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Nameplate by Gillian. Other artworks available for commission. email Gillian

Apocalypse PC

Player: Gillian T.
Character: Steals The Moon
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Uktena
Position: Eldest Ragabash
Rank: Elder

Cozamalotl "Plays-with-Fire" Jones. Commissions available. email Gillian

Character Information

Name: Cozamalotl Jones (Human name)

  • Questions (Elder name)
  • Steals the Moon (Athro name)
  • Plays-with-Fire (Adren and Fostern name)
  • Blue Jaguar Sun (Cliath name)
  • Shore Leave (cub name)

Auspice: Ragabash

Tribe: Uktena

Breed: Metis

Position: Eldest Ragabash of the Golden Door, Pack Alpha of pack Emerald Legion

Pack Emerald Legion blessed by Hummingbird

Concept: Purveyor of Arcane Objects, Prophecies, and Information (sneak thief, information junkie, prophet, infiltrator, and crafter)

Brief History: She washed up on the shores of a Mexican Caern with no memories at the age of 14 in 2003. Nicknamed Shore Leave because of it and the double entendre of being metis, picked up the name Blue-Jaguar-Sun because of her RoP, and gained the name Plays-with-Fire after her Fostern Challenge. I have 10 years of history available, so there should be lotsa room for people who want ties. She’s been to Mexico, Australia, and all over the US and Puerto Rico as a member of a travelling infiltration pack following Cuckoo.


  • Honor 9
  • Glory 12
  • Wisdom 11

Sept: Sept of the Golden Door


  • Apparent Age: mid to late 20's
  • Place of Birth: Unknown
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Nationality: Mayan/Welsh
  • Notable Traits:
    • Frequently wears a feather mohawk
    • Named her guns
    • Does not appear to have a visible metis deformity.
    • Always wears a long skull rosary
  • Homid Physical Description:
    • Attire:
  • Crinos Physical Description: Nine foot tall and built wiry, Cozzie's crinos form is thinner than many crinos forms but constructed of whipcord strong muscle. Her coloration is somewhat patchworked, showing frosted fur of black, brown, and red. Her eyes odd colored, one ice blue and one hazel yellow. Plays-with-Fire does not, surprisingly enough, appear to have any scars.
  • Lupus Physical Description: She's an average sized wolf, about 120 lbs and on the rangy side. Her coloration is somewhat patchworked, showing the frosted fur of black, brown, and red of the Mexican red wolf. Her eyes are odd colored, one ice blue and one hazel yellow.


  • Cozzie found and raised a Spirit Egg of the Corax
  • Cozzie killed a Dire Rooster in Pangaea and wears it's crest
  • Plays with Fire owes a Bastet a huge favor.
  • A Bastet owes Plays With Fire a huge favor.
  • Cozzie's metis deformity is actually a unicorn horn that she hides under the feather crest.
  • Cozzie works undercover as a prostitute
  • Cozamalotl means Rainbow, but her full name is Cozamalotlcoatl, which means Rainbow Serpent
  • Actually she lies about her name. It's Cosmopolitan. She was a drunken accident.
  • Having no Metis deformity means Cozamalotl is batshit crazy
  • Plays-with-Fire is a Shifting Moon, who used to be a Theurge
  • Is a perch for the all-mighty WarChicken.
  • That's not a headdress. She just has so much fabulousness that it sprouts right out of her skull.
    • Or she could just be a Were-Cockatiel.
      • Doesn't matter it's the source of all her power.
  • Not allowed to possess talisman dedicated and spirit awakened zippos..ever..again
  • We've all heard of Garou tainted by the Wyrm. Well, Cozzie's feather crest isn't a headdress, it's proof that she's tainted by the Wyld.
  • Her metis deformity is that she was born without a soul. The headdress hides that she is a ginger.


  • "Your Quote here" - name
  • "Cozi is a force of nature. You can't change her, you just let her do whatever she was going to do anyway. My only advice is learning how to direct her in a productive path." - Vincent Vogel
  • " When a Ragabash names you... you better listen. Plays with Fire created my path out of her words, she created an expectation which I mean to live up to. - Lil KaBoom
  • "Her first words to me were, Take heart, Son of Stag! The great moon waxes and breathes fire into your lungs! Stare through pools of silver and see the horn of glory lifted by your own hands. I have no fucking clue what that means, mind you, but it did make one hell of a fucking first impression." - Patrick Kennedy
  • "If you know me, you know damn well what it means when I say I trust Cozamalotl to get the job done." - Laughs Last
  • "Well... she seems really cool and knows a lot of weird stu... OH HEY... I don't think I'm supposed to talk about it! Yeah, she has bitchin' hair!" - Caoimhe O'Brien
  • "Older Brother comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Plays-with-Fire has that familiar poke-it-with-a-stick mentality of her tribemates... but I have to admit she absolutely has her own flare. She's got a good head on her shoulders, I look forward to working alongside her in the future." - Jake "Takes-the-High-Ground" Whitewater
  • "Sometimes things can get really complicated. Its not always easy to do the right thing, or to separate the difference between what you want to do, and what you ought to do. Plays has always been a sort of compass for me, helping me find true north in sea of opinions." - Shiloh Black-Fox
  • "She seems very wise, and the sort of a person you are glad to know when things are getting complicated and there are puzzles that need solving. I hope our paths cross again." - Rozalija Halytsky
  • "A long time ago, she saved my life without thought or hesitation. I was helpless and near Harano and she taught me my first lesson. As a garou I am not alone. There will always be one who would save me. And a hundred to avenge me. I will not forget this." Steel Vice Bite
  • "I know a kindred spirit when I see one." - Simon Kressin
  • "Her headdress is distinctive. There is something powerful about someone willing to draw attention." - Pari Forakis
  • "I was told her Dam and Sire are a Bird of Paradise and some Wolf Coyote Kinfolk halfbreed. It seems possible." - Archer's Paradox
  • "Terrifying, wonderful, great for our Tribe, and truly unpredictable. We're better and stronger for having her with us, and she never ceases to surprise. Admittedly the burns are excellent teachers as well." - Nantan Shadow-Seeker
  • "I may perhaps know of a Roma Encampment." Archer's Paradox
  • "She lead me in the Garden, and though we chose Her ire, I would have followed her wisdom. Truly one of the few I can trust to follow in these days." War-Born
  • "Keen of eye and keen of wit. Laughter and steel mingle in her soul. Lynx has hunted with the keen-eyed daughter of the Eldest in the frost, and in the fire, and in the light of the moon, and in the utmost darkness. He will hunt with her again should the need arise." - James Redleaf
  • "She has a sharp wit and a dangerous mind. The only thing sharper than her wit is her eyes and pranks. She is the only person in the world that I look over my back for." - Ray "Serpentsbane" Fullbringer
  • "If you taunt her you get what you deserve. It's like a Cozzie and effect. ...what?" - Scarlett Jones
  • "She is an Elder New Moon of Older Brother. If that does not speak volumes of what she is capable of, then your teacher did not serve you well." - Stone Gaze

Other Acts

OOC Information


  • Harry Dresden of the Dresden Files series


Character Ties - Things I’m looking for:

  • -people I’ve stolen from or stolen for
  • -people who I’ve gotten information for or from
  • -people who’ve sent me on infiltration missions
  • -people who’ve accompanied me on infiltration missions (either pack members under Cucukoo or just mission-buddies)
  • -people who’ve saved my arse or people whose arses I’ve saved.
  • -people or situations I’ve prophesied about
  • -people who treated me like crap because I'm metis
  • -people I’ve crafted Fetishes for and the favors they owe or the things we traded for them
  • -people who’ve accompanied me on mystical shenanigans or adventures of any sort.
  • -people who I’ve challenged for rank 2 and 3
  • -people who would’ve been students to a Ragabash or taught a lesson by one
  • -people who acted as mentors or voices of reason to a wild ragabash with crazy ideas
  • -people who have had the oddity of a ragabash broker spirit deals for them rather than a theurge. Potentially from desperation, lack of theurges, etc.
  • -sorcerous kinfolk to be treated with great interest
  • -people I pranked.
  • -people who were in my travelling infiltration pack following cuckoo until about late 2011 early 2012 when the majority of the pack died in a botched mission
  • -anything not listed that you think would be fun.

Player: Gillian T.

MES Number: US2002022904

Location: Muskegon/Grand Rapids, MI and Virtual Online Game