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Basic Statistics:

  • Subject Name: Gavro Reghen (Known only to a select few.)

  • Known Aliases: Rain (Kindred Society), James Smith (Mortal World)

  • Subject Clan: Malkavian

  • Known Factions: Thought Police (Clan Faction); The Paricci (Malkavian Lineage).

  • Known Location: Phoenix, AZ

  • Physical Description:
  • Rain covers all exposed skin below the neck. He is never seen without his bright blue nitrile gloves on and even then he very rarely touches anything. When he does, it is briefly and with just the finger tips. Rain speaks fluent english and the only time any accent is noticible is when he says his name. He tends to seperate the vowels, pronouncing it Ray-In. When not directly ingaged in conversation, Rain seems perpetually distracted, seemingly listening to things others do not hear.

  • General Knowledge:
  • Goes by the name Rain, is an Elder, Does not like to be touched at all.

Cultural Standing

  • Acknowledged - as a Member of the Camarilla.
  • Established - as an Elder within the Ivory Tower.
  • Venerated - as an Elder within the Ivory Tower.
  • Revered - as the Primogen of Clan Malkavian for the City of Phoenix.
  • Vigilant - by Primogen Chandra de Soissones of Philidelphia

Allies & Relationships

I. The Early Period

  • Lucien - Rains Sire and the very first Vampire he ever met.

II. The Middle Period.

  • Althea Bell-Hammon We had fun hunting Setites together.
  • Lazuli I don't normally have dealings with Ravnos but it seems the more you want them to go away, the closer they get. They're like cats.
  • Eileen Vargas heh, she was fun then and is still fun now.
  • Clé deMontes I like Clé. She's nice. Do not like her brood mate at all.

I. The New World

* Pending            

Familial Ties

Grandsire: Trimeggian "Quote"'
Sire: Lucien "I know few others who are as perceptive as my Sire. He recognized great worth in me that even I didn't know about."
Childer: Stacy's PC "Quote"
Childer: Albert Rush "Quote"

Family Member: Frederic L'Enfant "Quote"
Family Member: Blu "Quote"
Family Member: Elijah Leopold Frost "Quote"
Family Member: Ethan King "Quote"
Family Member: The Professor "Quote"
Family Member: Elliot Martin "Quote"
Family Member: Viktor Cohen "Quote"
Family Member: Chandra de Soissones "Aunt Chandra has always been there for me with a place to stay and entertainments to distract. She's almost like a mother next to Lucien, my father."
Family Member: Carl Jones "Quote"
Family Member: Alexander Wallace "Quote"
Family Member: Pierrot le Fou "Quote"
Family Member: Ezra Thompson "Quote"
Family Member: Walter Thorne "Quote"
Family Member: Avery Gunn "Quote"
Family Member: Dylan Gunn "Quote"


(Please feel free to add rumors about Rain by clicking the "edit" link on the right :)

  • Rain doesn't actually have any Dominate so how can he reprogram people?
  • The pliant and oh-so-presentable results of Rain's reprogramming have actually been converted to Manchurian Candidates working for the Sabbat.
  • Rain hides his mastery of Auspex, the better to steal secrets from others' heads.
  • The gloves and the obsessive avoidance of touch is all an act to keep people from noticing his dangerous secret compulsions.
  • The True Dusk has a vested interest in Rain and watches his every move.


(Please feel free to add quotes about Rain by clicking the "edit" link on the right :)

  • "He has the unnerving ability to be there one minute, gone the next, and back again whenever he so chooses. But if you're going to have someone unseen at your back, he's not a half-bad choice."Eileen Vargas
  • "Rain is not the typical member of the family -- in many ways he has taken on the burdens of an Elder son, not unlike his sire. His sense of duty and honor are unerring, yet it is important to note that Rain takes many forms -- predictability is not one of his shortcomings." - Chandra de Soissones
  • "He's odd but he keeps conversation to a minimum and for that reason I enjoy his company a lot more than I enjoy the company of most." -Atreus
  • "I don't know why anyone would find him odd, he seems like a very reasonable person to me." - Jennifer Love
  • "When presented with a seed, some will tend it with careful labor and attention, encouraging that which is good and carefully pruning that which is not, resulting in a unique addition to their garden. Others will simply see no need to bother, discarding the seed and molding a soulless, waxen facsimile shaped to ideal of the maker in place of what might have sprouted. I personally feel that the halls of the Ivory Tower deserve better than plastic flowers." - Alistair FitzWilliam von Daun

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Phoenix, AZ
Player: Felix Blinn
Storyteller: Geoff Van Ess

Player: Felix Blinn
Domain: AZ-010-D
Note: I have shamelessly stolen this template from Stacey M; Thank you Stacey!

Character Ties

I am looking for ties in the following areas:

  • People I've helped out for unknown reasons.
  • People who've been involved with the reprogramming of the Malkavian Thought Police.
  • People I owe.
  • People who owe me.
  • Setites I've had run ins with. If you wanted to have gotten the better of me when I was young around 1600 to 1650, drop me a line. If you were chased out of Egypt by me and some friends between 1700 and 1900, drop me a line.