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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Sonoma, CA
Player: Pat C
Storyteller: Jon Grimmer

Character Information

Rafael Hernandez.jpg

Name: Rafael Hernandez

Nickname: The Spaniard

Clan: Toreador

Bloodline: Ishtarri

Sire: Akua

Sect: Camarilla

Abiding Status: Acknowledged, Established, Confirmed, Privileged, Prominent, Guardian, Noble

Fleeting Status: Honorable, Favored, Victorious, Victorious

Notable Traits: A latecomer to the Ivory Tower, he only joined in 2009. His is the art of the dance; he is better than any mortal who has ever lived, but still feels he could improve himself further.

Physical Style: Rafael dresses how he pleases, and is equally comfortable nude as in a three piece suit and coat. He fIavors outfits that allow him to move however, and doesn’t deny the power of “dress to impress”.

Social Style: Rafael is charming and relaxed, but always eager to talk. Endlessly talking. Words flow like rivers from his mouth about the places he’s been and the things he’s seen.

Known to the Camarilla


  • Some time in the 1400’s: Rafael is born on La Gomera, during the annexation of the Canary Islands to the Castilians.
  • 1755-56: Spends year in Paris with Brigit: Meeting her in the streets of Paris, the two became lovers and stayed with each other for the beginning of an extended on-again-off-again relationship. It ends at her leaving Paris.
  • 1900's-1980's: Rafael is largely unheard of. It is suspected that he went into torpor during this time.
  • 2009: Whipped in Amsterdam. After which, he joins the Camarilla. There is talk that the whipping was required before membership; others say it was done merely for pleasure.
  • 2014: Charters the Toreador Guild "Viento Inquieto".




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  • "With Rafael, I share something that is deeper than those impostors, love and hate. I share with him the pieces of myself I do not show anyone else; not lovers, nor family. I show him what I am." - Izar San Martin
  • "There is nothing in this world that is as both enchanting and as aggravating as a Muse." - Brigit
  • "Dancing flames will warm you and delight your eye. In their light, all sorts of things can seem exciting and possible. But they will burn your hands, and the cold ashes in the morning are unspeakably disappointing." - Benedict
  • "He dances like he cares and he talks like he doesn't." - Annamarie Giovanni
  • "On n'aime que ce qu'on ne possède pas tout entier." - Matthew Carpenter
  • "Iniquity is seldom so good, so classy, or so stylish an art." - Alicia Vangelista
  • "If I am the rosebush rooted deep in the ground, he is the breeze that rustles my leaves; not integral to my survival, but still potentially beneficial." - Scarlett Thorne
  • "I do like Rafael. I envy his disconnection from what I must be eternally bound. But I suspect that his bravado hides something that he either dreads to show, or holds nothing at all. And I don't know which prospect is more saddening." - Nicholas Loring
  • "The entirety of the Ivory Tower courtsies when asked to tango with dearest, Rafa. One way, or the other." -Petra Palailogina
  • "Rafael can seem like a pompous, narcissistic, egotistical fop. That's probably because he is, most of the time. Using that as an excuse to to underestimate him, though, might be the last mistake you ever make." - Eli
  • "His delightful charm and masterful stride seem completely impervious to the forces of gravity. He makes an entire room feel lighter by the wit of his words and the grace of his feet." Danielle Ropchan
  • "Rafael and I have been delicious social partners for some time now. He's taught me a few steps and I've taught him a few notes. He's anxious to get to the intermission but I'm not one to rush the first act. We still have a tango to perform." - Gabriel Thorne
  • "He was a man that intrigued me enough to give forever to. What more can I say?" - Akua
  • "How did we know the party was a success? Mister Rafael Hernandez wrote praise for it without a single snarky, backhanded comment. We read it and declared victory!" - Clémence deMontes
  • "If variety is the spice of life, it must be the staple of death." - Rafael Hernandez
  • "I'd sure have a different image of Europe if I hadn't run into Rafael there. The Balkans, really. Who the hell calls that home?" - Nick Bennett
  • "Ah, Harpy Hernandez. I had heard a great deal about him before our first official meeting. But the man himself is a pleasant surprise. His company is always a delight in San Francisco." - Leonardo "Leon" Finch
  • "There are few Kindred whose company I enjoy more so than that of Raphael. He is of the few who don't look at me and see spurned blood, but someone worthy of interest, respect, even." Lex Reyes
  • "It's hard to think of him as an Elder. He's so full of life, and passion. He forced me to throw away all my preconceptions about kindred. Dancing with him was one of the best things ever." Melody "Mells" Nichols


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  • Rafael invented the Tango.
  • He's actually a Setite impostor.
  • Lives for seducing and corrupting young kindred.
  • At best he's a scoundrel, at worst...well, there are entire sagas devoted to his misdeeds.
  • His tempestuous affair with a Daughter of Cacophony has caused him to go mad.
  • Rafael doesn't give a fig for the Camarilla; he only cares about his own security and a fertile ground for entertaining himself.
  • He's got a coterie consisting of a Ventrue, two other Toreador, and a Daughter. They all deny flatly they are a coterie.
  • Rafael has yet to perfect a secret dance that he has not yet shown the world. But when he does, it will be bigger than any style of dance that has come before.
  • His preferred art is not dance, it is poetry. He only took up dance to express the passions words cannot encompass.
  • There is a calendar for charity that Rafael is featured in. All 12 months are Rafael, with April being on his motorcycle with a jousting lance tastefully positioned.


  • On Women:

"It is easier to understand if you think of it in terms of music. Sometimes a man enjoys a symphony. Elsetimes he finds a jig more suited to his taste. The same holds true for lovemaking. One type is suited to the deep cushions of a twilight forest glade. Another comes quite naturally tangled in the sheets of narrow beds upstairs in inns. Each woman is like an instrument, waiting to be learned, loved, and finely played, to have at last her own true music made.

Some might take offense at this way of seeing things, not understanding how a trouper views his music. They might think I degrade women. They might consider me callous, or boorish, or crude.

But those people do not understand love, or music, or me." - Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man's Fear

"Master Maqui" - Rodrigo Y Gabriela
"The Golden Boy” - Parov Stellar
“The Hounds” - The Protomen
“The Tennessee Waltz” - Norah Jones or Leonard Cohen
“The Bosnian” - N’to
“I Know Things Now” - Red, Into the Woods
“Calabria” - Enur
“Of the Night” - Bastille
“Malaguena Salerosa” - Chingon
“History Repeating” - Propellerheads featuring Shirley Bassey
“Stolen Dance” - Milky Chance
“Bolero” - Pink Martini
“That Man” - Caro Emerald

OOC Information

Player Name Patrick Colford

MES Number US2002106779

Location Sonoma, CA