Raleigh, NC Apocalypse

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For the previous Raleigh Werewolf page see Raleigh, NC Apocalypse, ended 2016.

Setting Mood Overview

The world is teetering on annihilation. We gather and watch in order to prevent the tide that keeps coming. We are all that is left. Pockets of our brothers and sisters fighting against what could just be a stillborn dream. The factions within the sons and daughters of Gaia seek to create the promise land; a story, narrative, or perhaps just a legend that has been passed from generation to generation.

Material World Overview

Corruption is not always evident, it often drifts and lingers on the edges of our perception until it is upon us. The slow perversion of the government, the streets, and our hearts can creep unnoticed by the unwary masses. The streets of the Tar Heel state can make people forget about the empire of green that surrounds it. Quick furtive glances down a dark alley remind them that their world is not the only one. That, despite the darkness here, there are darker places for people to crawl into. We can feel their eyes upon us, and hear the quickening of their footsteps as they pass us by. The claimed rulers of the world remain caged in their concrete jungles. While we wage our war, we stand surrounded by the apathy of humanity

Spirit World Overview

There is a parallel war being fought on the historical ground of gods and demons. It is the dark reflection in the mirror whose bridges cross vast oceans and leads to places no human has traveled before. A place where the concepts of our dreams are made into reality, where everything has a voice, and nothing is without its price. One can become lost in the expanse of the fields of shadow and grey, but you are never truly alone as you can feel eyes follow from all directions. The Theurges call this place home while the Galliards whisper stories of this place. This place of shadow, the Umbra.

Sept Overview

  • Sept Name: Sept of the Hidden Shore
  • Sept Location: on a man-made island in Jordan Lake
  • Sept Rating: (3)
  • Shard Caern Totem: Turtle (Rank 7)
  • Shard Caern Rating: 2
  • Seed Source: Sept of the Weeping Daughter

Sept Leader: NPC elder Tomas Black Feather “Wolf’s Brother” Wendigo Philodox

Warder: Havelock

Den Mother: Shield of Peace

Master of the Challenge: Mia

The Council of Auspices

  • Elder Ahroun: Crimson Tooth Fury, Wyrmfoe
  • Elder Galliard: Blackwater, Talesinger
  • Elder Philodox Stands-alone-in-Darkness, Truthcatcher
  • Elder Theurge: Shield of Peace, Master of the Rite
  • Elder Ragabash: Chloe Jones, The Fool

VSS Information

See Murder Island VSS

Also see Garou Lodge Google Group

Caern Overview

Caern Heart

The caern's heart is at the spirits-raised island's center. It has four pillars pointing in the four directions (North, South, East and West) that form a natural bowl at its center: this is the focal point of the caern.

Lupus dens and Homid housing

A sept’s territory also includes homes. The Homid Housing is in the form of cabins; these cabins are located on the brawn in a employee only area on Jordan Lake. The Lupus Dens are wolf dens made by Lupus Garou and are located in one of the protected areas of Jordan Lake.

Hall of Heroes

The hall is a shrine for ancestor spirits. Werewolves perform ceremonies here to seek the protection and guidance of those who have come before, and sometimes get answers. Ancestor spirits are a focus of belief, but they are also actual spirits that may manifest in times of need to offer advice, teach gifts, or aid in the defense of the sept. It is the Talesinger’s responsibility to ensure the maintenance and upkeep for this important facet of Garou Society.

The Lodge

This waystation provides succor to the wounded as well as any respected visitors at the sept. This place is a combination armory, inn, and hospital, and its everyday operation is run by a family of Kinfolk. The inn part has rooms for 10 visitors, the hospital part has 20 beds, the armory is in the basement.

Strider Waystation

This waystation is built to look like a Ranger Station. It is run by the two Silent Striders in the sept, for messengers of the nation.


Wisterian Nightmares Facebook group: [1]


  1. Lupus
  2. Fera
  3. Pack of Fools