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Character Information

Name: Ramona

Race: Bastet

Pryio: Twilight

Rank: Tekhmet

Notable Traits:

  • Short hair in various wacky colors - most often teal, purple, blue, green, or pink
  • Violet eyes
  • Lots of facial piercings; whether they're real or not is anyone's guess
  • No-nonsense attitude and a wicked sense of humor
  • Dresses in scavenged punk clothing


  • Asha - Garou Kinfolk
  • Savannah - Bastet
  • Open to more ties, available Nov 2012-Sep 2013 only


  • Pretended to be Asha's pet cat for months, so the two could be friends without alerting the local Garou.
  • Refuses to shift to feline form in front of Savannah, but why?
  • Insisted on a cat-themed nursery for Asha's baby.
  • Looks an awful lot like Gina. Maybe they're twins?
  • Feel free to add one!
Character Image

- Image to be posted eventually -

OOC Information
Player Name: Rowan Artemis - E-mail
MES Number: US2012040072
Domain: Atlanta, GA - City Wiki
VST: David B. - ST E-mail