Pete Bogg

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Character Information
Auspice: Ithaeur
Tribe: Bone Shadows
Renown: •••
Wisdom •••
City: Vieques,_Puerto_Rico
Pack: Sombra de Buho
Player: [


Storyteller: VST Colin Douglas

Real Name:

Bernard Rhodes

Forsaken Name:

Pete Bogg


Shadow Owls

Physical Description

Pete Bogg in human form normally wears a camo-patterned coat several sizes to large for him, with a great number of pockets and removable layers of lining underneath for cold weather. He tends to wear dirty and tattered cargo pants, further increasing the number of pockets available to him. His pockets are usually filled with prescription pill bottles, small animal bones, vials of tears, vials of holy water, strands of human hair, razor blades, bits of scavenged food, and other ritualistic accessories. Pete Bogg appears very young, around 18 or 19, a trait offset by his prematurely grey hair, a change that began with his first transformation, and was completed by the time his first pack and been massacred. His recent hard times have left him very thin and fit, and the expensive orthodontics his parents were able to afford have left him with a straight, perfect smile, though smiling is something he rarely does. The contrasts in his appearance can be rather striking, and he gives the overall impression of wisdom combined with youth, and of privilege and education from a ragged and impoverished street kid. In his Urhan and Urshal forms, (the two he prefers) he appears obviously gaunt and wiry. His fur is grey and matted, with an unhealthy look to it, but beneath that he is still lean and strong and deadly.

Backstory and Personality

  • Ran away from his wealthy family at age 16
  • Underwent his first change at age 17 and was picked up by a pack in New York
  • Spent a year learning from a Bone Shadow mentor and burying casualties in their war with the pure
  • Survived the destruction of his first pack and took to the road at age 18

Pete tends to be nervous around new people and awkward, but lights up when he actually has something he likes to talk about or starts to feel like part of a team.


"Um.. Uh... Hi?"