Rafael de Corazon

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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla ••••• •••
Whereabouts: Unknown
Controlling Storyteller: [mailto:[1] AGSL Masquerade]

Character Information

Name: Rafael de Corazon
Clan: Toreador
Born: 1154
Embraced: 1182
Sire: Callisti y Castillo, Progeny of Helena
Generation: 5th
Status: [8] Acknowledged, Established, Venerated, Exalted, Well-Known, Famous, Influential, Loved By Callisti y Castillo
Title or Position: Founder of the Camarilla
Reference: CotI,p35, GC1,p59, GC2,p19, GttC, TC2,p96

Known Information

Founder of the Camarilla - Rafael was embraced in 1182, from his humble beginnings as a priest, by Callisti y Castillo, who had disguised herself as a native pagan witch to observe mortals. However, Callisti soon grew tired of the world during the Inquisition, finding the increased religious fervor to produce increasingly lifeless and plain art.She bid to move on and in a moment of opportunity her childe, Raphael, asked if he might speak in her name and manage her affairs while away. His sire agreed, eager to be away, left her childe to his own devices.

Rafael, quickly rose to prominence amongst his clan, using his sire’s titles and embracing many childer of his own. He used his new authority to create alliances and form treaties, often using her name to speak to the Elder’s of other clans directly. It was during one such impassioned speech he first set forth the founding principles of the Camarilla, accusing the Elders of creating the situation of the Burning Times, and imploring that the Masquerade was the only solution that could protect them in the long term. His speech turned the heads of even the staunchest Ventrue, and Elders all over Europe laid down arms against each other and came together to cover all traces of vampiric existence.

Rafael rose to become the most influential member of the Toreador Clan and it was his ideas and speeches that carried the hearts and minds of Elders of all the Seven Founding Clans into his glorious Camarilla, his greatest work of art. He served proudly as the first Toreador Justicar, and now guides his creation from behind the scenes.


Please see the Toreador Lineages Page


  • One of the Founders of the Camarilla
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OOC Information

This is a Canon NPC. Please contact the AGSL Masquerade for ties or other ST-related things.