Prisoner 13

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Raleigh, NC
Player: Brian Ladd
Storyteller: Chris Rombach


  • What’s Status?
  • Incarcerated

Reflections in the Broken Mirror

  • Given the name Price by Caroline Hunter
  • Given the name Remy by Steven Dixx
  • Given the name Bauer by Edriac Jaeggar Dietrich
  • Given the name Apostle by Ilithyia Capet

Prosecutors, Jailers, Witnesses, and Accomplices



  • Ilithyia Capet
  • Edriac Jaeggar Dietrich



Accusations and Testimony

  • "This is an egregious amount of space! 4x7 is the optimal space for anyone's needs..." -Prisoner 13 to Tuesday Levine
  • "I didn't jail him...I just let him live in the dungeon." -Edriac Jaeggar Dietrich about his time "hosting" Prisoner 13
  • Quotes go here

Hearsay and Circumstantial Evidence

  • Prisoner 13 had a hand in the diablerie of one of Dravon von Jaeger's Coterie mates.
  • Once he was a Gargoyle, he has too many Gargoyle friends not to be...and oddly he can draw the inside of Ceoris Chantry perfectly

Sounds of the Cell(Soundtrack)

Look Down Les Misérables
Every Day a Little Death Count of Monte Cristo
Every Day is Exactly the Same Nine Inch Nails
Happiness in Slavery Nine Inch Nails
Right Where it Belongs Nine Inch Nails

OOC Info

Player Name
Brian Ladd

MES Number

Raleigh, NC

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