Quinntessence Lillian Hartshorn

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: Sarah Hall
Storyteller: Austin VST

This One's Warning

This One is called Quinn. Don't learn This One's full name.

If you find it out, forget it.

Don't ask, don't tell, don't even imagine.

It's just Quinn.

This One's Life Before Death

Born: Quinntessence Lillian Hartshorn in Texas, May of 1915

This One was born to a well-off family in the Prohibition era. By well-off, of course, This One means not poor. This One's father involved his daughter in the family business, teaching her the skills required for running and owning a market. Moving product discreetly was key; after all, the police would just steal the booze if they caught you.

This One's life was spent on the road. Staying in one place is stupid. Seriously! Everyone knows it's harder to find something that doesn't stand still.

Don't forget, though. This One goes by Quinn.

Anything else is a lie!

This One's Embrace

Sire: unknown (TBD) in December of 1941

Memories of This One's sire are a bit fuzzy. Maybe it was all the moonshine in everyone's blood?

After This One's was Embraced, adjusting to a new life was a piece of cake. This One already lived a life in the shadows; dealing with the slag of the cities made This One more comfortable in the underground, anyway.

No one knows This One very well. Those who know This One remember to use the name Quinn; others don't live long enough to know anything about anyone.

This One's Quirks

This One has become fascinated and obsessed with comic books and their universes. A deliciously mint-condition collection is tucked away somewhere safe. This One is almost never without at least one lesser edition on hand, just in case. Kindred can get boring!

Oh, This One goes by Quinn.

Just Quinn.

Don't call This One "Quinntessence", unless you want a free lobotomy.

This One's Timeline

  • 1915, May: Born as a human, squealing like a piglet
  • 1920-1933: Helped daddy with the family "business"; Prohibition = easy money
  • 1941, December: Embraced by whatshisnuts
  • 1943: Met Blayne Ashbury while playing "The Game" (and WILL best him... eventually)
  • 1970: Met Roe Jera through Blayne Ashbury to acquire artifacts from her homeland.
  • 1944-present: traveled the country, working on stuff and things

Rumors about This One

  • Quinn pretends to be off her rocker, because people always underestimate the crazy ones.
  • Did I see her in that comic book, once? I bet she bribed someone to draw her in.
  • She's not really a Malkavian; I heard she's a caitiff.
  • I heard she stabbed a clown at a kid's party once. Imagine the cleanup on that one!

(Feel free to add to this section at will.)

Quotes and Comments about This One

  • "The Game she plays, she thinks she can win. I'm still waiting..." - Blayne Ashbury

(Feel free to add to this section at will.)

This One's Inspirations

This One likes Harley Quinn, but This One is not based on That One. This One doesn't even like Harleys!

  • "Voodoo Doll" by VIXX
  • "Hyde" by VIXX