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NOTE : Without express permission from the player, the information contained on and linked from this page is classified as OOC Knowledge. Everything on these pages is subject to change, without prior notice to you, per ST fiat or player whim.

Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Boston, MA
Player: Chris R
Storyteller: Steve L

What is Known by Kindred Society

An Ancilla Nosferatu embraced during the American Revolution by one of Goodman Goring's childer. Rags quickly demonstrated a competence in and a willingness to do horrible things to those named enemy of Sect or Prince. Though the violence in his grandesire's blood was quickly evident within him, eventually Trajan's hunger for knowledge and lore began to burn inside him. Over time, Rags became known as a Loremaster of Clan Nosferatu and now is known to wield both Knowledge and Violence with equal ferocity. Rags currently serves as Maester of the Northeast Region for the Guild of the Silver Flame and Master Harpy for the domain of Prince Constance Fournier of Boston.


An Acknowledged member of the Camarilla, Rags has been Confirmed as an Ancilla by virtue of blood and age. As a Master Harpy he holds a Prominent and Noble position within the Court of Boston, acting as a Guardian of the Social Conscience of the domain. Through Loyal service to the Ivory Tower, Rags has distinguished himself as more than just the Favored associate of multiple Elders. Recently he has been lauded as the Victorious winner of Myrmidon Goring's Symbel. Though he was the instrument of Goodman Goring's disgrace, the Camarilla has Praised Rags for his additional insult to the Elder. Beside his social acumen, Rags was recently one of the Courageous Six Kindred who took a Stand against and destroyed Bishop Francisco Domingo de Polonia, once Cardinal of the East. It is clear that Rags is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Former Deputy of Boston, 1795-1820
  • First Sheriff of Detroit, 1843-1853
  • Conclave Security Team Member, 1881; 1933; 1946; 1972;
  • Former Servire to Archon Penzl, 1990-1996 when Archon Penzl was awarded Praxis of Milwaukee
  • Assistant to the Scourge of Boston, 2000-June 2013
  • Keeper of Elysia of Boston, June 2013-January 2014
  • Maester of the Northeast for the Guild of the Silver Flame, August 2013-Current
  • Master Harpy of Boston, October 2013-Current
  • Fought at "The Stand of the Six"



Abridged Timeline

  • 1755 Born
  • 1775 Embraced by one of Goring's brood, quickly joins the fight against the Sabbat and the British.
  • 1777 Oliver points Rags at Lochlann and Torquil. He joins their squad and quickly becomes an effective fighter against the Sabbat in the NE.
  • 1783 The Nosferatu primogen was playing both sides of the conflict, and so Rags tried his best to stay neutral. When Lochlann is banished Rags stays in Boston.
  • 1795 Rags is named Deputy by Boston’s Sheriff Benjamin Baker Chapel. Sheriff Chapel holds the position until 1820. When the Sheriff loses his position, so does Rags and he heads to the Midwest and settles in Milwaukee.
Nosferatu by DiegoTripodi.jpg
  • 1843-53 Rags seeing an opportunity resettles in the new Court of Detroit and is named the First Sheriff of Detroit until Elder Prince Foucault replaces him with another Brujah clanmate in 1853.
  • 1853 Lochlann crosses paths with Rags in the Midwest and convinces him to join him on the road fighting Sabbat. Agapito Acosta repays an old debt and helps Rags and other Abolitionists.
  • Conclave 1881 - London - was part of the team of Nosferatu that uncovered the Assamite plan. & heads to TX at end of Conclave.
  • 1905 Sires Maggie Boothe, an intelligent and thoughtful woman.
  • Early 1900s Dr Avery Carmichael moves to Boston. Upon Rags' return to Boston he begins spending significant time in the company of the good Doctor.
  • Conclave 1933 - Italy - was part of the security team for the Conclave Conclave
  • 1946 - Boston - was part of the security team for the Conclave Conclave
  • 1959 - Vienna - attended Conclave 1972 - Vienna - was part of the security team for the Conclave
  • 1985 - Monrovia - attended Conclave, comes to the notice of a servire of Archon Penzl. Once back in the states, after the Conclave, Archon Penzl requests a meeting with Rags and has him begin working with some of his Servires. In 1990 he promotes him to Servire.
  • 1994 Chicago Pogrom and Exodus with the Archon and his team.
  • 1995 Milwaukee with the Archon and his team.
  • 1996 Justicar Thracs announces that Archon Penzl’s privately expressed claim to the praxis of Milwaukee in return for his two year campaign should be honored by the Camarilla. Rags remains in Prince Penzl’s domain until conclave 1998.
  • Conclave 1998 – Vienna – attends some of the speeches on Noddist Lore and Texts before returning to Boston
  • 1999 – Y2Kindred Party
  • 1999-2005 Big Dig Brujah-Hah!
  • 2000 Rags is named assistant to the new Scourge, Torrance Fairfallen, a position he held until being named Keeper.
  • 2013 Has been assisting the Ventrue Primogen Alexander Warden with his Masquerade Response Team
  • 2013 Named Keeper of Elysia in June. Joined the Guild of the Silver Flame in August. Promoted to Maester of the Northeast Region within the Guild at the end of September. Unanimously backed by the Primogen as Master Harpy.
  • 2014 Served the Northeast Convocation as Master Harpy.
  • 2015 One of the Six who killed Bishop Francisco Domingo de Polonia, once Cardinal of the Eastern American Territories.

What They Believe

  • " Please Feel free to add rumors about this PC."
  • It is believed that Rags has only sired once.
  • It is believed that anything has a price.
  • Rags has an uncanny ability to turn up the most useful information with a few phone calls.
  • The reason he was removed as Sheriff of Detroit was not due to Brujah politics, but due to Prince Foucault fearing that Rags was gaining enough popularity to overthrow him.
  • Rumor is the Sheriff overstepped his bounds and power to question Rags' information sources.. was it jealousy or paranoia in the old Sheriff's eyes?
  • Rags was not as blindsided by the move of the Primogen council as he appeared to be.
  • Rags never really was neutral in 1783... it was just that his dastardly Nos plans were foiled and he wanted to make sure he was on the winning side.
  • It is rumored that Goodman Goring now considers Rags to be like a child of his own making.
  • One wonders why Rags has consistently refused to accept the praise of being a Machiavellian Prodigy.
  • It is rumored that Rags was one of the Nosferatu being considered for Clanhead, but that he turned down a nomination.

What They Have Said

  • " Please Feel free to add your quotes about this PC."
  • "Every subject's duty is mine, but every subject's soul is his own." - Constance Fournier
  • "Rags? I think my Sire knew someone by that name. Real fixer type? Probably him." - Eileen Vargas
  • "Quick mind on this one. A handy sort to have around. If you see him, tell him I understand, and that I hold no grudge..." - Lochlann MacAllan
  • "Rags is the epitome of what a Nosferatu should be: Intelligent, Capable and completely loyal to the ideals of the Camarilla. He makes a wonderful friend... and likely a dangerous enemy." - The Professor
  • "He understands the need to have one ivory wing ever-dipped in the blood of our foes. For this he has my respect--and my respect is hard-won." - Benjamin Baker Chapel
  • "I am fascinated by those who struggle against their nature. For destruction, like creation, is one of Nature's mandates. In Mr. Rags we shall see which gives out first - his body or his soul." - Einhardt Wagner
  • "...how marked you are by the hand of destiny. It shows itself at times, you know, peeking from behind the curtain." - Elder Biltmore
  • "Master Harpy. I appreciate how much effort you put into this and will note to any who will listen about the lengths to which you have gone to build strength into this domain through your efforts this evening." - Alexander Morgenstern
  • "I wish it to be known that monsieur Rags, my clanmate and Harpy of Boston, is Devoted to the principles of the Ivory Tower that make our society safe. He is possessed of a style and competence that is refreshing, even to one such as myself." - Guibert Murmure
  • "In the tradition of Trajan, I have observed over much time how Rags, Master Harpy of Boston, wields the impeccable skills of a Mason. Attention to detail, inspection and - when necessary - careful maintenance of the structure." - Goodman Goring
  • "Work for a sheriff if you don't mind dying, work for a harpy if you don't mind succeeding.'' - Toby Dior on the value of working for Rags
  • "OH MY GOD TOBY! TOBY! Rags put us in the Harpy report! By NAME! Oh my GOD! I'm getting a frame!" - Emma Klein has a big night
  • "Everyone finds him to be so..likable. He's just lovely but if no one challenges him then he'll get flabby! I like to keep him on his toes. Respect isn't always blind acquiescence, after all!" -Nenette
  • "One of the most capable harpies out there, a watcher to be watched." - Margareta Sasul
  • "You have no damn idea. " - Mr. Allen
  • "He is subtle, silent, like quicksand- in the sense that once you have taken a mistep, there is no mercy. " - Danielle Ropchan
  • "My cousin has his own way of doing things. Not everyone agrees with his methods. Not everyone knows what they're talking about, either." - Marisa Boyd
  • "We are different parts of the same body, all in synchrony to one purpose. To strike at him is to strike at the things that maintain me." - Kasserine Powell

What He Has Said

  • "Ugly is skin deep, Nosferatu is to the bone."
  • "You may not be able to see the beauty in our particular afflictions.. but can you at least acknowledge that they often come with certain blessings?"
  • "I've never heard of the Lawyer boon."
  • "It's not in the Nosferatu Notebook either."
  • "Lesson for the night: children should take good advice when it's offered to them freely."
  • "You can look at me and tell me exactly what I am.. a Monster. The truth of my soul is written on my flesh, I have no reason to lie to you when you can so clearly see what lay inside my heart."
  • "I need to figure out how to be a Shield, not just a Sword."
  • "It is the aging warriors dilemma.. If anyone understands that, Elder Primogen, I would expect it to be you."
  • "I want to do the good thing, but it is so very difficult sometimes."
  • "It is with Steel and Ink that the Tower is protected."
  • "We have let modern nights, and modern travel, and modern influence lull us into a sense of security, of safety.. but they gather in the darkness.. they tear apart the night.. and we sit in our Ivory Towers concerned with whom slighted whom and if so-and-so is wearing this years Prada or last.. while the Sabbat sharpens it's Swords."
  • "It has been haunting my dreams.. I have choked on the ashes and the fire."

Harpy Reports

  • Feel free to take the following reports as IC Knowledge if your PC has status in the Camarilla..

Looking for Connections!

  • "Looking for PC childer."
  • "Looking for those characters who would have taken advantage of a young neonates desire to destroy the enemies of the sect."
  • "Looking for those characters who would have wanted to help atone for past sins and regains lost humanity."
  • "Looking for those characters who would have wanted to keep him a monster in service to sect."
  • "Looking for those interested in purchasing weaponry or metal sculptures."

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