Peter Hogan

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Character Information
Auspice: Cahalith
Tribe: Bone Shadows
Renown: ••••• •••••
Glory: ••••
Wisdom •••
City: College Park, MD
Pack: None
Player: Jag Griffiths
Storyteller: Kacy Andrews
Peter Hogan.jpg

Real Name: Peter Hogan

Deed Name: Breaks-the-Silence

Pack: Doesn't have one

Position: None

Age: 20


Basic Timeline

  • Born in 1993 in Portland, Oregon. Peter came from a military family, with many members having served in the different branches of the armed forces at one point or another.
  • While in high school, Peter was a JROTC, hoping to one day follow in his father's footsteps and join the Navy.
  • Peter had his first change back in 2009, at the age of 16. At first he was very confused by what had happened to him, but he was found by a local pack that took him in as a "tag-along" in order to teach him the basis of what it meant to be an Uratha.
  • While he was finishing high school, Peter learned as much as he could about Uratha society and their traditions, eventually joining the Bone Shadows. The Ritemaster of the pack that had taken him in was one of the Hirfathra Hissu, and he saw some talent in the young Cahalith, so he put him to the test.
  • Peter's test consisted in traveling through the Hisil to seek out an ancestor spirit, and being able to strike a deal with said spirit. While the task was difficult, Peter was able to use his wit and social abilities to travel through the Hisil unharmed; even as a young werewolf, his social grace helped him in the test and he was able to reach the ancestor spirit after a day's worth of travel. Upon reaching the spirit, Peter paid his proper respects, offering it Essence and other proper chiminage. He explained to the spirit that he sought out knowledge to help the local Uratha deal with a problematic Magath, and after striking a deal with the spirit he was able to acquire such knowledge and return to the pack.
  • After he had completed the task, Peter went through the Rite of Initiation, officially becoming a Hirfathra Hissu. With the knowledge he had acquired from the ancestor spirit, he assisted the local packs in defeating the problematic Magath that had been terrorizing a local community.
  • In the battle against the Magath, Peter proved that he was also a capable combatant. While he was not as skilled as some of the elder Uratha, nor as fierce as the local Rahu or Blood Talons, the young Bone Shadow had determination, and due to his efforts in the fight he was rewarded by the Cahalunim, who sang his tales of Glory for all to hear.
  • The Ritemaster also rewarded young Peter, gifting him a powerful Fetish that was infamous amongst the other tribes, most commonly known as "Death Wolf's Howl" amongst the Bone Shadows.
  • During the fall of 2012, Peter started college at Oregon State University, which took him away from the pack he had been running with. During that time, he met a few Uratha in the areas surrounding the school, but most were young and packless. The few that were in packs had very differing views from his own, so he didn't have many options but to either form a pack of his own, or remain packless. After much though, Peter opted for the latter, since he did not see himself as Alpha material.
  • After the school year was over, Peter returned to his hometown for the Summer, taking advantage of the time there to reacquaint himself with the Uratha that he knew and had taught him many things. The Bone Shadow Ritemaster listened to him speak about his problems, and how he had not really fit in well with the other Uratha during his time in school. Knowing that education was important to the young Bone Shadow, the Ritemaster suggested that he transfer schools. He urged him to be adventurous, to go somewhere far away from home, where he could learn things and meet other Uratha.
  • Taking the Ritemaster's advice, Peter transferred to the University of Maryland, which was certainly not an exotic place, but it was pretty damn far from Oregon. There, he would meet others like himself, and hopefully finish his undergraduate education to in forensics and criminology.

Character Inspirations




  • He was a Blood Talon for a couple of years after his First Change.
  • He's a member of a strange Lodge that was long forgotten.
  • He got his deed name for letting out a heart-stopping howl after defeating a powerful Magath.
  • He owns a powerful Fetish, that he has never used.

OOC information

Player Name: Jag Griffiths

Location: Washington, D.C.