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Publicly Known

"We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls." — Anais Nin

There are those within the Garou Nation who strive to exist as lone wolves. Divorced from the concept of community, these Werewolves find themselves increasingly drawn to a life of wandering and chasing new experiences. The unfortunate truth of their existence, however, is that on a long enough time span the survivability of such individuals drops to zero. It is from the inception of this realization that the Pathwalkers stepped into the world.

Heralded as one of the most competent assortment of Mystics known to the Nation, the Pathwalkers are a Pack of Theurges fixated on the concept of expanding the collective understanding of the Umbra and its denizens well beyond rational thought. Dedicated to the First Daughter of the Crescent Moon, Helena, and led by an Athro of the Black Furies, the Pathfinders are slowly expanding their presence to seemingly limitless ends.

Choosing to base themselves out of Alabama, the Pathwalkers have territory, which they refer to as the Elysian Fields. Given the somewhat extreme attitudes of the Alpha and other members of the pack, travel to this territory unannounced or unwelcome is likely to be met with a severe response.

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Where They've Been

Pfddot.pngPuerto Rico


  • Successfully summoned Helios with seemingly little repercussion.
  • Demanded a Wyrm Incarna flee...and it obeyed.
  • Refuse to force Spirits into Fetishes and have been known to actively prosecute those who do so.
  • Allegedly has a set of "rules" which function as something akin to a Pathwalker Litany.