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San Juan, and nearly all of Puerto Rico, once again belongs to the Sword of Caine. Free of the threat of the Camarilla, the Sabbat are allowed to run wild and free, to pursue their undead heart’s desires with gusto and abandon. With no challengers to Sabbat authority having yet surfaced, San Juan is a place where Cainites can gather to explore higher ideas, engage in philosophical discussion, and debate Sect policy.

Leadership of Puerto Rico

Leadership of Puerto Rico

Cardinal: Vanice St. Benedict (NPC Nomad Cardinal)
Archbishop: Tommy Swift
Bishop of Information: Dar Shizai
Bishop of Security: Pending
Bishop of Spirituality: Anastacia Domingo
Bishop of War: Madcap

Cainites of Puerto Rico

Founded Packs of Puerto Rico

Die Losung Botany Bay Pack What Remains Venganza The Cell Duty's Shadow Abbadon's Fist
Ductus Raina Sharma Dar Shizai Bella Simone
Priest Anastacia Domingo TBA Ireul
Abbot Tommy Swift
The Shadow of North Dakota

Locksley Sebastian Adrieux Kraus Stahl Grigore Petru Adam Ionescu Amelia Grey Teresita Corazon Callidus Victor Caminov Jesus Alejandro Castillo Clint Victoria De`Leon The Fox Zamion Draven Evan Thomason Victor Caminov Lars Brandt Asher

Packless Cainites of Puerto Rico

Michael Cantaloupe, Shane Erlin, Sorrow, Fiacre Lucien Desjardins

Frequent Visitors to Puerto Rico

The Punch Face Champions
Ricardo Ortega Ruiz

Locations of Note

Locations of Note

Here is an IC map of Puerto Rico. The information on the map is general knowledge for all True Sabbat members. The map will be updated by staff to reflect IC changes and developments.


Castillo San Felipe del Morro: This castle is among the Puerto Rico's principal landmarks, and has been a designated World Heritage Site since 1983. The fort has stood since 1540, protecting citizens from invasion from atop a craggy promontory jutting out from the northwest edge of the city. It is a regular site for Esbat gatherings.


The Jungle Cathedral: A traditional site for Sabbat ritae, the Jungle Cathedral is an isolated clearing within the San Juan Botanical Gardens. In the center lies a concave stone dais that is several meters wide and stained red with old blood. Drainage channels lead to it from the bases of surrounding trees. During Auctoritas Ritae mortals can be hung from these trees and bled to create a pool of blood at the center of the stone dais.


The Independent City of Ponce: The Independent Alliance of Giovanni and Setites have set up shop in Ponce, a city to the south of San Juan. They have made sure a very public secret has spread among vampiric society. If your thirst can only be slaked by the vitae and immortal souls of kindred, you can drink your fill in Ponce. In exchange for blood and life, the Setites and Giovanni of course accept Blood and Life Boons. The Independent Alliance is open for business to all vampires, and have made it known that the Assamites of Alamut have made extensive use of their services, which means the assassins are deep in debt to Ponce. The Independents of Ponce have made certain they are so deeply entrenched and well connected that the only wise choice is to either stay clear, or do business.

Esbat Reports

Esbat Reports
July 2015

OOC information

OOC information
VST: Kenneth Green
ST staff email: mes-virtual-sabbat-staff@googlegroups.com
The Venue Style Sheet (VSS) contains the venue’s IC historical setting as well as important OOC information, such as content warning, venue description, proxy instructions, and IRC game instructions. It is mandatory that you read the VSS before attending game. The VSS can be read at: PR VSS
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