Privoli De Medici

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Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Tri-Cities
Player: Loren Kallio
Storyteller: VST Jim Chastai

==History== [dead character 5 night of october 2014]

Tremere Symbol.png

His family the head of the bank of Florence spared no expense in his young education. Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci his young mind was opened, to perfect perception, and acute memory and recall.

1462 - Privoli entered the Catholic Church of Rome as a young student, already being educated moved to the scribes table. His inspiratory art added some hidden lewdness to the holy work.
1465 - Privoli moved to a new country of Spain as the Medici Bank supported the new aristocracy.
At this time he was ghould again when a stranger gave him a mug as he told a raunchy tale about a
barmaid. This led to his life taking many strange turns.
1480- with the death of the Family Patriarch Lorenzo de Medici, and bad luck finds himself ghoul and property of a Brujha
1783 - England, Privoli was Ghouled, serving as a footmen and apprentice to Lazaro.
1785 - Privoli moved to France and became notary for Zahra Blanc
1821 - Provoli was sent to North America as the Northwest Company and the Hudson's Bay Company merged.
1841 - October, the wooden buildings at the post burned down and were rebuilt with adobe construction. Indian hostility forced the abandonment of this first Fort Walla Walla
1855 - The town of Wallula was built on the site and became an important steamboat landing for travelers on their way to the Idaho and Montana gold fields.
1880 - Privoli travels to Avignon, France
1942- Privoli is mortality wounded and is embraced. Avignon France.
1950s - The construction of the McNary Dam Took several decades but was spearheaded by the efforts of Privoli, in both an attempt to take away a long held Sabbat strong hold, and to erase the community's memory of any Masquerade Breaches."
1954- Privoli through negotiations brings peace between the Ventrue and Giovanni locally.
1956-2013 Privoli joins the Walla Walla Chantry, since he was instrumental in the advancement of the resources of the area. He became Regent of the Third Circle of Mysteries.
2014-Steps away from Court of the Tower, continues to improve his own territories{Walla Walla}. Failed to Register Jillian Giovanni, gaining support from the Clan head Captain Sawyer

whom did complete the Registration. Finding fault with his own performance and the need to rely on superiors, Prvoli refuses his status, calling himself Neonate.((Teremere only))*Takes demotion to
Apprentice of the Seventh, formally leaving Markus Isram Regent of the First.*((end Tremere only))


"Rumor has it that the Sabbat were using the Wallula Port as a staging ground for a move on Portland OR."
"It is said, Privoli was almost killed in a fight with Sabbat in 1860's"
"The last Prince of the Tri-Cities treated Privoli poorly, he even used methods to keep Privoli from claiming Praxis"
"Rumor, Privoli is controlled by Independents, he is seen with them at nearly every gathering"

"Privoli withdraws from the society, spending his time as a stage magician. He is currently seen in Walla Walla Washington performing on stage"

"Tremere only rumors"

"Failure in service, Privoli looses standing, falling from Regent of the third circle of mysteries, to Apprentice of the Seventh."
"He is elder, right?...then why is he treated like a neonate?"~(Toreador)

Current Standing

After the fall of the last Prince, Privoli firmly held that he was unable to lead the city. So, in an effort to maintain stability, he supported Prince Jean-Baptiste Michel Mayorquin.
Privoli De Medici No longer serves as Seneschal

status - Neonate (abiding), Loyal (fleeting) Favored (fleeting) Defender (fleeting)
active no, Dead Charcter