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Name: Martin Briggs
Deed Names: Parries the Rock, Reflects Chimera's Gaze, Will Not Run
Apparent Age: 26
Current Location:Sept of the Eagles Talon
Pack: None
Rank: Adren




Homid/Galbro: He looks to be in his mid to late twenties, Caucasian with slight Asian features. He is built like a hockey goalie. He is built even more like a hockey goalie as if he was wearing pads, in Galbro. Crinos/Lupus/Hispo: His fur is jet black, the only thing that is not black is some red fur along the edges of his ears.


He is overly polite and occasionally seems to speak in riddles.

Apocalypse PC

Player: Bill M
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Stargazers
Breed: Homid
Domain: MA-003-D
VST: Laura D

IC Email: Bill M



  • Quests the Future (mother)
  • Sharon Briggs (adoptive mother)
  • John Briggs (adoptive father)

He speaks of his life...

"I was born at the Sept of the Eagles Talons. My mother was a Stargazer named Quests the Future. I do not know of my father. I was told that he wound up going to the East with the other stargazers when they received The Invitation. His name was not spoken to me and that was fine at the time.

When I was born they did not know if I was going to become a Werewolf. Just in case I received two aspects of training. One part of my training generally happened on the weekends when I would visit the Sept to stay with my mother. She taught me about being a Stargazer. She taught me what would be needed for inner peace. She taught me how to use weapons. She taught me how to garden and the appropriate zen needed to appease the spirits. She told me that she felt the spirits bless her when she gave birth to me, and wanted me to be able to cultivate it in any way, shape, or form.

She knew that she couldn’t really take care of me in the public eye, so there were two kinfolk that adopted me, and she let name me, John and Sharon Briggs. They were my “Dad and Mom.”

The other part of my training was that my mom wanted me to try to live a normal life as possible. So when I was 5 I was sent to public school. Elementary school I was the quiet kid in the corner that did his homework, spoke when spoken too, and generally did not try to cause trouble. It caused an unpeace in me as a child because I had to lie a lot with a straight face. I could not tell them I hung around werewolves every weekend. I was told that I basically could not tell the school anything that my mom taught me, or that she exisited. So when I drew, I drew pictures of gardens. When I was asked what I did that summer, I would talk about the various extracurricular activities that my parents put me through, primarily martial arts training (you start getting better when your training is supplemented by a werewolf). I tried to keep myself in solo projects so I wouldn’t have to speak to other kids.

However kids are mean and try to make you cry. There were times I did cry. What do you expect I was a kid. I wanted a “normal” life. I would tell my parents (all 3 of them) that I hated them. I would whine and pout. I would be forced to meditate and clear my head and thoughts until I could “be an adult” to talk them out. Little did I know that the rage was burning in me and they were trying to get it to be controlled. I started to work on balancing my emotions because what my mom was doing was important for all of Gaia, even though it couldn’t be known. It was like meeting the actual Santa Claus, but telling people that he doesn’t exist to keep a secret. It was hard man.

I got into my first fight as a freshman. I took my free time while a high schooler to stay out of people’s way. My parents told me that I should turn the other cheek and let the the problems roll off my back. I would mediate during my lunch (at the time I was only eating veggies that were grown in our garden at lunch). Bullies liked to do things to me while I was meditating to try to break my meditation. They would throw things at me to disrupt me. I usually would not be disturbed.

Then they threw a glass bottle at me and it cracked over my head and put a gash on my forehead. I still stayed solid and unmoving. Since I didn’t fall to that bait they actually tried to accost my body.

They failed.

That day I was outside the principal's office, the three bullies were sent to the hospital, three concussions, two broken arms, and one shattered kneecap. The teacher that found us found them screaming and me sitting there meditating. My mom and dad fought with the principal who wanted to suspend me. The only thing that really supported me was the track record of the bullies, who were suspended. I received detention for a week during lunch, which wasn’t really a punishment because I meditated during the time. I was jumped after school, and away from school, by other bullies that wanted to increase their rep. I learned my lesson from the first attack. This time they didn’t get any broken bones, just sprains and concussions, with the guidance that they were to tell their parents that they fell down a flight of stairs.

Now people were staying away from me because I was scary, but I had to fight through it. I still made good marks. My parents (all 3 of them) forced me to go into other student groups to try to force more interaction but nothing stuck.

During gym class we played dodge ball for one week. I was chewed out once before for dogging it during gym class (so I could mediate) and I was told to actually try to win. Every day I was the last one standing. My gym teacher gave me detention. I decided to just do the detention instead of whining to my parents. During the week he gave me a hockey stick and mit that we would wear during floor hockey and shot goals at me. Now this was a grown man shooting at me so I dodged. That’s not what a goalie is supposed to do and he made me block the shots. It hurt, but I blocked every shot he threw at me. It was like my mother throwing various things at me to parry out of the way.

After a week of that I got back home to my parents who said that Coach Walters called and he wanted me to try out for Goalie for the hockey team. I had ice skated before (It’s cold in New England people), but never played. However it was a team sport and I didn’t really care for people (not that people did anything to make me care for them). My mother made me join because one day I may have to be a part of a pack and will have to have my pack to back me up.

So I tried out and received a position on Junior Varsity. During practice I let goals slip, but during games I didn’t. The only time the Junior Varsity team had points against them was because they put a freshman in goal during garbage time. I was promoted to the Varsity team when the senior goalie was injured and I was to back up the Junior Goalie, until he cracked under the pressure, so I was a starter for the last 3 games of the seasons, and we won those games. I did not let a goal pass.

The next year continued, after more training from my mother, I had another hockey season. We went undefeated. The only goals that went past me were the ones that went past in practice, and even 50 percent of those I let in to help my teammates get their swagger for games. We only were scored against when my backup was in the game when we were winning by more than 5 goals. I was called the Zen Master of Hockey. Players on the team attempted to meditate with me but couldn’t do it because girls started to show up around where I usually meditated. Then my teammates became angry when I wouldn’t be bothered to keep the girls around by playing into their insecurities. We won the state championship and I was MVP. I was told the NHL started looking into drafting me. That summer I had to balance hockey camp with my duties and training with my mom. She had started bringing me to various parts of new england to each me history.

My senior year I was not bullied. Not because people did not want to bully me for being different, but the hockey team stopped things before they happened. We were not friends, but it was a business relationship. People didn’t bug me while I was meditating. The school started a garden path and I volunteered the hockey team. They grumbled until the girls showed up. So I didn’t get bugged while meditating, they got girls. To them it was a win win situation.

(My mother told me I was only allowed to get girls after school was out).

We won state again in the same fashion as the previous year. The NHL did knock on my adoptive parents door. They did not know that while I was visiting my mother however I had my first change. She had been training me to fight with dual blades. She parried one of my strikes and the sword carried back hard enough that I cut myself. At that point I lost my shit. Thankfully I didn't hurt mom too bad, just a claw mark. She was able to put me down really easy. Needless to say I turned down the NHL and graduated...where I mated many times. I never was requested child support, and had followed up with the girls in question in the past. I am not a baby’s daddy.

After my first change my mother and I traveled to various septs in New England, and when a sept sent out a group of cubs for the their rite. I went with. We were given a task to slay a Rock Spirit that was an issue with the Sept. We had conditions away from our auspice, or what appeared to be away from the auspice. I was not to touch the spirit. I caught the rock spirits attention and it started shooting stones at me. I parried them back it with my blades. It was hockey and I was still the goal, my broadsword was the stick and my short sword was my mit. The bombardment of rocks back to it had to back away and could escape... the others set the path till it got caught in the blades of the other, weaker, packmates. It is where I received my deed name Parries the Rock

Unfortunately shortly after that on the way back to the Sept of the Eagles Talon, my mother was attacked by the wyrm. She did what she could to let me escape, and when I came back she was dying and there was nothing I could do. As I held her (with my lack of healing skills as an Ahroun), she told me that she was having her last vision, it was of a fetish that could help bring peace and harmony among all Garou, and I was to find it before I carried her back to the sept. Her last words were “May Chimera Guide you…”

I carried her back to the Sept and the gathering of the departed was done. Besides the eldest theurge only one other garou had showed up, a Cliath Silver Fang named Victor Dawncrown. He had asked what I had planned on doing. I told him that I had to quest. I had to find the enlightenment that would lead me to this. However I had to train.

I had received a scholarship from Hampshire College where I studied Archaeology (because that might help me find fetishes), and english (to feed myself). I also did a lot fo yard work and gardening. During the summer those four years I traveled. I worked on finding Chimera’s Brood. One summer I went to the Black Forest because I heard that there were some of the brood for Chimera that the garou there did not know was Chimera. I worked with the brood there with my own overall Chimerage to Chimera. Another summer I went to find more of the brood in the Amazon. Then I went to Egypt, and then the Northern Territory of Australia. I made pacts with Chimera’s brood for guidance to try to find anything I could find toward finding this item.

When I graduated I went to China to teach English. I took the time to go to The Moon Peach Orchard to meditate… which the meditation lead me to to the Caern and Moot at the Shonggo Mountains. The only thing that allowed me passage was the fact I was Stargazer. I learned more about The Invitation and studied in their libraries. I did not accept the Invitation because I felt that I had to do this without the Stargazers of the Beast Courts behind me.

I came back to the states and helped the Sept of the Eagles Talon while I taught english at charter schools in the area. I had earned enough to challenge Whispering Wind of the Children of Gaia in 2010. She challenged him to make peace between a spirit and a Cliath Theurge named Spirit's Lament (which is a crappy name for a theurge) without violence. The spirit in this case was one of boars brood who kept disrupting the Cliath's rituals because the cliath did not pay chimege he promised. During the negotiations Boar tried to intimidate me by charging...multiple times. I did not run but he did not stay still. I dodged the spirit like a matador and the bull. After Boar was worn down and willing to "Talk" It was negotiated that the Cliath would pay double for a month. I stayed at the sept for that month to make sure that Spirit's kept his part of the bargain. Boar did not bother him again and the cliath learned his lesson. I received the Deed Name Will Not Run.

I continued to travel to find more details for my mothers quest. I did unearth other fetishes that I gave to the local populace. My travels did get me into various hijinks with local garou, usually helping them as a warrior of spirits, with both claws, blades, and spiritual allies. One Galliard in India gave me the Deed Name Reflects Chimera’s Gaze. He was not of the Beast Courts, and he was doing his own traveling to learn and grow as a Stargazer of the West.

I came back to the West to hone my tie to Chimera and traveled through New England working to please Chimera and her brood. They started to get closer to me, as I felt that if I was going to do this thing properly to find the lost fetish, I would need Chimera behind me to help me. I did whatever I could that did not break the litany to help Chimera’s brood, while helping local garou across the region.

The time came for my Adren Challenge in 2013. I had challenged Jericho Windstorm. I was to do my challenge by reacting, and not thinking, as sometime pausing in our past caused great downfalls. I had to kill a local fomori without planning an attack. It fell in my blades, which was lucky because it gave a puss that would have injured me if I was clawed. The second task was to beat him in a game a chess. As soon as he finished a move I had to move immediately. I was not allowed pause to think. It took 5 games but I defeated him.

Going through and visiting Chimera’s brood through New England, all paths lead back to home. I came back to Sept of Eagles Talon. I needed to be able to give back while I work toward getting chimera as my personal totem.


  • Parries the Rock and Victor Dawncrown cut off all of the legs of a Nexus Crawler and made it retreat.


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Quotes By Parries

  • "If one plans to live up to a name, they must do everything in their power to live up to that name. Even then the shadows of the name may taint your accomplishments. If one makes their own name, the shadows may linger, but in time will dissipate. Are your worries the shadows consuming you, stepping out of the shadows, or becoming the light?"
  • "May Chimera's Mysteries strengthen your path."

Quotes About Parries

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  • Like me, he is a child of two worlds, born in a land that our tribe does not call home. Yet our hearts sing of these lands, and when we return to our tribal lands, I can see in his eyes the same questions mine have. Is it our destiny or fate that we will meet here? We will find out soon enough. - Jericho Windstorm



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