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1643 - • Ferdinand Renoir was born in Paris, the son of Jean Renoir and Marie Rousseau, the daughter of a prosperous bourgeois family. He lost his mother at the age of 10 and after his mother's death, he lived with his father above the Pavillon des Singes on the rue Saint-Honoré, an affluent area of Paris. His education commenced with studies in a Parisian elementary school; this was followed with his enrollment in the prestigious Jesuit Collège de Clermont, where he completed his studies in a strict academic environment. In 1646, Jean Renoir had purchased from the court of Louis XIV the posts of "valet de chambre ordinaire et tapissier du Roi" ("valet of the King's chamber and keeper of carpets and upholstery"). Ferdinand assumed the same posts in 1662. The title required only three months' work and an initial cost of 1,200 livres; the title paid 300 livres a year and provided a number of lucrative contracts. Jean Renoir also studied as a provincial lawyer around 1648, in Orléans. So far he had followed his father's plans, which had served him well; he had mingled with nobility at the Collège de Clermont and seemed destined for a career in office.

1664 - • In June 1664, when Ferdinand was 21, he decided to abandon his social class and pursue a career on the stage. Taking leave of his father, he joined the actress Genevieve Bousquet, with whom he had crossed paths before, and founded the Celebre Théâtre with 630 livres. They were later joined by Genevieve's brother and sister. The new theatre troupe went bankrupt in 1666. Renoir had become head of the troupe, due in part, perhaps, to his acting prowess and his legal training. However, the troupe had acquired large debts, mostly for the rent of the theatre (a court for jeu de paume), for which they owed 2000 livres. His father paid his debts and after a 24-hour stint in prison he returned to the acting circuit.

• After his imprisonment, he and Genevieve began a theatrical circuit of the provinces with a new theatre troupe; this life was to last about 12 years, during which he initially played in the company of Charles Dufresne, and subsequently created a company of his own, which had sufficient success and obtained the patronage of Philippe I, Duke of Orléans.

1678 - • Embraced by Trimeggian. The embrace shatters his mind, and he attacks his sire and broodmate, and runs off. Chandra de Soissones gives chase.

1678-1685 - • Wanders the wilderness of France, making his way eastward. He subsists on animals and unfortunate villagers he happens upon. Prompting the stories of a man eating wolf. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolf_of_Ansbach

• He continues into Germany, and into the Bavarian city of Ansbach in 1685. He holds up in an abandoned Chateau until Chandra finds him and together they return to Paris.

1703 - • Trying to steady his mind, he discovers and clings to the theories of Christian Wolff (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Wolff_(philosopher)) - his theories broke the mind into two parts, the rational and the empirical.

1711 - • Accompanies Nicholas von Hagen and his childer, Constance Fournier to Boston, Massachusetts.

1723 - • Halle, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany - Attended a lecture by Christian Wolff

1775 - • Revolution! An alliance is formed in Boston of Clans Gangrel, Brujah and Malkavian ,financially and influentially supported by Clans Venture and Toreador against the Tremere Prince. As the rebellion grows, a group of Sabbat enter the territory and manage to convert the Gangrel Primogen.

Coventry disappears when the Salem Chantry is razed by the Sabbat. Equinox in a display of loyalty to his Venture allies, turns on the alliance and with von Hagen manipulates the Praxis contention to allow a path for Constance Fournier to claim Praxis, instead of a member of the alliance. Le Fou turns on the Malkavians, earning the eternal enmity of Primogen Bittemore (NPC - Dark Colony). He becomes Prince Fournier’s Scourge.

1780 - • Believed in Francis Mesmer's theories (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franz_Mesmer) and James Braid (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Braid_(surgeon)), who subdivided the mind into awake, sleeping, conscious and subconsious.

1784 - • A year after the attempted coup by Lochlann, the Prince is attacked by an Assamite while in her haven. The Assamite was surprisingly able to make its way past her security with ease. She is wounded in the assault, and only by the timely arrival of her Scourge, Pierrot le Fou is she able to vacate to safety. The Scourge destroys the Assamite in combat as the Sheriff arrives.

Investigations by the Sheriff, Scourge and Tremere provide no evidence as to who placed the Blood Contract on the Prince.

1802 - • Paris, France - Visits Franz Mesmer

1841 - • Manchester, England - Attends five lectures by James Braid.

1882 - • Discovered the theories of Sigmund Freud (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sigmund_Freud). Freud proposed that the human psyche could be divided into three parts: Id, ego and super-ego. The id is the completely unconscious, impulsive, child like portion of the psyche that operates on the "pleasure principle" and is the source of basic impulses and drives; it seeks immediate pleasure and gratification. The super-ego is the moral component of the psyche, which takes into account no special circumstances in which the morally right thing may not be right for a given situation. The rational ego attempts to exact a balance between the impractical hedonism of the id and the equally impractical moralism of the super-ego; it is the part of the psyche that is usually reflected most directly in a person's actions. When overburdened or threatened by its tasks, it may employ defense mechanisms including denial repression, undoing, rationalization, repression, and displacement. Pierrot subdivides his psyche accordingly, with the Id representing the beast, super-ego representing humanity, and ego being the thin balance between them.

1889 - • Hears about the Whitechapel Murders, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitechapel_murders), and of the purported serial killer the media had dubbed, Jack the Ripper. He journeys to London to investigate and analyze the Ripper’s motives.

1908 - • Salzburg, Austria - Attends a meeting of the first International Psychoanalytic Congress, and meets Sigmund Freud.

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Dieci Constance Fournier Orelia Taipetra PC Name
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Description of my lineage, and what we're all about. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur.

Pier dot.pngSire: Trimeggian
Pier dot.pngBroodmates: Lucien, Chandra de Soissones, Alexander Wallace, Carl Jones,
Pier dot.pngChilder: August James Tyler
Pier dot.pngOther Descendants: Walter Thorne

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Pier dot.png"Pierrot is the youngest of my four brothers, and by far the most exciting, I believe his special gifts will be required more and more in the coming nights."Chandra de Soissones
Pier dot.png"..."Dieci
Pier dot.png"Pierrot is an illustrious being. To say much more than that takes away from the point."Constance Fournier
Pier dot.png"May all that oppose him weep with enlightenment in their final moments."Walter Thorne
Pier dot.png"Dude, that guy gives me the creeps. Half the time I just assume it's that whole Malkavian thing. The other half the time, I have nightmares thinking about what he hides."
Pier dot.png"Quote goes here."PC Name
Pier dot.pngPierrot is responsible for the return of Dementation to the Malkavians of the Camarilla. How he accomplished this is still a mystery.

Pierrot le Fou

Player: Guillermo Velasco
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Malkavian
Sect Status: 6
Domain: Miami, Florida

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