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Camarilla/Anarch PC

Player: Christopher W.
Character: Phillip Avery Redgrave
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
Position: T.B.D.
Status: 6
Domain: Seattle
VST: Seattle C/A VST

Phillip Avery Redgrave

"Veritas vos liberabit - The truth shall make you free!"

Eram quod es, eris quod sum
"I was what you are, you will be what I am"

Name: Phillip Avery Redgrave

Clan: Malkavian

Sect: Camarilla

Embraced: January 6th, 1661


Generation: Seventh


  • Amaury ibn al'Meer
  • Avery Camillo Redgrave

Abiding Status: 3

  • Confirmed as an Elder of the Camarilla
  • Established as an Elder of the Camarilla
  • Privileged as an Elder of the Camarilla

Fleeting Status: 3


  • Elder of Clan Malkavian
  • Myrmidon of Clan Malkavian, United States
  • Director of Operational Security
  • Voice of the Speaker for Clan Malkavian of Seattle

Current Location: Seattle, Washington


Concept/Background: The Tower's Left Hand; Phillip Avery Redgrave is an individual who engenders a wide range of thoughts and feelings in those who are familiar with him. To some he is a Seer and Mystic able to perceive the threads of reality in a unique and unerringly accurate way. To some he is a stalwart proponent of the Ivory Tower's traditions, culture and way of life. To others he is a passionate and intriguing speaker and intellectual. All these things are true, but none are complete. Phillip Avery Redgrave is most importantly a true believer. He believes with all his being in the structure and stratification of existence that the Tower promotes. As a believe he will do and has done things that some would consider beyond the bounds of ethics and morality, because his faith and loyalty demand nothing less than full and total subjugation to the glory and purity of the Camarilla. He is a zealot, a sociopath, a being with no compunction or hesitation in what must be done for what he considers the greater good. That fact terrifies many, and pleases some.

Notable Traits: Redgrave is a being that is known for his cool logical outlook which seems at odds with the passionate intensity he brings to bear on those things that have his attention. Additionally, he is quite renowned for his abilities as an Oracle and Seer, something many whisper is a trait that comes from blood of his lineage. Redgrave's method of dress has since any could recall modern for whatever period he is in, but always in gray-scale (blacks, whites, grays) and never ever in color. While in years past he was never far from a pair of well worn if tasteful gloves, he has begun to regularly wear latex gloves.

Appearance: Tall, broad of shoulder and dark of skin, Redgrave is generally thought of as being a relatively attractive man of African descent. His bearing and poise however make him something of an impressive figure. He has a tendency to wear comfortable if refined clothing of the modern area with styles that are considered timeless and easy to blend into the masses of humanity. Redgrave goes out of his way to appear current and up to date without attempting to follow mortal trends to strictly; a true proponent of the Silence of the Blood he does all he can to prove that Vampires while being powerful creatures in their own right have no need to flaunt their standing and instead are best served by being wolves in sheep’s clothing. Yet and still there is a strange stillness about him, for those who peer to long into his dark near-black eyes can feel shaken at what looks back at them.

Exegi monumentum aere perennius
"I have erected a monument more lasting than bronze."

De mortuis nil nisi bonum
"Say nothing but good about the dead" (Quotes)

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  • "A damned dapper bloke with the tongue of a salesman. Those are the ones to watch the closest." - Torquil Moireasdan
  • "Redgrave is a man who steps back and forth between worlds. Seeing madness and reality and secrets and forming it all together somehow into a kind of truth. Although I have considered the question for a long time, I do not know if he is a force of good or a force of destruction." - Lazuli
  • "Inspiring... in the most traditional sense of the term."Tamerlane
  • "Did you ever hear an old man speak of the friends he made in the war? Men so different, wrenched from their lives and thrown together in foxholes and trenches, forcing the kind of faith that allows one to run ahead to the next filthy pit, to the next tree, because your fellow soldier promises he will cover you. For Mr. Redgrave, that war is not yet over. Are you on his side?" - Orenna Komnenos
  • "Unfortunately, 'is madness is known to conjure imagined flights of fancy which are quite charming, indeed, but are still the products of one who is disturb. I am glad that it was my 'ome, Paris, that pioneered more 'umane treatment for lunatics through La Bicêtre. And it is with these founding ideas of moral treatment and the more modern endeavor of compassionate care that I assist Monsieur Redgrave when I am able." - Clé deMontes
  • "It is not madness to hear so many things all at once, but a chance to seize great insight. Mr. Redgrave never plays at holding back the tides, but instead rides them like a proud ship upon a storm." - Ligeia Loxley
  • "I saw him once, though we did not speak. We didn't have to. I saw him across a sea of sheep and instantly recognized a fellow predator. But while I am governed by my passions, Mr. Redgrave is ruled by some illusory, inexplicable design. And silently I ask: he is clearly familiar with the canvas, but does he not paint himself? Does he actually know the sensation of blood between fingers, or is he but the patron of others? Or perhaps...this is a talent I can teach him." - Einhardt Wagner
  • "Oh? Elder Redgrave is a very nice man, I don't understand why people think he's mad...he isn't...He showed me that the sight isn't a burden, it's a gift." - Raina Star Von Daun
  • "I will never forget the first time we met. He was intelligent, talented and driven. But he was a wildfire. All passion and no direction, ready to burn up anything he touched. Even now there are days when I look into his eyes and I see something flicker in the depths, and I wonder if I haven't just thrown fuel onto the flames." - Desdemona Gonzaga
  • "Efficient, thorough and insightful. Mr. Redgrave is indeed a boon to the Camarilla - it is my pleasure to know him." - Chandra de Soissones
  • "Redgrave is a man who gets things done...just don't let him know all the naughty things you have been up to." - Byron Lancaster
  • "I enjoy the man's company, but I occasionally glimpse just a portion of the madness that he keeps under guard. I do not envy him his burdens." - Richard Adams
  • "I have had the pleasure of working with Elder Redgrave on behalf of the Tower on a number of occasions. How would I describe him? Simply as the Elder other description could really fit though I shall try: Every moment he is a blend of Doyle's Mycroft, the Bard's Iago, and the precision of Mauser rifle." - David Daniel Steiner
  • "I find him fascinating. A man who focuses much of his considerable intellect and curiosity on a handful of topics, those of which drive him to the point of mad obsession. Perhaps it is merely the mark of his clan upon him, but it has never felt more appropriate than it is with Mr. Redgrave to note how often the lines between genius and insanity blur and overlap."- Mina Chandler
  • "His demeanor is quite pleasant, and it is most effective. Do not take his smile as representative of his intent." - Guibert Murmure
  • "Redgrave... Yes, we worked side-by-side on behalf of... certain Camarilla authorities... for a few years back in the early 20th century. It was... eye-opening." - Anderson Winchester
  • ", not insane at all. Which I find very disturbing." - X
  • "A mentor who has seen so many courts, when I have really only seen one. I am grateful for his help." - Charlotte Hammond
  • "Shares my love for the Ivory Tower, forever may it stand. You can learn a lot about someone in how they play backgammon." - James Worth
  • "Mr Redgrave and I have worked together in the past...I am glad to see that he eventually found his way to Seattle." - Eileen Vargas
  • "One man's perfect order is Mr. Redgrave's chaos. You may call him a hero or a villian, but the frightening fact is - he is both. Phillip serves something greater than himself. When buildings fall, and man dies, he will still be standing." - Constance Fournier
  • "I am sure the Clan of Malkavian will not swell the rout of this runner whom renown outran." - Arden
  • "Working alongside Phillip is always a pleasure. Whenever I gain his assistance with a problem, I know that my burden is instantly lighter. Poetry in motion, with an interesting shadow..." - Rain
  • "When madness sounds like reason it is prophecy." - Sevynn
  • "'A narrow compass! and yet there Dwelt all that 's good, and all that 's fair; Give me but what this riband bound, take all the rest the sun goes round.' Compassion is at thing oft misunderstood. So too, is what is good. Not so, for Avery. His is the greatest and most terrible compassion you may ever know. And it will do you good." - Selene de Lorraine
  • Said in meeting with other Serpents - "A dangerous man who understands the deeper forces at work and yet still sides with those ill-tempered beings who rule our world. A true guardian of the keys of heaven." - Istral
  • "While Glass can be cut and polished to look like a diamond, it may sparkle like a diamond and bring a gasp to someone's mouth with its beauty just like a diamond, and everyone who sees it may even believe that it is a diamond, but is it in fact a diamond or a pretty bobble with delusions of grandeur?" - Orelia Taipetra

Difficile est saturam non scribere
"It is hard not to write satire" (Rumors)

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  • Redgrave is an agent of the Justicariat.
  • Redgrave has frequently been known to hire known killers for unknown nefarious purposes.
  • Redgrave has never been known to lie.
  • Redgrave has taken part in a sanctioned bloodhunt.
  • Redgrave is known to have precognitive abilities.
  • While its been known that Redgrave has taken lovers, few recall who they are or what happened to them.
  • They say madness and passion go hand in hand, rumor has it Redgrave can get a bit intense when it comes to quenching his lusts.
  • Well, I heard...

"Compos mentis - Of sound mind (and judgement)"

Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore
"I hope that the memory of our friendship will be everlasting." (Friends & Foes)

  • Alexander Konrad - The shadow of a tower; thick, tall and unyielding... but untouchable, unassailable, and ever distant.
  • Wayland Winslow - A figure stands in a leather apron slick with blood, before him is the carcass of a hog trussed and squealing resting on a fine banquet table set for a large party. Men and women in elegant attire sit and the buzz of their chatter can be heard... but intermingled the occasional buzzing of flies. The figure in the apron begins to swiftly butcher and chop the live swine which squeals in agony, the figure moves with precision and efficiency rather than care. The blood spreads over the table and the patrons seem to neither notice or care. Their chatter becomes droned out more and more by the sound of the buzzing of flies.
  • Desdemona Gonzaga - Cold, so cold as to feel like flame. Consuming and pulling the spirit into sweet, warm oblivion.
  • Ligeia Loxley - A figure dances ballet in a pristine ivory gown. The stage is slick with blood and the figure bounds and spins across it shoes growing redder and redder. Figures watch from the wings and the audience; there is a sense of foreboding as they seem to grow larger and hungrier waiting... the dancer continues to move fear in her eyes but steps remain sure.
  • Anderson Winchester - Voices speaking in unison, the same voice... a round. A song to complex to identify.
  • Lazuli - A summer storm. Rainfall on a metal roof. A melody born of chaos or a pattern of imagination. Perhaps both.
  • Tamerlane - Silence. A stillness that is a pause between the ticking of the clock. A sense of foreboding, the eye of the storm, the first breath before the charge.
  • Evelyn Atwood - Chains, slick with red and tied with silken. The chains are silk soaked in blood. The chains are blood shining like silk.
  • Orenna Komnenos - The smell of jasmine (flesh burning), the taste of spices (the iron tang of blood on the tongue), the sound of laughter (weeping).
  • Chandra de Soissones - Threads, patterns, numbers, flowing in a dance that is just beyond comprehension. Clarity comes but just as it approaches the sound of tearing, the squeal of metal.
  • Benjamin Sharp - The drums of beat, the pipers blow. An army of the dead and decayed hold the wall of a black city on a cloudless night. In the distance the call of something...large and inconceivable moves and draws near.
  • June - The sound of bells tolling in the distance, the wail of an infant birthed cold and confused in the world, a chill on the wind. A woman's voice sings a haunting lullaby, her tone soft and comforting... soothing, yet hollow.
  • Clé deMontes - A figure stands at an easel, painting a portrait of a family at play in baroque style. Beyond the figure is a number of bodies, savaged and bloodied positioned in a mockery of the painting be made. The figure's face comes into view, gender unknown with eyes, nose and ears sewn shut but with feminine lips smiling warmly.
  • Dieci - Shadow puppets on the wall, drums playing, a dance of figures on a stage, some familiar some not, hands graceful moving above guiding the steps of the puppets and the show.
  • Raina Star Von Daun - The single tone, a pure note, crystal in clarity but fading swiftly leaving only a memory.
  • Eileen Vargas - A quill dipped in ink the color of a moonless night, writing on paper frantically. The quill tip turns to a razor and the paper becomes flesh of a figure. A voice screams as the words continue to be written on exposed skin drawing blood that same color of ink.
  • Byron Lancaster - A skeletal form, flesh withered with age, stands on a small platform. Officious looking men slowly dress it in elegant evening wear of high quality. Like english valets, the adorn the form with the trappings of gentlemen's formal evening wear seemingly oblivious to the decayed state of the figure.
  • Guibert Murmure - Darkness, the sound of breathing, a heart thundering in terror... something moving in the blackness beyond; something evil and beyond imagination hungers and moving with a grace beyond the natural.
  • Mina Chandler - A coil of gold and onyx trapped in ice, a wash of flame, a silken touch that turns to black a face frozen in an expression of wry bitterness.
  • Aiden- A naked figure, a man, runs panicked through a dark forest still as a grave. The sound of his raged breath and passage through the thick foliage the only thing registered. He falls, stumbling to the ground, fear stealing his breath not at something chasing him but of something within him. He screams and his screams release a plague of darkness.
  • Arden - A man strides through a dark forest, he carries a wicker basket filled with fresh pieces of blood soaked meat. As he walks through the twisting path he sings a discordant song loudly which echoes through the shadowed woods. As unknown beasts begin to encroach upon him, a sense of dread and malevolence heightens. Moonlight breaks the darkness and hits his face, showing that his eyes have been removed and his ears are bleeding. Blind and deaf he sings gaily and fearlessly through the dark forest unaware or uncaring of the dangers that circle him.
  • Clarence Charles Merrick - A blasted plain of red dust, a man dressed in black strides with purpose and a darkness follows him pace for pace.
  • Constance Fournier - A circle of gold, coated in blood and twisted into a something not unlike a thorny wreath. A seat of ebon, and a figure that sits upon it... the two are one, where does the figure end and the stone begin?
  • Adeline Bellamy - A window looking out over a dark forest, clouds gathering full of storm and fury. As rains begins to fall a flash of light plays across the storm tossed sky and the reflection of a woman of beauty cloaked in mourning is seen for a moment.
  • Istral - And lo' a great serpent entwined the world, its maw hungry and filled with piercing teeth and its hunger vast. And as the serpent constricted the globe it consumed itself the binding drawing tighter and tighter. And the dragon in its hunger shall consume itself, and in so doing render all to dust.
  • Sevynn - A great wolf black as night stalks a field of white. It is hunting, it is being hunted. As it approaches a dark city it pauses, from it howls and as it does so from its muzzle hands erupt, they claw and tear the flesh of the wolf and shredding the meat and fur leaving a man behind covered in blood but clothed. It enters the city. it is hunting, it is being hunted.
  • Selene de Lorraine - An androgynous figure is seen from behind standing before a large walk in closet. The figure first selects a lovely gown which makes it seem more feminine, sliding it on and then it then selects shoes. Then a wig and it then stands before a cabinet, opening it it reveals a mirror surrounded by a myriad of living faces. In the mirror the figure's face can be seen and it is smooth, unbroken and featureless.
  • Your Name Here

Non omnis moriar
"Not all of me shall die."

"Legum servi sumus ut liberi esse possimus - We are slaves of the law in order that we may be able to be free."

Sire: Marissa Cole
Childe of Addemar
Childe of Lamdiel
Childe of Malkav

Brood Mates:

Childer of Note:

Grandchilder of Note:

  • June
  • To Be Determined

Great-Grandchilder of Note:

  • To Be Determined
  • To Be Determined

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Seattle, WA
Player: Christopher W.
Storyteller: Seattle C/A VST

Character Inspirations

  • The Operative ("Serenity", Film)
  • Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish ("Song of Ice & Fire", Literature/Television)
  • Merlyn, ("The Once and Future King", Literature)
  • Winston "The Wolf" Wolfe ("Pulp Fiction", Film)
  • Othello, The Moor of Venice ("Othello, The Moor of Venice", Literature)
  • Dr. Johann Pryce ("Hemlock Grove", Television)
  • Patty Hewes ("Damages", Television)
  • Dr. Hannibal Lecter ("Hannibal", Film/Television)
  • Iago ("Othello, The Moor of Venice", Literature)
  • Major Peter Cesay, British Intelligence ("Godlike", Role-Playing Game)
  • The Angel Islington ("Neverwhere", Literature)
  • Jim Moriarty ("Sherlock", Television)

Inspiring Quotes

  • “I believe in something greater than myself. A better world. A world without sin.” - The Operative (Serenity : Film)
  • “If a problem can't be solved within the frame it was conceived, the solution lies in reframing the problem.” ― Brian McGreevy (Author)
  • “Not necessity, not desire - no, the love of power is the demon of men. Let them have everything - health, food, a place to live, entertainment - they are and remain unhappy and low-spirited: for the demon waits and waits and will be satisfied.” - Friedrich Nietzsche (Philosopher)
  • ““Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.” - Frank Herbert (Author)
  • “Chaos isn't a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some, are given a chance to climb. They refuse, they cling to the realm or the gods or love. Illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.” - Lord Petyr "Little Finger" Baelish (Game of Thrones : Television)
  • "You see, one gets confused with Time, when it is like that. All one’s tenses get muddled, for one thing. If you know what is going to happen to people, and not what has happened to them, it makes it difficult to prevent it happening, if you don’t want it to have happened, if you see what I mean? Like drawing in a mirror." - Merlyn (The Once and Future King: Literature)
  • “Of course, minute as its impact may be in our physical universe, the fact of quantum entanglement is this: If one logically inexplicable thing is known to exist, then this permits the existence of all logically inexplicable things. A thing may be of deeper impossibility than another, in the sense that you can be more deeply underwater--but whether you are five feet or five fathoms from the surface you are still all wet.” ― Brian McGreevy (Author)
  • “Kill you? No, don't be obvious. I mean I'm going to kill you anyway, someday. I don't want to rush it though. I'm saving it up for something special. No no no no no. If you don't stop prying... I will burn you. I will burn... the heart out of you. ” - Jim Moriarty (Sherlock : Television)
  • “Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.” - Henry Adams (Author)
  • “Fear is a communicable disease; it comes out in the sweat and passes from host to host. Fear is an incendiary agent; it combusts with stupidity.” ― Brian McGreevy (Author)
  • “I'm a monster. What I do is evil. I have no illusions about it, but it must be done.” - The Operative (Serenity : Film)
  • “Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice.” - Ayn Rand (Author)
  • “He's traveled so far beyond right and wrong he couldn't see them with a telescope on a clear night.” - Mr. Croup (Neverwhere : Television)
  • “The order that our mind imagines is like a net, or like a ladder, built to attain something. But afterward you must throw the ladder away, because you discover that, even if it was useful, it was meaningless.” - Umberto Eco (Author)
  • “Wheels have been set in motion, and they have their own pace, to which we are...condemned. Each move is dictated by the previous one - that is the meaning of order. If we start being arbitrary it'll just be a shambles: at least, let us hope so. Because if we happened, just happened to discover, or even suspect, that our spontaneity was part of their order, we'd know that we were lost. A Chinaman of the T'ang Dynasty - and, by which definition, a philosopher - dreamed he was a butterfly, and from that moment he was never quite sure that he was not a butterfly dreaming it was a Chinese philosopher. Envy him; his two-fold security. ” - Guildenstern (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead : Play)
  • “Secrets are not my concern. Keeping them is.” - The Operative (Serenity : Film)

Character Soundtrack

Player Information

Christopher W.

Cam Number: US2002021540
Home Domain: Seattle
Email: hyperstition AT gmail DOT com

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