Puerto Rico Carnival 2015

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Camarilla,

By the grace of his Highness, Prince Lucien Paricci, all upstanding members of the Ivory Tower and select Independents are cordially invited to celebrate Carnival in the practice of Puerto Rico on Thursday, February 5th starting at 8pm EST.

The centuries-old tradition of masked balls, music, and revelry will provide the backdrop for our own private celebration. Symbels and dancing will fill the hours before the clock strikes the beginning of somber Lent; details of same to follow.

We eagerly await your presence to share in our jubilation.

Your hosts,
Seneschal Rand Ryan
Elder Orenna Komnenos


One of the oldest traditions in Puerto Rico's carnival is the crowning of the infant queen, a child chosen for beauty, talent, and spirit to help lead the festivities. In honor of that tradition, Seneschal Ryan and Elder Komnenos open the following symbel to all neonates:

At 9:00 PM, each neonate may attempt to curry the favor of the elders and ancillae present. Elders may bestow their approval upon two neonates, or give double the approval to a single individual. Ancillae, being younger, and yet still part of the guiding structure of our society, may bestow their token upon one neonate, only.

This approval, once given, cannot be transferred or withdrawn. But be wary, neonates, of earning the approval of one of those older and wiser, and not keeping it in good faith!

The neonate able to collect the most tokens of approval from the present court will be named Victorious, as well as earning an extra gift from the hosts.

Symbel Victor: Raina Hunter

Furthermore, to celebrate the practice of crowning a king and queen of the carnival, Seneschal Ryan and Elder Komnenos will each choose an ancillae or elder to receive a personal gift.

Queen of Carnival: Addison Bell
King of Carnival: Dravon Hunter


Prince Lucien
Elder Orenna
Seneschal Rand Ryan
Archon David Daniel Steiner
Prince Jack Mitchel
Prince Cross
Prince Jack Mitchel
Prince Jack Mitchel
Baron Cimetiere

Eileen Vargas
Raina Hunter
Caroline Hunter
Elijah Hunter
Dravon VonJaeger
Charlotte Belle
Penny Dreadful
Andrew Moses

Mona Leesa
Addison Bell
Ramon de Avendano
Laszlo Bako
Sophie Baker
Francois Ducat
Quinn Douglass
Catarina Giovanni
Luciano Giovann

Alejandra Montez
Opal Smith
Cadence Chicane
Martin Milliner
Isabella Giovanni
Sergio Giovanni
Skylla Giovanni

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  • The hosts maintained a rather low-key affair, especially in comparison to the drinking and carousing of the mortal population.
  • One of the guests offended several elders by appearing in the form of a stray cat. Thankfully, other Gangrel were present to set him straight.
  • Quinn Douglass performed a lovely musical number in honor of the night.
  • Archon Steiner's appearance came as a surprise. After another certain archon's downfall, however, the present neonates seemed to think twice of crowding and fawning an officer of the justicariate.
  • Holding the party was Lady Orenna's idea, but Seneschal Ryan did all the planning.
  • Holding the party was Seneschal Ryan's idea, but Lady Orenna did all the planning.
  • Several unexpected members of the party took to the dance floor.


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