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Known Hierarchy and Packs Assaulting the Domain of Raleigh

Cardinal of the South Charles Edward Lennox III

  • Pack: The Arcanum
    • (Brujah) - Archbishop/Pack Priest
    • (Brujah) - Pack Ductus
    • (Angel of Caine)
    • (Serpent of the Light)

  • Pack: Distorted Reflection


City Overview

The domain of Raleigh consists of the core 7000 acres of Research Triangle Park and the cities contained within its borders including but not limited to Raleigh, Apex, Garner, Durham, Holly Springs, Cary, Morrisville and the Lake Jordan Area.

The Prince

William Penningsworth

The Court

  • Seneschal: Michael Corday

  • Sheriff: Scratch

  • Keeper of Elysium:

  • Harpy:

  • Scourge:


  • Gangrel:
  • Ventrue
  • Toreador:
  • Brujah:
  • Malkavian:
  • Nosferatu:
  • Tremere: Edward Blake

Travel Concerns

  • Advisory: Raleigh is a Camarilla controlled city. This should be noted by any characters attempting to use any of the airports in the area. It is easier and safer to travel on the outskirts of Raleigh but as characters get closer to Camarilla controlled interests travel restrictions and obstacles will become increasingly difficult. High class areas of the city are patrolled frequently and citizenry will report strange cars or actions to the local police.

Places of Interest and Landmarks


The Camarilla calls Raleigh the “City of Oaks”. They use this moniker as part of their filthy propaganda to help bind their children to the whims of their elders. They like to spout off about the strength and resilience of those sturdy oak trees and compare it to their steadfast and unwavering Tower. Well, I say whatever. The only reason their decaying and poisonous Tower has stood this long is because nobody cared. The mighty oak is washed away by floods, split and burnt by lightning, and dies and falls over when the roots rot away. The time has come when the Sword of Caine has been called to claim Raleigh as its own. The Elders have grown ripe and fat from there complacency. The young ones are busy dancing on the strings that the Elders have entangled them in. By Caine’s grace, we will destroy the Antediluvian puppets and bring Raleigh under the reigns of Caine’s chosen.

The Sabbat established the first capital of North Carolina at New Bern after following the migration of people to the New World. New Bern was a prosperous coastal town and may have been as large if not larger than Raleigh is today. The fates are cruel and the Camarilla ensured that this outcome would not be reached. During the American Revolution the British under orders from their Camarilla puppet masters laid siege to New Bern and destroyed the town. Seizing the advantage of North Carolina’s sudden lack of a capital city the Camarilla built a new capital city 11 miles from Issac Hunter’s Tavern. This tavern was a frequent meeting spot for the leaders of the America Revolution and the Camarilla Elders who supported them. The Sabbat could have rallied to reclaim this sleepy little town but with so many other more prominent towns located around region resources were allocated elsewhere. Raleigh continued to grow but its growth was like ivy creeping up an old dilapidated wall. It was because of Raleigh’s slow growth and constant economic failings helped it to stay clear of Sabbat interests and escape mortal destruction at the hands of Union soldiers during America’s Civil War.

The emancipation of the slaves by President Lincoln and the effects that the Civil War had on the South’s agricultural industry attracted Anarch interests at the beginning of the 20th century. Unfortunately, the confusion caused by the War did not last long and the Anarchs only maintained control for a mere two decades before the Camarilla reasserted control. Raleigh continued its pattern of poor economic circumstances until the late 1950s and the establishment of the Research Triangle Park. This development seemed to turn the tides for Raleigh and suddenly people from all over the world began to flock to Raleigh for an opportunity to live out the American dream. The sudden economic boom and influx of people was good for “City of Oaks” but created a dilemma for those members of the Tower that were enjoying the socio-economic obfuscation. This period had created a blip on the Sabbat radar and reminded them of the sleepy little town.

It has been fifty years since the city of Raleigh had made its presence known to Caine’s army. Sabbat leadership has planned for years the addition of Raleigh to its list of spoils. In that time poor leadership in the Mortal world has started to send Raleigh back into its economic spiral. Those that can afford to live the rich life flaunt their wealth with extravagances. The middle and lower class barely scrape enough together to make it through the week. In the high class neighborhoods police patrol with great frequency and the areas are well lit. In the middle class neighborhoods police response time is slow causing families and neighborhoods to huddle together and support each other. In the lower class areas an individual would be lucky to see a patrol car on a given night and the area is flooded with gangs, drugs, and disease. Do not make a mistake though; the lack of police protection has increased the gangs’ protection of its turf and the gangs ensure that every protected citizen pays for their services rendered. These are the conditions that enterprising Sabbat packs will encounter in the upcoming nights. As far as the Sabbat leadership is concerned this will make a great training ground for those that wish to prove their worth.

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