Raina Sharma

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Sabbat PC

Player: Mahesh Mohan
Character: Raina Sharma
Clan: Toreador Antitribu
Domain: MES Virtual
VST: Maximilian Bondrescu

Character Information

Name: Raina Sharma

Clan: Toreador Antitribu


  • Initiated as a True Sabbat
  • Honorable from Archbishop Tommy Swift
  • Battle-Scarred from Archbishop Tommy Swift
  • Courageous from Archbishop Tommy Swift
  • Battle-Scarred from Cardinal Strathcona
  • Devout from Archbishop Tommy Swift

Notable Traits: Eerie Presence

Title or Position:


  • Her hair isn't actually whitish-blonde. It's auburn.
  • Raina Sharma isn't her real name.
  • Is oddly human, for a member of the Sword.


  • "She fought valiantly in Memphis and nearly sacrificed herself for the Sword. She is a True Sabbat." - Thomas Severus
  • "Fearless in the face of death." - Celeste Lennox
  • "Raina has potential, but I see emotion about things that really in the end do not matter. She needs to put human concerns behind her." - Jericho Stone
  • "Raina has proven powerful and relentless. With a loyalty to her fellow Cainities beyond expectation, she has carved her place among the stalwart of Puerto Rico." - Tommy Swift
Raina Sharma

OOC Information

Name: Mahesh Mohan
Location: NYC
Number: US2014110015