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Apocalypse PC

Player: Amy
Character: Nella Quinn
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Glass Walkers
Rank: Fostern
Domain: AZ-010-D
VST: Garou VST



Three wolf Qwerty...

Name: Nella "Sorrow's Melody" Quinn

Alias: The Qwerty Quill ( http://qwertyquill.tumblr.com - semi-ic blog, garou business obviously not posted there but used as a way to post her tales for the game)

Auspice: Galliard

Tribe: Glass Walkers

Sept: Roadrunner's Promise

Notable Traits: Short, chubby, wears glasses, almost always connected to some type of device to allow her to check her tumblr account.

Title or Position: None

Songs Sung to the Nation

Browsing History

  • May 4th, 1993: Born to her single mother Prudence Quinn, a Glass Walker kinfolk who had gone off on her own in search of her independence. Part of that apparently was a one-night stand with a random individual. To this day Nella has no information whatsoever on her father.
  • April 2011: Nella's first change. Some girls from school linked her to a facebook group revolving around her. Images of her were posted as taken on phones during the school day and students were chiming in with insults in response to them. She was tagged in every single photo so that all her friends list could see what was being said. The internet had been her haven away from the people that gave her a hard time in school, and now that safe place had been invaded. Rage overtook her, and the relatively harmless looking girl changed and began tearing her computers to pieces. Her room was destroyed by the time her mother found her, and the majority of the house was trashed by the time she was able to call in some Glass Walkers to help handle things.
  • 2011 - 2012: Prudence reluctantly returned to living along with the other Glass Walker kinfolk while Nella was put through her paces as a cub. She wasn't much for the physicality behind being garou, and while she understood the lessons taught to her she just could never get into programming or "hacking" or any of that. But html, digital painting and successful manipulation of social media? That was where she showed real promise.
  • 2012: Nella gets her GED and begins branching out her work in the mortal world. Her artwork commissions eventually lead to her doing some work on graphics for local news channels while her fiction, fan art and various meme-like images bring her recognition on sites like tumblr, reddit and imgur. Her twitter account begins accumulating followers and she begins to feel safe and secure again inside her comfy little net nest.
  • 2013: After learning that unusual concentrations of wyrm taint had been found in drinks from a small, local coffee shop, Nella launches a campaign of awareness about the unhealthy chemicals used by the company and the way they had been seeking to exploit local college students with their advertising and supposed addictive content. Most of the facts are completely made up, but as the majority of the audience seeing and spreading the images are college students eager for something to protest, the effect is the same. Boycotts and picketing follow, the shop's website is hacked by others, and eventually the place closes down. Nella herself never went to the shop to investigate, leaving that for others to handle, but her help in making the raid possible earned her the deed name "Gaia's Qwerty".
  • January 2014: Necessity has seen to it that Nella beef up her tech skills. She still isn't up on specific Glass Walker tricks, but she's pretty good at a human level. Her frustration increases, however, as someone seems to be thwarting her every move by using weaver spirits in tandem with their techy know-how. On the plus side, she's made friends with someone from ASU who seems to really know what he's doing. He kind of... glows when seen in the Umbra, and though she knows that means he's something special, she doesn't quite understand what it is yet. She's curious, but isn't pushing it, more happy that there's an actual boy that seems to have real interest in her! Oh. Em. Gee!
  • February 2014: Roadrunner's time with the sept was coming to an end, and Qwerty volunteered to help join in finding the required materials to secure a new totem for the sept. While not the fighter some of the others were and without some of the magic-y know-how, she did bring her own kind of intelligence to the endeavor in interpreting signs and using her resources to solve challenges. In the final battle she took a claw swipe to her throat, earning her first battle scar. Thankfully the wound did not do any lasting damage to her voice.
  • March 2014:As things with Tom began growing more serious, she decided she better fess up to some of her elders. She didn't find the "caern eater" all that fearsome. He'd helped out the sept with his contacts and abilities when battling the leeches, he'd shared geeky interests with Qwerty, and most importantly - he genuinely seemed to like her. It was a first for Qwerty.

Others in the sept, however, did not see it that way. Reactions ranged from caution from the sept Alpha and Den Parent, to outrage from the Eldest Philodox and her own pack's alpha. Clearly he was using her and it was all an act. The ring he'd given to her was destroyed in the fires of Mt. Doom (or, you know, smelted down) and Qwerty was left crushed with the vague assurances that they'd find her some nice programmer kinfolk for her instead.

  • March 2014: At the end of the month, the sept gathered along with friends and allies to attempt to raise a new caern with the new totem of Firebird. That same day her Glasswalker acquaintances Strokes the Keys and Death by Dubstep arrived to help her with her hacking issues. Everyone ended up fighting off enemies from all sides together and Qwerty sustained an injury in her left shin ((improper bone setting)).

Friends List

Did you see?! I totally got the thing!

Shadowtech Packmates

  • Tempered Fury - Her traveling companion, now pack beta. He has strength where she has fail, and she has modern know-how where he has socially awkward penguin-ness.
  • Truth's Finder - He understands the importance of information and all that Qwerty knows and loves. He's kind of a stone cold bastard but, well, Shadow Lord. What are you gonna do?


  • Sings the Forgotten - Vasili doesn't seem to trust her, but that's probably just more Shadow Lord stuff or whatever. She seems pretty nice and very willing to help Qwerty grow as a Galliard.
  • Death By Dubstep - a fellow Glasswalker Galliard and one of the DJ's she busily fangirls via tumblr. Qwerty idolizes her perhaps a tad too much, and at the recent Caern raising she threw herself in front of Green Dragon to protect her - resulting in a new battlescar and a new limp.
  • Strokes the Keys - Glasswalker Theurge with the 1337 hacking skillz that Qwerty herself is just learning herself.

Internet Rumors

  • She has no idea how to be a wolf. None.
  • If she loved the weaver any harder, she'd be shipping her/weaver in a fanfic somewhere. OTP.
  • She is a constant risk for lifting the veil with that tumblr account of hers.
  • Who is that nerdy kid I saw her with at the coffee shop? He's not even kin, is he?
  • She doesn't seem to like to fight, but I'm pretty sure if she catches whoever has been countering her hacking attempts that she'll do terrible, unspeakable things to him/her/it.
  • She has a fear of speaking? HOW exactly is she a Galliard again?
  • Did she send you that fanfic she wrote too? Someone unplug that girl and get her a real hobby.
  • Ever since she went to ASU to investigate those will workers, she seems to be spending an awful lot of time with some student there.


  • "Vasili, this is why we can't have nice things." - Gaia's Qwerty
  • "I don't quite get her, but she has potential as a Galliard. I hope she'll take some guidance and learn." - Sings the Forgotten
  • When asked for a comment for the "BLOG" A deep rumbling growl was his quote. - Rending Thunder
  • My Auspice gains all the glory and accolades. Galliards like Gaia's Qwerty sing the tales that bring me such. However, that is not the only duties she performs. Behind every battle and every victory there is a silent partner. Her skills as a computer expert and intelligence officer for the Sept of Road Runner's Promise is invaluable. Her contributions are not forgotten or dismissed. - Stands His Ground
  • "Girl needs to learn to speak up a little when telling her tales and Cracking the Bone, but it takes a tough wolf to look an angry Athro in the eye and level your concerns. She's going to be alright." - Returns the Faith

OOC Information

Player: Amy Williams

MES Number: US2010066147

Location: Phoenix, AZ