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The Headlines

November 15th, 2015

Veteran’s Administration under Fire Yet Again

The local VA hospital is under investigation yet again for another death due to suspected malpractice. In this case, Mr. Marcus Kincaid, 38, of Mesa, passed away due to internal bleeding. The preliminary investigation shows that Mr. Kincaid’s was accidentally furnished with the wrong medication, an anti-depressant manufactured by Magadon, Inc. and recently released on the open market. Magadon’s PR department has released a statement indicating regret for the passing of Mr. Kincaid and announcing a donation to the VA Hospital, earmarked for the salary to allow them to hire additional pharmacists and provide training to existing staff to hopefully avoid any further such mix-ups. They indicate that the drug is very effective, but to be effective it has to be powerful, and severe, possibly life-threatening side-effects may occur if it is used incorrectly as in the case of Mr. Kincaid. The VA spokesperson has refused comment based on pending litigation by Mr. Kincaid’s family.

November 8th, 2015

Interfaith Council Proves Innocence, Suspect Commits Suicide

The Interfaith Council has come forward with independent, third-party corroboration showing that their email system was altered. Offsite backups were retrieved and when compared against the onsite system showed that many of the emails the Police were using to justify further investigation of the organization were falsified. This revelation may have allowed Rabbi Melchior’s defense attorney to cast doubt on the evidence against his client, however the Rabbi committed suicide in his cell by hanging himself with a bed sheet. The Rabbi left a suicide note indicating that he had no knowledge of doing the things he was accused of, that he had been possessed by a demon, and that he hoped that his death would lessen the creature’s power in this world. His suicide has sparked a debate between prisoner’s rights advocates and the Sheriff’s Office over instituting mandatory mental health testing and involuntary confinement to a mental institution for particularly disturbed inmates, whether they are being held long- or short-term.

Peoria Children’s Alliance Allies with Arizona Children’s Association

The Peoria Children’s Alliance C.E.O. Judy Bennington has forged a close alliance with the Arizona Children’s Association. The public relations people of both organizations indicate that they are working closely on a joint venture, but remain tight-lipped as to the details.

November 1st, 2015

Scandal in the Synagogue

Rabbi Arthur Melchior was arrested this afternoon on multiple charges of sexual conduct with a minor. Police are currently searching for a young man known only as ‘Tommy’, last known to be in the company of the Rabbi. Evidence seized from Melchior office and the Interfaith Council building where it was located indicate that there may have been knowledge of his crimes among his co-workers, who were attempting to conceal his misdeeds. Melchior is being held in the Maricopa County Jail pending arraignment.

All They Want to Do Is Dance

A recent trend has seen the local Raver community abandon their warehouses and move to congregate at local strip clubs. The older members of the crowd enjoy the fact that the age limit of the establishments results in a more adult experience, and the establishments themselves are happy for the upswing in business, even if it does discourage some of the regulars.

October 25th, 2015

Maricopa County Requires New Permit for Exotic Dance Venues

Officials in Maricopa County are requiring additional operational permits for venues featuring topless dancing, models, or wait staff. The permit fees will go into a county fund which will be used to provide scholarships, medical insurance, and maternity leave to legal sex workers.

Sex Sells Out

Exotique Entertainments, LLC. is an up-and-coming new adult entertainment firm in Phoenix specializing in live exotic dancing performances. They have taken the city by storm, branching out across town, buying out local operations and consolidating control of well over a third of the adult entertainment market. For a good time call… at any one of their establishments across the Valley.

October 18th, 2015

The Garden Aflame

Arson has closed down The Garden this weekend. Witnesses indicate that an altercation between the owner, Aron Murtas, a bartender, and four patrons suspected of ties to Mexican Cartels resulted in a gunfight that left Mr. Murtas and the bartender dead. After the shootings, the suspects threw incendiary devices modeled on Molotov Cocktails into the building, starting the fire which consumed the club. Seven are dead, with another seventeen injured during the mass exodus of the patrons from the building. The local branch office of the FBI is assisting the Scottsdale police department with their inquiries.

October 17th, 2015

To Kill a Vampire

The Goth/Punk movement of self-described ‘Vampire Fetishists’ continues to court the spotlight. This month, the Directing Coordinator of the Phoenix Chapter of the group, a former stage magician with some success in Vegas over a decade ago, put on a show to delight all fans of Twilight and True Blood. Appearing in full makeup and regalia, including dental implants, the magician was restrained by audience volunteers while an assistant drove a wooden dowel through his heart, causing the man to explode into a cloud of ash to the consternation of the audience. Everyone was calmed down as moments later the spotlight picked the man out of the back of the crowd and he stepped forward to take his place on stage once more.

The Coordinator explained how the trick was performed, walking the crowd through it step-by-step. He concluded with the following statement “We are just trying to show you that we are enthusiasts with a penchant for stage makeup and visual effects. Whomever the members of this misguided hate group are, they need to understand that while we may be different in our hobbies and mannerisms, inside we are just like them. And together we can have one hell of an entertaining time.” The rest of the show continued with more traditional tricks, and seems to have been well received by the audience.

October 3rd, 2015

Governor Hunt’s Tomb Desecrated!

Authorities are offering a $20,000 dollar reward for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the vandals who broke into Governor Hunt’s tomb in the wee hours of September 30th. Parks and Recreation department officials indicate that multiple artifacts were taken from the tomb including a gold pocket watch and various pieces of jewelry, and that Governor Hunt’s head is missing from the tomb along with the entire body of his daughter. Grave robbing is a felony in Arizona, and the suspect(s) can expect to face 10 to 25 years in prison upon capture.

September 26th, 2015

The Church of Scientology Experiences Explosive Growth in Popularity

“Do you want to pray for something to happen, or do you want to *make* your life better? The Church of Scientology can help!” That tagline and others can be seen all across the valley on television or in newspapers, heard on the radio, or browse online these days. The Church of Scientology has launched a major Marketing campaign to spread their message and news of their good works across the valley. And this time the message seems to be taking hold, especially among youth who eschew traditional spiritual beliefs but still feel the need to belong. Church membership has doubled or tripled among the two Churches incorporated in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area, and with events like the Halloween concert planned for later this month, the draw the Church holds doesn’t seem likely to abate anytime soon.

Peoria Named Safest City in Phoenix Metro Area

Over the last year the efforts of the Peoria Neighborhood Watch Association headed by City Councilwoman Judy Bennington and her husband Roger have led to a decrease in crimes across the board in that city, earning it the title of Safest City in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Now, the citizens are doubling down with the creation of the Peoria Neighborhood Watch Auxiliary Corps. Members of the Neighborhood Watch Association are distributing pamphlets with the following information, and initial interest seems to be high.

Do you love your community? Want to protect it? But perhaps you're not able to take to the streets with our brave Watch volunteers? Never fear! Join the Peoria Neighborhood Watch Auxiliary Corps today! WAC members act as eyes and ears in the community, reporting suspicious activity wherever they encounter it! With an increase in unwholesome "private clubs" within the greater metropolitan area, someone you know could be a civic threat! Put your community first! Join the Peoria Neighborhood Watch Auxiliary Corps! All you need is a cell phone, keen eyes, and Peoria civic pride! Join today and help keep Peoria *strong*!

September 19th, 2015

South Phoenix for the People

After years of gang violence, rising property crimes, and the highest murder rate in the metropolitan area, South Phoenix residents are starting to fight back. Community organizers are banding together across neighborhoods to form neighborhood watches, tip lines, and to provide drug counseling opportunities and youth programs. Citizens and businesses from all over the community are chipping in time and materials to help with the effort, and crime analysts with the Phoenix Police Department indicate that an effect is already starting to show in the weekly statistics.

September 12th, 2015

Break-In at Arizona Museum of Natural History

A break-in was reported to the Mesa Police Department by security staff at the Arizona Museum of Natural History this morning. Police have uncovered evidence of forced entry, but neither investigating officers nor the staff has discovered anything missing, or any signs of vandalism in the building. Investigators believe that the perpetrator made it into the building but was startled into fleeing by regular patrols by contract security provider, Lockdown Security.

Vampires Walk among Us

Recent complaints filed with the police have lead to a series of media exposes on a small but devoted subculture birthed from the Goth/Punk movement of self-described ‘Vampire Fetishists’. These individuals meet in small groups all over the Valley, and the subculture has a strong presence is cities all over the nation, including New York, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. Normally a private group, individuals are coming forward recently into the public conscious because of threats to expose them and attack them issued by hate groups grounded in religious fundamentalism.

Recent television news coverage has shown us footage of individuals going so far as to get dental implants or chemical treatments to reduce the melatonin in their skin. Adherents open wounds on each others bodies using needle-like instruments shaped to look like vampire teeth, and based on this risky behavior are checked regularly for blood-borne contagions in a fashion similar to the regulation undergone by the porn industry. Members are not allowed to participate in their monthly gatherings unless they have been given a clean bill of health in the weeks previous and are certified to be free and clear of all transmitted disease. Members of the subculture are unsure why the hate groups have chosen to target them as they are a very private people and just want to be left alone.

Threats received by the group include a recent distribution of notes comprised of letters cut from individual books and glued to standard sheets of 8.5 x 11 inch printer paper. The text of one such note is as follows: “We know who you are. We know what you are. Announce to the world the location of all others like yourself. You have two months. At that time we will render one like you unto ash on national television and shatter your masquerade if our demand is not met. We are watching.” Police are investigating the possible threat represented by the note, and there is talk of charges of domestic terrorism.

September 5th, 2015

A Children’s Center Rises from the Ashes of Crowne Towers

City planners recently authorized permits for the construction of a Children’s Center at the former location of Crowne Towers, which was gutted by a fire caused by a natural gas leak earlier this year and has stood vacant since. The construction firm in charge of the project broke ground this week, and the spokesman for the non-profit organization managing the project issued a statement: “When we are done, we will have a place where all of the forgotten children of the Valley can go to be remembered. No child left behind will be a reality, rather than a political platitude.”

August 29th, 2015

Office Supply Shortage Impacts Businesses across the Valley

Businesses across the valley have recently suffered significant and unexpected impacts to their bottom lines as an office supply shortage valley-wide has made it hard to obtain basic supplies for day to day operations. The shortage is having the greatest effect on small businesses and non-profit organizations. When interviewed regarding the impact of the shortage, an office manager from the Interfaith Council is quoted as stating “The lord’s work requires reams of paper, just like any other enterprise these days, and there is no paper to be had.”

August 22nd, 2015

Protests Bring Free Publicity to Nightclub ‘The Garden’ In Scottsdale

Recent protests have been staged by church groups around the valley at new nightclub ‘The Garden’ in northern Scottsdale. Protesters are comprised mainly from the Catholic and Mormon faiths, and indicate that they are not willing to indicate such a din of iniquity in our fair city. Rumors of illicit sexual activity and drugs being available within the club have prompted the protests, though police and health inspectors indicate that they have found no evidence of malfeasance within the club on multiple visits.

The owner of the club, Aron Murtas, was willing to respond to our request for a statement. “It’s easy to understand their reaction. Success breeds jealousy. We cater to clientele from all walks of life, but are focused on helping job creators and senior public servants relax and unwind. They work hard, and they need to party just as hard to leave behind the stresses and responsibilities that weigh them down the rest of the time. These are fine, salt of the earth folks, but they are just mad that the invisible man in the sky who is supposed to shower them with good fortune hasn’t done as good a job as they feel he should, and they direct their misplaced anger at the hard-working men and women who just come here to blow of some steam. If they devoted the same amount of effort to bettering themselves as protesting, they could be inside the club having a blast instead of outside looking in. Men don’t need God in this new millennia, they just need confidence in themselves and willingness to reach out and achieve their dreams and desires.”

Church of Scientology Plans Big Concert Event in October

The Church of Scientology incorporated this year in Cave Creek is organizing a big concert event in October arranged around Halloween. Rumors indicate that they have managed to arrange for some famous performers around the valley, but no programs have been issued publicly yet. Tickets are on sale starting at $50, with discounts for Church members, though all are welcome to attend.

July 5th, 2015

Report Issued on Urban Sinkhole

City Engineers and Utility experts have completed an examination of the area that collapsed into a sinkhole two weeks ago, destroying what, until that time, had been a large, well-kept residence, which was thankfully unoccupied at the time of the collapse. The sinkhole appears to have been caused by water erosion due to insufficiently maintained water infrastructure. Engineers indicate that the area surrounding the sinkhole has been checked and cleared, the sinkhole is not expected to grow and no additional sinkholes have been detected. These findings have touched off a storm of recrimination among local politicians, blaming each other and the previous administration for a lack of funding. While some emergency measures have been cut to review shore up infrastructure in the surrounding area, budgets remain to tight to devote significant funds to the project without depriving other vital initiatives.

June 28th, 2015

Carefree but not Crime Free

After a series of incidents resulting in charges ranging from Drunk in Public and Disturbing the Peace to Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Sexual Assault, law enforcement officials in Carefree are stepping up police presence around local watering holes and popular nightlife spots. City officials are reviewing the business and liquor licenses of several of the venues that were the site of the worst offenses, and if security measures are found to be lacking those business face having their licenses revoked and being shut down.

Private Security Firm Merger Accepted

The Board of Directors of Lockdown Security has approved the acquisition of Aegis Security, something that the Board of Aegis has been seeking ever since the recent scandals and the death of the former CEO under mysterious circumstances. The merger stands to leave Lockdown Security as the unquestioned leader in the field of providing private security services in the Valley.

June 21st, 2015

Estate Collapsed by Sinkhole

A large house in the Phoenix metropolitan area collapsed this weekend, victim of a sinkhole. Authorities have been in contact with the property management company responsible for the estate and indicate that nobody was present at the time of the collapse. An investigation into the cause of the sinkhole and the stability of the surrounding area is ongoing.

Joint Report Released in Local Anemia Clusters

The Gold Canyon city council and Wickenburg city council in cooperation with the Center for Disease Control have issued a findings report regarding a recent cluster of anemia cases. Researchers have determined that water treatment facilities in those communities were using a new treatment method that caused the water to become slightly more basic in nature. Since the water was more basic, it decreased the effectiveness of the acid in people's stomach to absorb iron. Iron needs an acidic environment to help absorption, so the increase in the pH of a person's stomach acid decreased their ability to absorb this metal. Decreased iron absorption means lower iron in the blood, which in turn led anemia. The water treatment facilities have since modified the treatment method at the direction of CDC scientists by modifying the mix so that the clean water produced is neutral rather than slightly basic.

May 9th, 2015

Mesa Police Break Up Medical Waste Theft Ring

The Mesa PD made a series of arrests this week in the matter of a medical waste theft ring in the east valley. Investigators found that local junkies were stealing blood and other medical waste from local hospitals and using it to supply some budding chemists trying to introduce a new controlled substance, similar to Jenkem, into the local narcotics market.

High Turnout Expected in Tempe Mayoral Election

As the election for the next mayor of Tempe draws into the final stretch, efforts in various quarters are expected to result in the highest voter turnout for a mayoral election since the late '40s. The candidates are campaigning hard in the home stretch, and the matter is expected to be a close one, especially in the face of the enhanced turnout.

Los Sabuesos Drug Kingpin Arrested

The Public Relations officer of the local FBI Bureau issued a statement indicating that a joint FBI/DEA task force has arrested Javier Sotelo, a Lieutenant in the Lost Sabuesos Gang, on charges of drug trafficking and racketeering in Avondale earlier this week. The arrest concludes a six month investigation into local narcotics sales and protection rackets. Mr. Sotelo is a recently immigrated Venezuelan national, and will be arraigned by the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona early in June.

May 2nd, 2015

Scottsdale Undergoing Botanical Renaissance

The city of Scottsdale is undergoing a green makeover. Various gardening associations and botanical enthusiast groups are working with the city council to renovate green spaces all over Old-Town Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. The new green spaces feature plenty of lights, long sight-lines, and sitting spaces to invite the public to enjoy them and discourage the worse elements of the community who might abuse the privilege. Tourism is up 5% quarter over quarter, with much of the increase being attributed to the beautification efforts.

Centers for Disease Control Investigate Local Anemia Clusters

Lost quietly among the alphabet soup of other Federal Agencies operating in the valley, the CDC has begun investigating a series of anemia clusters detected in local clinic and hospital records. Officials are concerned about possible environmental effects causing the increased rate of iron deficiency among local populations. Investigators are currently looking into the most recent clusters reported in the towns of Wickenburg and Gold Canyon.

Lockdown Security Overtakes Aegis Security as Preferred Local Security Contractor

Underdog private security firm Lockdown Security has made good use of the recent controversy regarding the operations of Aegis Security and the recent death of their CEO under questionable circumstances to become the premier choice among local security firms. New contracts with local businesses and governments have brought significant growth and profitability to the firm, which has earned a reputation for reliability and integrity over the last year.

Vandalism in Tempe

The Tempe Police Department is offering a $25,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest in a recent string of vandalism across the city of Tempe. Windows have been broken, tires slashed, locks forced and buildings defaced across the northern and eastern areas of the municipality. Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers.

Malpractice Fraud Uncovered in Federal Case Involving Phoenix Hospitals

A new development has arisen in a medical malfeasance case currently under review with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Sources in the court indicate that several reports and pieces of evidence have turned out to be falsified, and that the remaining evidence of the case is under review. Perjury charges are expected to be brought against several of the witnesses, and several junior members of the District Attorney's office are expected to face termination and possible disbarment.

April 26th, 2015

New Local Church of Scientology Initiates Outreach Effort

The newly incorporated Church of Scientology in Cave Creek has launched an add campaign seeking to reach out to all citizens of Phoenix in need of spiritual aid and comfort in the face of on-going gang violence and the events of 3/21. The campaign, which crosses television, radio and print has experienced a surprising level of success, and the Church is gaining new converts, and to a lesser degree supporting recruitment for the established Church of Scientology in Phoenix.

Federal Agencies Progress in 3/21 Investigations

Federal authorities arrested several individuals in Cave Creek in conjunction with the investigation into the city-wide cyber-attack on 3/21. Federal public relations agents refuse to comment on an ongoing investigation, but our sources, on condition of anonymity, indicate that several known hackers and individuals with gang affiliations have been arraigned on charges and are providing information on other involved in the events as a condition of a plea bargain.

Events of 3/21 Uncover Evidence of Humanity in Local Lawyers

A professional association of local attorneys in Phoenix have proven that not all lawyers are soulless, offering to perform pro-bono work for any citizens of the city affected negatively by the events of 3/21 and the subsequent federal investigation. Contact details for anyone desiring to take advantage of the offer are available on the associations website.

April 19th, 2015

Song of Praise Pentecostal Church Destroyed in Accidental Fire

A portion of the Federal investigation into the events of 3/21 has drawn to a tragic conclusion this week, as the Song of Praise Pentecostal Church in Surprise was destroyed in a fire in the early hours of the morning. Officials with the Fire Department indicate that the fire originated from a faulty line in the gas system serving the Church, and ignition occurred when a sufficient level of gas encountered the open flame of the decorative wall sconces in the sanctuary. There were three fatalities, all individuals wanted for questioning by Federal Authorities. The remains of two local residents, Ilka Amilee and Gareth Hodges, and a Spanish national, Mateo Bautista, have been positively identified.

April 12th, 2015

Local Pentecostal Congregants Detained in 3/21 Investigations

After several members of the Song of Praise Pentecostal Revival Church in Surprise were picked up and interrogated in connection with events in Phoenix on 3/21, police have arrested Rosannah Parham, Chairman of the Board and Treasurer of the Church. Both local law enforcement and federal agency spokespersons have refused to answer questions regarding their interest in Ms. Parham. The head of the Church itself, Ilka Amilee, has not been available for comment on the allegations shadowing the Church.

Crescent Enterprises, Inc. CEO Back in the Headlines

Dominic Ainsworth, CEO of local Private Equity firm Crescent Enterprises, Inc. has been detained for the second time in under a year by authorities, this time on suspicion of providing material support to criminal and terrorist organizations. Requests for a statement from the federal authorities leading the investigation and the Crescent Enterprises Public Relations department have gone unanswered.

Security Firm CEO Under Investigation, Found Murdered

Scott Gresham, CEO of Aegis Security, Inc., was found dead last week as federal authorities sought to serve a warrant for his arrest on charges of bribery, rigging contracts, and engaging in other organized criminal activity. Mr. Gresham was found undressed, collapsed in the doorway of his bedroom, with the words ‘No Means No!’ scrawled on his abdomen in lipstick. The cause of death has been ruled blunt force trauma to the head. Authorities are offering a reward of $50,000 to anyone coming forward with information about the crime, the deceased, or anyone who may have been in his company on the night of his death.

April 5th, 2015

Take Back the Night Rally Staged At ASU

Students at ASU campuses all around the valley staged a ‘Take Back the Night’ rally last week in response to the recent increase in criminal activity and unrest in the valley. “We are members of this community too!” stated one of the student protesters who requested that her name be withheld, “Everyone has the right to be safe walking down the street, day or night, regardless of age, race, or creed. We are going to do our part as citizens of this great city to make the streets safe again.” Follow-up events are planned throughout the month of April and into May.

Off Duty Sherriff’s Deputies Charged in Multiple Assault Cases

A recent spate of violence against gangbangers and innocent Latinos alike in the streets of Tempe has been tied to a group of off-duty deputies of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Those deputies have been placed on administrative leave without pay an taken into custody. When interrogated by Internal Affairs, the MCSO deputies indicated in a series of racial-epithet laden tirades that they felt that Latinos were destroying the city, and the current political correctness climate was stopping anyone from doing anything about it, so they decided to take matters into their own hands and try to clean up the streets.

March 29th, 2015

Phoenix Emergency Services Fundraiser

After the events last month, several charity organizations have banded together to raise money for the Phoenix Police and Fire Departments. The money is already being distributed and is being split between the Widows and Orphans fund, supplemental healthcare funds for officers and firefighters injured in the line of duty, and funds for supplemental equipment and training.

Church of Scientology Opens New Place of Worship

The city of Cave Creek welcomes the opening of a new house of worship for the Church of Scientology. The building project is estimated to provide over a hundred construction jobs, and the administrative offices of the new building will allow employment for dozens of office staff and clergy. Church donations to local charities and contributions to local official's re-election campaigns are expected to inject further hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly into the city economy.

ASU Students and Professors Protest Against 'Police State'

A small cadre of Professors from the College of Arts and Sciences at ASU led hundreds of students on a protest march and civil disobedience demonstration in Phoenix after curfew last week. Starting at 9:00 PM the students marched from the southern border of the city toward City Hall. The protest did not make it to the desired goal, as police under the direction of federal authorities set up a blockade along the route and used non-lethal weapons including tasers, pepper spray, and fire hoses to break up and disperse the unauthorized protest. Over thirty arrests were made, but due to the upcoming local election season, it is not expected that any significant charges will be filed against the demonstrators. The professors have all be placed under review by ASU's faculty ethics and conduct review board.

Coalition of Local Attorneys File Lawsuit Against City of Phoenix

A coalition of local attorneys have banded together to file a class action lawsuit against the Mayor of Phoenix and the city council in regards to the curfew. A series of writs of Habeas Corpus have also been issued to force local police and federal authorities to justify the detention of any and all American citizens taken into custody over the last few weeks during the investigation into the events of 3/21. The case is expected to be herd sometime in May.

Animal Attacks in Surprise

Local Animal Control officers and agents of the Fish and Wildlife Service are investigating a string of animal attacks in Surprise. Officials are concerned that this may indicate an outbreak of rabies, or transmission of the bubonic plague virus common among smaller mammals in the desert to larger animals. Victims of any attacks in Surprise are advised to seek medical attention as soon as possible, to be tested for rabies and other common pathogens carried by local wildlife.

Corbies Causing Chaos with City Security Systems

Local biologists are investigating a newly evidenced behavioral anomaly among the birds in the northern areas of the city of Phoenix. With this spring’s mating season various birds nesting in the city have taken to attacking and dismantling security camera installations around the city. Fragments of the lenses and pieces of cable have been found in nests all over the northern part of the valley. City officials are investigating the effects of low shine lens covers and various camouflage paint jobs on the cameras in reducing the damage.

Fountain Hills Named #1

Fountain Hills has been named the Valley’s top place to reside for 2015. With a vacancy rate of less than 5% for commercial and 1% for residential, the city is filling up fast. The Chamber of Commerce is holding a celebratory event where the award will be presented. Tickets are on sale at the city’s website.

Vigilante Wanted For Questioning

The Neighborhood Watch in Phoenix seems to have earned itself a guardian angel, as an unknown man intervened in an attack by some gang members on a neighborhood watch patrol. The victims were reported in stable condition, and several of the perpetrators were arrested after being found unconscious at the scene. Police are asking for any information leading to the identification of the man, described as in his late 20’s, suntanned, with long, dark brown hair, wearing a duster coat and sunglasses. The police chief issued a statement indicated that while supporting law enforcement and contributing to the neighborhood watch is a civic virtue, taking the law into your own hands is still a crime.

ASU Organizes Ride Along for Graduate Students

Every cloud has a silver lining, and for ASU students pursuing a Masters or Doctorate in Criminology the events of 3/21 have provided a major benefit. Faculty have arranged for the students to ride along with police and federal agents to observe the investigation into the events of last month, and obtained permission for them to conduct their own academic interviews with any subjects that have been detained during the course of the investigation.

March 22nd, 2015

A Perfect Storm: Telecommunication Service Outage Strikes Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Major wireless service providers in the Valley were subject of a widespread and intensive intrusion by hackers intended to crash cell phone service all over the valley. The intrusion came late at night when staffing in regional network operation centers was at its lowest, and was successful in broadly but temporarily disabling all cellular service in the city for a period of about three and half-hours. As traffic switched to land-line networks, AT&T was in the process of upgrading equipment in telephone exchanges across the city, and when the increased call volume started coming through, the Project Manager panicked and tried aborting the upgrade. This left the equipment in a non-functional state, and the loss of the largest land-line provider in the city combined with the increased traffic coming from the cellular outage and outdated equipment being employed in various telephone exchange resulted in a cascading outage that took hour to correct. In an effort to stop the hackers attacking the cellular companies, local authorities contacted the local representatives of the major Tier 1 network providers and requested that they identify and block the channels that the hackers were using to attack the wireless service providers. Whether due to miscommunication or incompetence, and with the aid of added confusion from some of the vertically integrated providers who were already attempting this tactic, access to trunk lines between major nodes within the city as well as to the wider internet beyond the city were either blocked or overwhelmed due to the increased traffic due to the blocked routes and people turning to social media in the absences of phone service. Televisions and Radio stations were knocked off the air when the Emergency Alert System was activated to inform residents of the communication blackout and the personnel in charge failed to properly disengage the system, leaving radio listeners listening to dead air and viewers watching the standard EAS colored bars for several hours before the issue was corrected. Personnel from various stations were dispatched to physically drive to City Hall to inform them of the issue as the communication blackout prevented them from contacting them via other methods. Through massive effort on behalf of both city personnel and the workers at the various telecommunication providers, all services were restored shortly before midnight.

Is This Phoenix or Detroit?

Using the cover of the communications outage, members of a local gang, Los Sabuesos, struck at suspected mafia front operations in Northern Phoenix. Some violence spilled over into Peoria as well, but the Peoria Neighborhood Watch were able to summon police quickly and contain the incidents, which resulted in only minor property damage. The Phoenix Police Department officers on duty in the area at the time were not sufficient to stop the violence, suffering casualties of their own. Unable to summon off-duty officers or SWAT members due to the communication blackout, the mayor, who was witnessing a demonstration by local private security firm Aegis Security along with the assistant Chief of Police, tapped them to assist the police in their containment efforts against the gang. With the reinforcements, the police were able to push the gang members out of the city, making over a dozen arrests. APBs are out on the suspects who escaped. The mayor with the agreement of the PPD Chief have agreed to a limited trial period for Aegis Security to enhance police operations by contracting out their staff to enhance the number of officers available on the street. Discussions are ongoing regarding a long-term contract, to be decided after the 60-day trial period.

Healthcare on Hiatus

Several hospitals in Northern Phoenix are in negotiations for a new management company after a series of egregious malpractice incidents occurred while treating trauma victims from Saturday night’s events. Saint Michael Ward, Inc., a Health Administration and Hospital Management company located in the West Valley is already in the front running for the contract, as they had already been bidding on the upcoming renewal. The expected malpractice judgments are likely to drive the existing Hospital Management company into bankruptcy according to local financial experts, making the contract decision and switchover likely to occur sooner rather than later.

Crown Towers Fire

The Phoenix City Fire Department has released a report on the investigation into the fire this weekend at Crown Towers. The fire was caused by an incoming gas line that had suffered structural failure due to corrosion, releasing natural gas into the building, which was then drawn up through a sub-basement air return into and throughout the building’s HVAC system. Fortunately the scent of gas was detected by personnel working in the building and the fire alarm was pulled shortly before the explosion and resulting fire, and thus there were no casualties. The fire has been ruled accidental, though the Fire Department does plan to levy a fine against the property management company for failure to properly maintain the interior gas lines. The estimated insurance payout should more than cover the expense.

Explosion on Local Movie Set Results In Arrest of Film Crew

A film crew working on filming some footage for the latest production by local Producer Frankie DeWal was detained by agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives last night. During filming of a particular action scene an Improvised Explosive Device rigged by a pyro-technican malfunctioned, blowing a hole through the roof of the building in the second story conference room. Fortunately, nobody was injured. The repairs to the building are expected to be completed in less than two weeks, and the top floor will reopen once it has been cleared by city inspectors. This event is expected to delay the release of the production for several months.

Fringe Elements in the Eastern Metro Organize Community Watch

An ambitious young community organizer operating in Apache Junction, Mesa, and Gilbert have banded together groups of various fringe elements to act as an auxiliary Neighborhood Watch. “I respect the challenges the Police experience day in and day out, but the truth is they don’t have, have never had, and will never have the resources to be everywhere all of the time. It is up to the members of the community to help insure their own security, and I’m reaching out to those on the fringe who tend to be up and about in the late hours of the night to give them the opportunity to be a valuable, contributing part of their community.” Donations provided by the community have allowed the organization to obtain radios that allow them to call in police with, whistles to raise the alarm, and a variety of non-lethal self-defense tools.

November 2nd, 2014

Fright at the Museum

The Phoenix Fire Chief reports that a fire that broke out Saturday night in the Phoenix Art Museum was successfully contained. Four staff members were rushed to the hospital in serious to critical conditions, while two more were declared dead at the scene. The large number of staff on scene at the time is due to increased security based on several recent thefts of Native American artifacts from local museums. OSHA is working with the Fire Department to investigate the cause of the fire, as the green hue of the flames suggests that chemicals used in various preservation and restoration processes at the museum may have been improperly stored. The Art & Clothing of the Eastern Roman Empire exhibition wing will be closed until further notice, though the museum itself will stay open.

Medical Malpractice or Spontaneous Combustion?

OSHA is investigating after a man perished in an conflagration of unknown origins while being transported via ambulance to a hospital in Peoria. The man, referred to as John Doe as he current remains unidentified, was being transported after several citizens called 911 to report Mr. Doe being attacked by gang members. When police arrived Mr. Doe was unresponsive and was loaded into the ambulance by licensed paramedics to be transported to a hospital in Peoria for attempted resuscitation. The Paramedics report that while en-route, shortly after sunrise, the rear compartment became engulfed in flames. By the time the fire was extinguished Mr. Doe was reduced to ashes along with the nonmetal parts of the gurney. OSHA is reviewing the maintenance logs for the oxygen systems and other volatile gases and chemicals transported in the ambulance to determine the source of the fire.

October 26th, 2014

Police Service Contract Renewals Spur Competition

Several smaller municipalities around the metro area such as Guadalupe and Sun City have traditionally contracted out their police services to the Police Departments of their larger neighbors or to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department. As those contracts come up for renewal this year there is unexpected and significant competition from the private sector. Aegis Security, Inc. based out of Tempe and Lockdown Security, Inc. based out of Phoenix have both expressed keen interest in bidding on the contracts. Lockdown is a smaller firm, but has a cleaner reputation than Aegis, which is currently facing stiff opposition from members of the governing bodies of those municipalities due to charges of 'creative bookkeeping' and labor union disputes both in and out of the courtroom. Friction with the perennially popular policeman's union in particular is a significant contributing factor to the uphill battle the company faces in attempting to win the contract.

More Executive Scandal for Lost Coin Ventures, LLC.

Lost Coin Ventures, LLC., a local Mergers & Acquisitions specialist corporation, is experiencing further setbacks in the opening of Q4 to match the loss of their Chief Operations Officer in Q3. This time the board has terminated the employment of their Chief Information Officer after severe issues with their information systems and data storage resulted in the process of acquiring the second largest healthcare provider in the Valley being delayed at least another month. Rumors also abound that the state Attorney General's office has opened an embezzlement and racketeering investigation into the limited liability corporation, but all requests for an interview or statement from personnel at Lost Coin Ventures have been declined.

October 19th, 2014

Peoria Willow District City Council Seat Election Results

Judy Bennington has been elected the newest City Councilwoman on the Peoria City Council, winning the race for the Willow District Council Seat by a landslide from her opponent, Harland Young. Judy agreed to an interview over milk and cookie-bread in her picturesque kitchen. She indicates that she intends to do everything to return her small slice of America back to a Golden Era, similar to that which greeted the sons and daughters of the Greatest Generation. She indicates that she doesn't intend to let the victory go to her head, and intends to meet her duties and still balance her efforts as head of household and co-chairman of the enormously popular and rapidly expanding Peoria Neighborhood Watch Program.

October 12th, 2014

Nightshade Slayer Strikes Downtown!

The Nightshade Slayer struck downtown late this week, breaking into a unit in a condominium complex near 4th St. and Lincoln. Authorities report that the killer broke in on a small dinner party being held in one of the units and killed both residents and five dinner guests. Police responded quickly after two of the guests went over the balcony in a scuffle with the invader, alerting passers-by in the street to the scuffle and resulting in multiple 911 calls. Officers responded to find only a single survivor, whose identity has not been released to the press at this time. The perpetrator had managed to flee before the officers arrived, Crime Scene Investigators have been called in from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office to assist in the ongoing investigation.

October 5th, 2014

Beast of Buckeye

Rumors are flying among the citizens of the city of Buckeye regarding the recent rash of animal attacks in the relatively rural suburb of Phoenix, including two fatalities. While wild tales regarding government experiments, bigfoot, aliens, and chupacabra chase each other around the kitchen tables of the residents, local Fish and Wildlife Service personnel are, fortunately, a bit more grounded. Based on bite radius measurements and claw marks found on the victims, they believe that they are looking for an adult Brown Bear. Staff Wildlife Biologist Mark Kerns indicates that the bear either was kept as a pet and escaped captivity, or possibly worked its way south from the Flagstaff area. Unfavorable environmental conditions and lack of easy access to its accustomed food supply will have made the bear aggressive and willing to approach and even attack humans as it seeks food. Residents are encouraged to report any sightings of the animal to their local Fish & Wildlife office, which has been authorized to provide a reward of $500 for any information leading to the capture of the animal. This marks the third and fourth fatal bear attacks in the United States this year, and the first in Arizona since Lana Hollingsworth was attacked in Pinetop, Arizona in July 2011, and passed away a month later due to complications from her wounds.

Advertising Mishap Results In Tempe Riot

A promotional event being held by a variety of popular product brands aimed at Arizona State University students resulted in a riot in a local shopping plaza late Friday evening. The local advertising company hired to arrange the event did not have sufficient products samples or arranged space to accommodate the number of students that showed up, and tempers flared among the disgruntled crowd when the police showed up and attempted to clear the building due to occupancy and fire code violations. The confrontation with police sparked a riot that lasted three hours and covered several blocks, resulting in damage to cars and storefronts throughout the area. Riot gear equipped police were eventually able to contain and then disperse the riot through the use of barricades, teargas, and rubber bullets. No deaths were reported, but six people were hospitalized, and fifty-seven were arrested and charged with offenses ranging from disturbing the peace to assault on a peace officer. The Tempe city council is considering introducing new laws regulating such assemblies, and supporters of the Mark Mitchell recall effort are pointing to this as one more failure by the current city government.

Daring Jailbreak

Concern over the police force's seeming inability to stem the tide of drug violence affecting the city ratcheted up another notch this weekend as recent efforts to combat the thugs in our midst were set back significantly. Twenty three prisoners who were arrested recently in connection with local gang or mafia activity were set free when a dozen heavily armed masked men invaded the South Mountain Police Precinct. The attack happened in the wee hours of the morning and was carried out with a great deal of precision, the entire operation requiring only seven minutes. Five officers were shot during the attack, two fatally. Local Police officials are reviewing the security footage along with agents from the FBI, and the Police Department's Bureau of Internal Affairs is also heavily involved in matters, concerned that the precision of the attack indicates inside involvement.

September 7th, 2014

Gang Violence Encroaches Into Scottsdale In Downtown Drive-By

Scottsdale has been rocked by an extension of the gang violence that started a month ago in southern Phoenix after a public drive-by early Friday evening. The victim has been identified from identification found in a purse at the scene as a Ms. Raina Thomas, owner of a local art gallery, A Twist of Unique. Witnesses report that the victim was walking down the sidewalk when a tan Buick Lacrosse pulled up alongside her and three suspects opened fire from the passenger side windows and sunroof. Once the shooting stopped two of the suspects emerged from the rear of the car and dragged the victim into the back seat before the car sped off. Police located the car several hours later abandoned on the side of the North 101 in Deer Valley. Police are requesting that anyone with information regarding the suspects, vehicle, or victim step forward.

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