Peter Berkowski

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Character Information
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Breed: Homid
Pack: Twilight's Revival
Sept: Sept of Boars Chosen
Rank: Elder
Glory: ••••• •
Honor: ••••• ••••• •
Wisdom: ••••• ••••• •
Player: Brantly M.
Storyteller: Craig Vee

Name: Peter Berkowski, Traitor's Bane

Past Deed Names: Harsh Judgement (Cliath), Gaia's Truth (Fostern, pre-rank strip), Grandfather's Wisdom (Adren, pre-rank strip), Black Shield (Fostern, post-rank strip), Grins and Bears It (Adren), Gelid Path to Accord (Athro), Halo of Night (Sept Alpha)

Position: Steward of the Southeast, Sept Alpha, Eldest Philodox, Pack Alpha

Notable Traits:

  • Pure Breed 3 (Shadow Lords)
  • Natural Leader
  • Had a "day job" as a detective in the narcotics division of the Opelika Police Department. Resigned upon becoming Sept Alpha to devote his full energies to Sept matters.
  • Comes from a long line of Chicago PD.


  • "Let this serve as a lesson. The Litany is Sacred and Inviolable. No-one, regardless of station, so openly flaunts it without punishment, and that punishment may take the form of death." - Berkowski in his first pronouncement as Eldest Philodox
  • "We can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way" - Berkowski when confronting lower ranked Garou
  • "Listen to me closely, you piece of shit, you can either give me the name of your supplier, or I can smash your face into this table. And don't give me any of that "police brutality" bullshit either, unless you want to experience it first hand." - Berkowski to a drug dealer in custody
  • "Tell people what to do and not how to do it, and they will impress you with their cunning." - Berkowski's theory on leadership
  • "Are you fucking price gouging me on this moonshine!?" - Berkowski to Keld, a member of Wayward
  • "One thing you have to understand, young one, is to be a Shadow Lord is to be looked at with distrust. Your every action will be met with some measure of skepticism. Others will always question if you are working in their best interests or simply to further your own ends. The Garou Nation distrusts us not because they believe us to be dishonorable, mustache-twirling villains, but because they fear us. They fear our intelligence, they fear our ruthlessness, and they fear the lengths we will go in order to accomplish what must be done. The wise among them, however, realize that they need us for the very reasons we are feared." - Berkowski to Nicolae Dacla
  • "I remember when he and I could barely tolerate one another and cultivated a mutually extreme amount of suspicion for one another. Now that such is no longer the case? You really 'should' be concerned about the fruits of our combined labors." - Omengazer
  • "This dude always makes me think of Sam Spade, y'know if Sam Spade looked at you like he was figuring out seven different ways to hide your body, srs bznz bro." - Alvarez
  • "I owe him my life, and the life of my child. We became pack-mates united under a single, dire cause. For Berkowski understands what it feels like to have the world thrown at you, but he will never take anything less then your best effort. We may disagree at times but know this; he has my undying loyalty. You fuck with him, you'll feel my claws in your back." - Simona Decebal
  • "Berkowski can come off flippant and shallow sometimes. If you believe it, you're an idiot, and deserve what you get. For me? He's on my short list of people to call. Take that for what you will." - Laughs Last
  • "Thus far, he seems willing to work with me when there are larger threats to worry about. So, I'll return the favor. And keep an eye out for knives aimed at my fucking shoulder blades from a Shadow Lord-type direction." - Kat
  • "He isn't someone to take lightly. I trust him to do what's best for the moment hopefully he has gain some trust in my abilities." Howls in Shadows
  • "Smart, and willing to push his sleeves up and get dirty to make sure the job is done. I like that, that makes him ok in my book." Max "Fervent Knowledge" Russell
  • "Berkowsk-rhya helped save my ragged ass in the Legendary Realm. He was judge, Jury and executioner is less time than it takes to talk about it. All he has to do is call. " Nicolae Dacla


  • Takes violations of the Litany very seriously.
  • A hard-nosed son-of-a-bitch who has shoved more than one perp's face into a table during interrogation.
  • Was rank stripped for getting a fellow Garou killed needlessly.
  • Possibly has a drinking problem.
  • Recently recovered his family grand klaive, Wściekłość Burzy, winning it in a klaive duel with a fellow Shadow Lord.
  • Cannot stand Garou who he perceives have betrayed him

Notable Kinfolk

  • Adela Wyric - A Shadow Lord kinfolk of fairly high pure breed (PB4) who also works in the Auburn PD narcotics division.
  • Bruno Sokoloff - A Shadow Lord kinfolk of average pure breed (PB2). Serves as the pack's armorer and weaponsmith.
  • Cecylia Stawski - A Shadow Lord kinfolk of average pure breed (PB3). An investment banker who works in Auburn. Matriarch of a family of four.

The Bukowski/Berkowski Family

Family Lineage:

  • Arkady Bukowski (1810-1851), Homid, Ragabash. Origin of the Bukowski family in Chicago.
  • Wladyslaw Bukowski (1845-1871), Homid, Ahroun. The first Bukowski born in the New World.
  • Ariana Bukowski (1865-1875), Homid, Ragabash. Died a Cliath during a Bane attack.
  • Apolonia Bukowski (1872-1950), Kinfolk. Never undergoes the First Change, but gives birth to a son who does.
  • Bernard Berkowski (1920-1970), Homid, Philodox. Anglicizes the spelling of his last name and the first Berkowski in the Chicago PD. Leads an exemplary career until a vampire assassinates him.
  • Alexander Berkowski (1950-2002), Homid, Theurge. Another in the line of Chicago PD and Peter’s father. Died in the Ratkin War. The last bearer of Wściekłość Burzy.

Origins: A Rebellion Leads to a Fresh Start

The Berkowski name has been associated with the Chicago since the first wave of Polish immigration in the 1830s. Arkady Bukowski, the original of the line within the New World, arrived with Captain John Napieralskia and other veterans of the November Uprising in 1837. A young Shadow Lord Ragabash and officer in the Army of the Congress Poland, Bukowski fled along with his immediate superior and fellow Shadow Lord after the failed uprising. Arkady also brought with him a family heirloom—a grand klaive called Wściekłość Burzy—an honored blade that had seen combat for centuries. Arkady settles down as best he can and starts a family in this strange, new world. Arkady—like all good Catholics and good Shadow Lords—raises a large family; three sons and four daughters. One of these sons, a fiery tempered, foul-mouthed hooligan named Wladyslaw, born under a Full Moon, undergoes his first change in 1851.

Second Generation: The Chicago Fire

Wladyslaw Bukowski stood as an example of everything a Shadow Lord should be—proud, cunning, and willing to do whatever is necessary to combat the Wyrm. However, tragedy would cut the brave Ahroun’s life short. In early 1871, Wladyslaw received word that a group of Black Spiral Dancers had infiltrated his beloved city. In October of that year, he led the charge into their domain, intending to drive these wyrm-tainted, traitorous bastards from this world. As he and his war-party began to cut through the Wyrm Howlers, victory seemed a foregone conclusion. Nothing could have been further from the truth. As the war-party closed in to the corrupted Pit, the Dancers revealed their hand—and called upon a corrupted Fire Spirit Incarnae that began the conflagration known to the wider world as the Great Chicago Fire. Wladyslaw and his party were lost in the disaster—along with 3.3 square miles of Chicago.

Third and Fourth Generation: Lick Your Wounds and Rebuild

Wladyslaw’s daughter—a Ragabash—lives a short and violent life. Angry over her father’s death, Ariana arrogantly and foolishly throws herself at minion after minion of the Wyrm. She is cut down in 1875 during an assault on a group of corrupted City Spirits.

Apolonia Bukowski, daughter of Ariana, never manifests as a Garou. She takes her kinfolk duties seriously, however, and has over twelve children. Between raising such a large family and being married to a Garou, she supports the nation financially through her successful restaurant that served the best perogis on this side of the Atlantic.

Fifth and Sixth Generation: The Chicago Police Department

Bernard Berkowski thought he was a kinfolk, so he went looking for a job. After Anglicizing his name, he joins the Chicago PD. He undergoes his first change in 1941 after hearing of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He serves the Garou Nation and the Chicago PD faithfully for many years, always being careful to Bury the Wolf when necessary. One such act, however, led to his demise. In 1970, on what seemed to be a routine drug bust against a known heroin dealer, Bernard meets his end, murdered by a vampire. The truth is covered up, and Bernard receives a heroes funeral in public and another in private—one attended by his Garou brethren.

Alexander Berkowski knew he would be a member of Chicago PD as soon as he was old enough to understand the concept. Regardless if he shifted or not, his place was in the police. Somewhat of a late shifter—like his father and grandfather before him—he did not undergo his first change until the age of 25. Already a successful detective, he simply dealt with the Curse as best as he could, attempting to maximize its benefits while mitigating its drawbacks. Eventually, he is forced to retire from the PD as a result of both his rising in rank and his increase in rage. At the age of 50—in the year 2000—he achieves the rank of Athro. A hero’s death greets him in the Ratkin War, and Wściekłość Burzy is lost.

Wściekłość Burzy

Wściekłość Burzy (Polish: Fury of the Storm) is a large, finely forged silver broadsword engraved with the glyphs for Typhon, Grandfather Thunder, and the Bukowski family. The hilt is wrapped in fine, black hide--originally taken from a fallen Garou in Poland. The intricately forged pommel takes the form of a Stormcrow’s head with dark, blue sapphires for eyes. Each bearer would tie a dark pennant embroidered with his or her name to the pommel. Upon the bearer’s death and passing of the klaive to the next generation, the pennant would be buried with the owner as a reminder of the seriousness he or she took the fight for Gaia.

OOC Information

Player: Brantly M

MES Number: US2013050113

Location: AL-001-D