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Confirmed to be dead.

"I can no longer have an opinion in fear that I may be labeled as treasonous."

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Gulf Coast, MS
Player: Camryn Bosarge
Storyteller: Christian Stephenson

Character Information

Real Name-Lisle Bristow (Knowledge of character's real name is ooc unless found out ic)
Status-Acknowleged and courageous by the Prince of the Gulf Coast


  • Grandsire: TBD
    • Sire: Varian Thomas(NPC)
      • Childe: TBD


In January 5th, 1932, Lisle Bristow was born in Bordeaux, France. At age 6 she left with her parents to New York.

Lisle was born as a hermaphrodite, in which her parents kept her physical conditions secret for as long as they could and refused to let doctors surgically correct her body in fear that something would go wrong. By her parents, she was always claimed as the female gender and they raised her as such.

1949 and the beginning of 1950

During her adolescent years, she encountered quite a few problems; with, her father dying from a vehicle accident and her mom dying from heart disease the next year. On top of that, she became self-conscious of her physical state after her parents’ consolation and reassurance were no longer available.


After experiencing a bit of sexual harassment from her coworkers, she decided to start new; instead she’d try again as being a man to avoid the constant advances. Lisle found that work came easier that way, as did social communication, although she was never much of a social butterfly to start out with, and often suffered from social anxiety.


After masquerading as a male she picked up training to be an art therapist and teacher as well as picking up a new outlook on life. Lisle found it was more entertaining to stay within in the walls of her home or work place, and enjoyed some of the social interaction, and found that she much enjoyed being part of the crowd and felt safe within the confined doors with her friends and colleagues.


Lisle continued this façade for over a year until she picked up a career in art therapy in the Bellevue Hospital Center in Manhattan.

After working there for a month on the night shift, she kept encountering another doctor that looked at her as if he could see right through her disguise. After being put on edge for weeks over their consistent random meetings, he finally approached her when they were both alone in the hallway. He introduced himself as Varian Thomas and stated that he was a psychiatrist at the hospital, and that he could see that something was bothering her, which he revealed that he knew that she wasn’t a man like everyone else thought she was. He gave her a specific time at night to come visit him. Much to her relief the next day, everything seemed relatively normal and it seemed that the doctor had not blown her cover.

After planning to see the doctor, Lisle dressed up as a female for the first time in years to meet the one that wanted to lend a listening ear. The doctor seemed to recognize her instantly and began speaking to her about her life from as far back as she could remember, all the way till her life changing choice of becoming a man to the eyes of society. He seemed pleased with her opening up to him, and continued to schedule more appointments with her.

Lisle’s meetings with the doctor continued for about 2 months, visiting him 3 days out of every week. Until one day the doctor seemed to have a complete change in behavior, he seemed to pry more than usual and appeared aggressive and almost sickly. Lisle made a move to leave the room and never attend another session again, and hopefully get transferred away from this hospital and to a new one so she’d never have to worry about this doctor again. Until all of a sudden she was overcome by darkness that soon followed after with many hallucinations. These delusions consisted of her physically breaking, splitting, and having a duplicate of herself that appeared to be far more masculine than her normal male disguise, and far more aggressive than she portrayed herself as.

During her time of awaking from the seemingly abstract dreams she had, she noticed she was moved to a different location, and she saw things in a much different way. After being embraced by the doctor, she was sheltered from the outside world, endured a lot of harsh treatment, and was held as a fledgling for about 50 years until he left her alone for 3 months where she survived off of the blood bags he left behind. After her male persona that she got to know over the years kicked in, the persona decided for her that her sire had abandoned her and Lisle left on her own free will to leave and hope to never see him again like she wanted years ago.


While she passed through different domains, much to her dread, her sire followed her not long after she left to haunt and torment her to the point that her mind became more shattered from psychological damage. This caused her male persona to completely kick in to the point her own thoughts were repressed and replaced by his alone. After years of attempting to fight a battle he couldn’t win, he decided to continue fleeing to other areas in hopes that their sire would get bored and leave them be.


Stopping in the domain of the Gulf Coast, he decided to take a chance there, and realized their sire’s cruel pranks and mind games ceased. They decided to remain in the domain and picked up the new name, Pehvyn, and worked in the Bay Saint Louis Hospital under Zarad Smith and Cassandra Lockwood as an art therapist and teacher under the alias of Peyton Smith.

Noticeable Traits

Pehvyn is always dressed a certain way when one identity is present. The female persona often dresses up and has a very shy demeanor and typically avoids conversation if it could be helped. However, when provoked a specific way, her demeanor will crumble into someone more aggressive and often raises the question if her male persona is always present.

Pehvyn's male persona appears socially awkward and attempts to avoid conversation in order to prevent embarrassment. He is more prone to attack when provoked, even if his chances of survival are slim. His choice of clothing is rather casual and seems to have no signature choice of worn items other than his brass knuckles.

Both personas always carry around a book with red covering. They both also wear eyeliner that hooks a crescent moon off of one eye, except both personas wear it on specific sides of the face: Male having it on the left, female on the right.

On a rare occurrence, both personas were fighting to control the body due to psychological damage from losing a dear friend. The appearance of both male and female were present on different halves of the body. The most noticeable difference in this form was the eyeliner forming breaks on both sides of the face to represent his/her shattered state.


"Zarad was her sire."

"Seems to get overly nervous when the Sabbat are mentioned, could be hiding more than her true name."

"She's gone on Holiday.. wonder where?"

"She was slain by her Toreador lover."


"The real mysteries in life are the secrets we hide from ourselves. Young Pehvyn seems to have a whole new world to discover within herself. His footing is unsure but sometimes the sea of the soul can cause that." - Emma Noel

"Everybody has their time to shine and I think yours will show itself very soon" - Steven Smith

"This one has much courage and hides her gifts behind a mask of silence. She knows more than she says a hidden scholar perhaps? I fear I must need a magician to understand this one, though her heart is in the right place." - Tsarsand

"It takes her a while to open up, but when you can get her talking, she's rather nice." - Anastasia Martin

"BEST... TRAVEL... BUDDY... EVER..." - Isabelle Marie

"Young one where have you gone. Your buds were just blooming and your worth showing. Where ever you are, I am sure it was not willing or you would have said. Was it the clowns, Truth or worse? It doesn't matter for I will find my answers." - Emma Noel

"Her murderer was found, the young broken mirror's case is now laid to rest. You are avenged child." - anonymous


Player:Camryn Bosarge
Plays in: Gulfport, MS
Lives in: Moss Point, MS

MES Number:US2014020075