Quinton Drake

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Sire: Theophano

Notable Traits:

Large man and has been trained in the art of war. He has sailors hands roughened by the years at sea.


Acknowledged: in many cities; Established: Elder; Confirmed: Elder; Privileged: Elder; Authority: Prince; Sovereign: Prince; Commander: Prince; Acclaimed: Fleeting; Triumphant: Fleeting;


Character Livejournal:


Information Known to Kindred Society

  • Quinton Drake is the Prince of the Inland Empire since 1889. He took Praxis after the City was set fire by the Sabbat. Led the Camarilla to victory over the Sabbat.
  • Quinton Drake has a slight British accent when angered.
  • Markus Jasso Brujah Primogen of Spokane is a close confident of Prince Drake.
  • The Harpy Tyler Barret of Spokane almost never leaves the side of the Prince away from court.
  • Duaiare is the Sheriff and Keeper of Spokane and travelled with Drake from The Gulf Coast.


  • Still looking for childer.

Quotes and Rumors

  • "Such a calm and reserved manner, it was a fine thing indeed to see his interplay with our own fiery Prince. You know, I have always wanted to venture North..." - Ligeia Loxley
  • He is a member of the nefarious organization The True Dusk.

OOC Information

Player: Michael Butler

Location: Spokane, Washington

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Spokane
Player: Mike Butler
Storyteller: Robert Perez