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City Overview

The domain of Raleigh, North Carolina does not consist of a single city. It is instead a vast Kindred kingdom that covers much of the central part of the state. At its heart is the city of Raleigh, the state’s capital and one point of the Research Triangle. The Research Triangle cities of Durham and Chapel Hill are also located within its borders, as is the Piedmont Triangle city of Greensboro. Smaller towns such as Youngsville, Wake Forest, Garner, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, Burlington, and several others are also considered integral parts of this principality.

Ascendent Covenant: Invictus
Contender Covenants: Circle of the Crone and Carthian Movement

Eminent Clan: Gangrel
Rival Clan: Mekhet

Governmental Structure

The Court


  • Carthian Movement:
  • Circle of the Crone:
  • Invictus:
  • Lancea Sanctum:
  • Ordo Dracul:


  • Daeva:
  • Gangrel: Marquis Rufus Caine
  • Mekhet:
  • Nosferatu:
  • Ventrue:

Officers of the Court

  • Herald: Jessica Walker
  • Seneschal: Baroness Amelia Grey
  • Prince's Harpy: Susan Vance
  • Prisci Harpy:
  • Keeper of Elysium:
  • Sheriff: Lonnie Ashburn
  • Hound: Marcus Grant

City Laws

None yet decreed.


Admired (Status •••••)

  • Lord Rufus Caine, Marquis of Raleigh

Respected (Status ••••)

Valued (Status •••)

Recognized (Status ••)

Acknowledged (Status •)

  • Alder Baroness Amelia Grey
  • Adair Bellingham
  • Christopher Young
  • Ian Ogrado
  • Jack Crow
  • Jessica Walker
  • Jonas Croft
  • Lonnie Ashburn
  • Louis Davenport
  • Marcus Grant
  • Susan Vance

Deceased Citizens of Raleigh

  • Lord Notary Samuel Weatherby


Places of Interest and Landmarks


OOC Information

  • Region: South East
  • Domain: Wisterian Nightmares NC-006-D
  • Requiem Venue Storyteller: Vacant
  • Interim Domain Storyteller: Nikki Fox
  • Domain Coordinator: Karl Fox