescent Moon and I don't understand half of what comes out of his mouth. But he's come a long way back from the edge and he has a long way to go. Assuming I don't kill him beforehand.
Pari dot.png Storm's Cold Fury - One of the few Lupus I know, the only one I've met of his Tribe. If that doesn't tell us something sad about the state of the Wyld, nothing does. May he pass on the best of his kind to another generation.
Pari dot.png Speaks Softly - The Children of Gaia have a special relationship with the Furies, as they are so often the recipients of our sons. But they are often seen as soft. Speaks Softly has all the good of his tribe, but there is no softness there. An Ahroun indeed.
Pari dot.png Tia Ragins - Tia's had a shitty time. She's needs wine and a good mate. Not your pity. She never needs pity from the likes of you.
Pari dot.png Truthseeker - I've known him since I was a child, but I do not know him at all. He is trying, which is all I can ask for. When he and Dylan get started, it's best to just leave.
Pari dot.png What do you say about the rest, Pari?

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Ties Sought

Pari dot.png Members of the Forakis Lineage (male or female, kin or Garou)
Pari dot.png Cubs from Roadrunner's Promise for whom Pari was Den Parent
Pari dot.png Individuals for whom Pari has crafted Fetishes or weapons

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Pari Forakis

Player: Jenn Cross
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Black Fury
Position: Alpha
Rank: Elder
Pack: Pathwalkers
Sept: None, Anruth
VST: Seth Steele

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