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Forward Operating Base (F.O.B.) Opportunity Overview

In the heart of the unassuming town of Youngsville, North Carolina stands Forward Operating Base Opportunity. Located in what appears to be an abandoned church, the base is all that stands between the Church of Ultimate Truth and its total domination of Raleigh and the surrounding area.


Cell Leader: Alice Maesters
Cell Second: Sigmund
Myrmidon: Tobias
Guardian: Jameson
Quartermaster: Ghostfeather
Member of Parliament: Ahmose
Voice: Josie Williams

Cell Members

Steward (Status •••••)

Deputy Steward (Status ••••)

  • Sigmund
  • Tobias

Special Agent (Status •••)

Agent (Status ••)

  • Emriss
  • Viktor

Junior Agent (Status •)

  • Ghostfeather
  • Kertesz Sandor
  • Kertesz Istvan
  • Jane
  • August


Places of Interest and Landmarks

The Fallen (Deceased Characters)

OOC Information