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First Impressions

Well dressed and stylish Philippa appears to be very friendly and flirty. She seems very inexperienced in the ways of the kindred.

Notable Traits:

She is kind to everyone


Philippa is about 5ft 4in, slender but curvy with black hair and green eyes. She is always well dressed

Information Known to Kindred Society


Acknowledged in the court of San Antonio by Prince Rook

Acknowledged in the court of San Antonio by Prince Ipure


Talon of Harpy Lazaro Aragon

Primogen of Clan Toreador

Harpy of San Antonio

Fleeting Status

Favored by word of Dr. Gabriel Tennyson Elder of Clan Toreador

Loyal by word of Lazaro Aragon Harpy of San Antonio

Loyal by word of Dr. Gabriel Tennyson Harpy of San Antonio


Seemingly flirty, flighty, frivolous



Known Associates

Jayne Joyce

Mabel Ruby

Teros Django


  • Lately has been seen in the company of Zack Snyder
  • She flashes women of her clan, perhaps she prefers the company of other women?


  • "She is a lady through and through, a true Rose among her clan. She has the vibrancy and love of her youth still intact. I hope it is something she does not forget, like so many do with time." - Zack Snyder
  • "She may be a rose but in one language she is a flax, kind and sweet." - Nova
  • "Philippa is an outstanding member of her clan in this region. Always delightful to see her...and she loves my fashion sense." - Clermont Atwater
  • "It was refreshing to meet another Toreador who hasn't lost her joie de vivre. Hopefully she can escape the drudgery of politics before she loses it." - Jayne Joyce
  • "She is very kind and welcoming.. I feel she should know this about herself." - Edward Vincent Icabod Livingston IV
  • "Primogen Philippa has quite a tongue, and sometimes it slips in ways that I can't help but think is intentional. Even so, she's a charmer for certain. Shame she's sweet on someone and doesn't seem interested in multiple prospects." - Wohl
  • "She certainly is a member of her clan--trying to give off the impression that she is all show and little thought. However, I cannot be so sure that it is anything more than an act. I suppose more observation is needed to test my hypothesis." - Dr. Sinclair
  • "She's a strong, independent woman in need of no man. But, that won't stop me from finding one for her." - Mabel Ruby
  • "The way that sweet little thing says my name really makes me want to hear what it sounds like when she screams my name." - Giacomo Giovanni
  • (French)"Beauty, confidence, and grace all wrapped up and topped with the most perfect voice, be still my undying heart." - Guillaume
  • "So easy to seduce with just my walk. My art, I will have her fully enthralled." - Jupiter Lotis
  • "Eager to please, like so many neonates I've met. It's one way to survive in our society, and one that will serve her well I imagine. I wonder however, what motives are hidden behind that lovely voice and smile?" - Bernard Green
  • "She has, like, the best taste in panties. That's totally an art form, right?" - Heather Hearst
  • "She very polite and sweet, but under the exterior is someone to keep your eyes on." - Lazaro Aargon
  • "I didn't think red was her color, oh what a way to be proven otherwise!" - Teros Django
  • "Ms. Brery exudes all that is Toreador. 'To a T', one might say. To deny this is to deny reality." - Edward Porter
  • "I appreciate her understanding of my dislike of female titles. I do hope she remembers that 'Master Bonacorsi will do just fine." - Lione Bonacorsi
  • "I adore her spirit and her kind ways. The art of the social butterfly has not died out entirely." - Jeannie
  • "She seems to perk up when people whistle for her...good ta' know." - Auggie Giovanni
  • "A sweet smile that conceals a razor sharp tongue and a mind that defies the naivete she feigns in court." - Alta Devereux
  • "If she puts as much passion into her clothing design as she does for her lover, then her outfits must be stunning beyond belief. He is a lucky man." - The Broken
  • "Our region is blessed by the most beautiful garden of Roses I believe that I have ever seen. Ms. Brery is no exception, and perhaps one of the prime examples. Between herself and the other distinguished Roses that frequent San Antonio, Court is never dull. I do wish I had more time to socialize with her, but my work unfortunately keeps me quite busy." - Nathaniel Lannick
  • "She is a delight. Joyous and beautiful company. May her light continue to shine and her smile brighten every night. - Robyn Remington
  • "The next time she shouts, 'charge' it should be in response to how she is paying for her Jimmy Choos." - Jayne Joyce


Zsa Zsa Gabor

Coco Chanel


Embraced in Paris,France 2011

Moved to San Antonio 2015

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OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Antonio, TX
Player: Kitty
Storyteller: Cristina Brewis