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Domain Information

Domain Staff

PA-015-D: The City of Brotherly Love

NJ-006-C: The Reason You Can't Have Nice Things

  • Chapter Coordinator: Email
    • Masquerade - Camarilla Venue Storyteller: Jason Perez
    • Masquerade - Sabbat Venue Storyteller: iVST

Games, Venues, Locations!

Weekend: Afternoon Venue: Evening Venue: Location:
1st Saturday of the Month Werewolf:The Apocalypse (2-6 PM) Vampire:the Masquerade:Camarilla (8-12 PM) Drexel University, Ross Commons
2nd Saturday of the Month Vampire: The Masquerade - Sabbat (2-5 PM) Vampire:the Masquerade: Camarilla - NJ Edition (6-11 PM) 307 N Clinton Ave, Trenton, NJ or 40 Muirhead Ave, Trenton, NJ
3rd Saturday of the Month Masquerade: Anarch (2-6 PM) Vampire:the Masquerade: Sabbat (8-12 AM) Drexel University, Ross Commons
4th Saturday of the Month Open Open N/A

Important Websites

Game Locations

Philadelphia Domain Games

Drexel University, Ross Commons

New Jersey Chapter Games
Ewing Presbyterian Church in Ewing, NJ