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You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain.
Miyamoto Musashi: The Book of Five Rings

PW IntroTag.jpg A strange contradiction... what many who actually take the time to look at this soul. Freak, abomination, tainted would be the words that come to mind for those who do not. He cannot hide what he is, it glares obviously to anyone who even glances at him. Instead of fur or hair... there is nothing. But "Metis" does not define him... it is just what most see. Path-Walker take his shame is stride, even acknowledges that it is his to bear, despite having done nothing to deserve it. "If everyone needs a reminder of why we have the laws we have... I am a living reminder."

A traveler out of necessity, if not by nature, Path-Walker has traveled back and forth across the US more times than he wants to remember. Each new place he meets hostility in his search for those who are missing. He views it as a sign from Gaia that this is to be his calling. Seeking the lost tends to show darker things that Garou should be concerned with.

In the past year, now renamed "Letter of the Law", he has finally settled down. With the recent death of his pack's Alpha, he has taken to preparing for the needs to defend the Sept against anything.


  • Despite growing up a metis, he has many human mannerisms, which he claims he adopted so he could work with humans.
  • Any who would put in even the least amount of effort into looking into his past would find that his orginial deed name (Path-Walker) stood for nothing. Those in charge of his Rite of Passage were "too busy" to create a name with a story for this "mule".
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  • Path-Walker is living proof that one should not hold a child accountable for the sins of the parents. He has proven time and again to be valuable member of our pack. Though I see a great need for more growth in his knowledge of spirits. - Nakia Menefer
  • Path-Walker is accepting of outsiders - unsurprising, for a Metis, really - and honest about what he will and will not do. Rather refreshing, really. Also, he helped me out once. I owe him for that. - Emma
  • We are, in all things united by one purpose. If you do not know what that is, adapt, learn, listen and when you find out you will have looked through the eyes of everyone who came before you and will so after. - Archer's Paradox
  • Nice enough guy. He seems understanding to people's plights. I'm not sure if that is a good thing at times, but it is commendable. - Bella Dent
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  • Himura Kenshin - A good example of the wandering warrior. A man haunted by a past he cannot escape, and hated by many. He only seeks a peaceful life, but woe be it to any who move him to violence.
  • The Punisher - Shoot first, ask questions later. This is how "Path-Walker"/"Letter of the Law" would prefer to handle most situations. Experience has taught him this is not a wise solution.
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Apocalypse PC

Player: Gary Hicks
Character: Letter of the Law
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Glass Walker
Renown: 3 Glory 3 Wisdom 9 Honor
Domain: AL-001-D
VST: Robert Voitle

PathWalker SoundtrackImage.png