Piper Addison-Crassus

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Player: Tristan Turner
Character: Piper Addison
Clan: Ghoul
Bloodline: Crassus
Covenant: Invictus
Position: None
Status: None
Domain: Myst
VST: VST name


At first blush...

Name: Piper Addison-Crassus

Clan: Ghoul

Bloodline: The Crassus Family

Covenant: N/A

Status: A Citizen of the Citadel - San Francisco

Notable Traits: Striking Looks 2, Sexualized


Daytime Confidential

In the public eye Piper Addison-Crassus is a decently recognized name on the local level. She is known as a mid-level lobbyist in San Francisco who has also had some ties to a few projects in Sonoma County. This has given her the ability to pop up in numerous different circles. Her name and reputation is known within City Hall, she has some longtime friends in the different Union Boards that serve the Police force, Several hospital directors claim that without her, their hospitals would never have gotten off the ground, and she has had quite a few interviews with the head anchor of News Channel 3 – the Local broadcast (Which lead to a somewhat public on again – off again relationship). Simply put Piper embodies and is intertwined in the heart of the mortal side of her city – San Francisco.


But all those things are simply a means to an end , when the sun goes down. Piper is first and foremost, a Ghoul. Piper is many things to many kindred. The best way to describe her is ‘cosmopolitan’. She has found herself in numerous diverse and copious roles; from Personal Assistant, Chauffer, Messenger, Secretary, Spy, Researcher and a few other roles she doesn’t really like to talk about too much. But the bottom line is that she has been considered invaluable to many different kindred over the course of the years.


Everything has a cost, Everyone has a price


Yeah, she's cool bro...

==Kindred References==
Lachlan McMillan Sherriff of San Francisco
H.J. Cartwright Princes Harpy to Khan Nadya of Sonoma, CA
MASS Hierophant and Priscus of Sonoma, CA
Dorian Worth
Nathaniel Gray
Donna Sen


"I can't recommend her enough. It's not every night I can show up in a brand new city and have things prepared for me by someone I've never even met, someone outside the Movement, no less. Yeah, she got me my first haven. Excuse me? Trust? What's trust got to do with it? She got her reputation by doing things right, and I'm passing that reputation along because she did things right by me. How exactly do you plan on building a rep people can rely on?" --Donna Sen

Player Information

Tristan Turner

Cam Number: US2006027372
Home Domain: Sonoma, CA
Email: Email

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