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Picks-the-Trash is a sad state to behold. Disheveled, smelly, with nasty dreadlocks, torn and ill fitting clothing, the Bone Gnawer seems to be bad even by the Tribe's standards. she's failed her last 5 challenges for Fostern, often in ways that leave her elders scratching their heads in wonderment at the magnitude that she can fuck up a task.

The young Bone Gnawer was found by a Child of Gaia, who took her under his wing after a bloody first change. Together they rode the rails, with her new mentor teaching her the basics of Gaia, the struggle against the Wyrm and Weaver, and the nature of Garou. Her Rite of Passage was fostered by Declan Brennan, an aging Fianna who saw potential in her. It wasn't until settling in Ft. Myers that Picks really interacted with members of her own tribe. Despite her familiarity with disaster, Picks keeps an optimistic view towards the world around her.

Recently that optimism was shattered due to the death of her mentor, He Who Abides. She witnessed his death, and powerless to stop it, has fallen out of her optimistic self. Her packmates and others close to her fear the possibility of Harano.

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Known Traits

  • Picks is oddly passionate about the Litany, and becomes unusually upset when she hears other tribes comment of the "lack of respect" that Gnawers have for the Litany.
  • It takes a lot for Picks to be angry with someone. When that point comes, she'll never forgive them.
  • Picks is damn unlucky, and whoever encouraged her to learn how to make bombs from trash must have had a sick sense of humor.
  • Picks-the-Trash tries to make friends with everyone she encounters.

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  • Picks-the-Trash is unlucky, but her pack often asks her to build bombs for them.
  • Picks genuinely believes in every part of the Litany, and doesn't realize that many Gnawers have differing interpretations.
  • Picks isn't really unlucky, she just likes to sabotage things around her.
  • Picks is deathly afraid of water and drowning.
  • Picks is just biding her time, appearing like she isn't a threat until it's time for her to show her strength.
  • The bad luck of Picks-the-Trash has affected others.
  • Picks-the-Trash blames herself for her mentor's death.
  • Picks-the-Trash is no more, just Skankin to the Law.
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  • "I've known this kid forever. Met her hopping trains back when she was bring run through her Rite of Passage. She's a quiet kinda of strange really. The most damn jankiest luck I've ever seen before. Not sure how the fuck she manages to boil water without catching it on fire. Don't get me wrong. She's got a good heart and underneath it all I think that if she ever manages to overcome whatever demons are chasing her, she'll be a fine fucking member of the nation. Until then though, you better pray your renter's insurance is up to date when she comes to visit. - Declan Brennan, Drinks-All-Night
  • "So here's the deal, I'm of your rank, I'm of your tribe. I'm fortunate enough to be a Galliard, so I suggest you start watching how you address those more deedworthy than you before I start singing the tales of how Boxcar Judge wrote a check his dumb ass couldn't cash. Internet  bravery is fucking stupid, and back the fuck down if you're smart. " - Picks, going off on a fellow Bone Gnawer Cliath regarding his messages to the Garou Nation
  • "Gaia creates all of us according to the needs of the Nation. It would be easy to underestimate this one, but by her example we are shown a different wisdom. When her time comes, I expect that the lesson will come full circle." - Speaks The Legion
  • "I wasn't in the park for more than five minutes, before this dread locked, loud mouthed, ruddy skinned woman comes barreling out of her door. Screaming like a Gods damn shriek. She's got her finger in my face, telling me I am a worthless excuse for a Viking, and saying a few other choice phrases about my parentage. I was afraid she was going to bite my head off or worse. What does my dumb ass do, I start yelling back, calling her an irritable woman, and telling her she's got her Gods damn story wrong and her head and ass confused with themselves. Boys, I'm going to give away the game here. A damn fine cup of coffee will calm this lady wolf right down. I know this for a fact, because if that didn't work. I wouldn't be telling you this right now. " - Nial "Strikes the Strings" Eriksen
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  • "Coming Soon" - Blah
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Apocalypse PC

Player: Kimberly Cooper
Character: Meagan Greene, Picks-The-Trash
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Bone Gnawer
Renown: 2 Glory, 1 Wisdom
Domain: FL-046-D
VST: Fort Myers VST

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Sept: Iron Lion
Pack: Crows Teeth
Camp: None

Allies and Associates
Declan Brennan
Jessica Brennan
Billy aka Hits Things
Speaks The Legion