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He who lasts, laughs.


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"It is easy to have an idea; it is no great challenge, to hold a principle. Where men fall short, is in understanding how and when to apply those principles, and when they are best served by pursuing an idea that may compromise their principles temporarily, to save them in the longer term." — Rand Ryan



A skinny man, who appears to be in his early 30s, Rand is a wisp of a figure, unassuming, and generally bland in his appearance. His nose is larger than average, with shockingly green eyes and hawkish eyebrows are perched above his prodigious proboscis. He doesn't seem to look directly at people, as much as bore completely through them with his unsettling gaze. He is gaining a reputation for outlandish attire, though none ever ask him about his penchant for pink or yellow suits on formal occasions, or Hypnotoad t-shirts in more casual settings.

Of late, his outspoken nature has become more readily apparent; he has an opinion on every item, usually laced with scorn and an evident distaste for the absurd arrangements Kindred will make among themselves. Where the praxis of Puerto Rico is known for its pageantry and bloodhunts, his presence is a reminder that change is abhorrent to the kindred nature.

A ghost moving among the residents of the despotism, he is rumored to mentor younger kindred into a more mature cynicism, teaching them the ins and outs of authoritarian politics and the role of realpolitik. Why is such a kindred one of the faces of a court obsessed with appearances? Perhaps it is the rumored profound personal loyalty he holds to the prince; perhaps it is to remind those who would undermine the court that less progressive faces loom in the wings, should the Praxis falter. Better the devil that they know, than the monster that they feel everywhere, looking over their shoulders.

Rand is a testament to the old adage that the Pyramid endures; as eyewitness to, and sometimes instigator of almost a thousand years of history, Rand's unique, opinionated critiques often grate upon his fellow Tremere who are ashamed of their origins and the stories of Fire and Blood that are their birthright. A clan born of boldness, foresight, and ambition has fallen into staid predictability; the force that reshaped the World through acts of Will now acts as a miserly dragon, parsing out small bits of a hard-won fortune.

The Father must surely weep, if he sees the shadows his Children have become. Rand is a talking, walking reminder that there was a time when the Tremere were dynamic-- his critics say it is merely a sort of jaded ennui that has overcome his desire to live- that Rand embraces extreme opinions to fill the gaping hole in his soul that the sorcerer traded for power, long ago. For his part, Rand watches his fellows aspire to be like lesser beings, and wonders whether or not the centuries of struggle were worthwhile. The petty, pretty children treat his Pyramid as though it were a career, rather than an identity; they find meaning only in the destination, rather than the journey. They are conservative by rote training, rather than from an understanding borne of hard-won knowledge--and the clan suffers for it.

If it is better to light a candle, than curse the darkness, Rand threatens to set ablaze a bonfire. That which emerges will be better than what is, now. The Pyramid may never die, but will rise again, harder and stronger- and once again, the Hungarian with the cryptic smile will see a new age of the Tremere-- still singing the songs of Fire and Blood that are their birthright, even to the end of time.


  • "Wit, charm, and intelligence--a dangerous combination, and for that, all the more attractive."Orenna Komnenos
  • "A model of what the Clan needs if it is to continue to flourish in these nights."Rosemary Abbot
  • "A very reliable man to call upon when one requires precision and discretion." - Adrienne Maxwell
  • "He is the one who taught me the practicality of 'out of the frying pan and into the fire'."Bridgette
  • "There are few who make the weight of the years and accompanying responsibilities seem so mundane." - Zahra Blanc
  • "Eyes that have stared into the fire find no kinship in flourescent nights." - Sevynn
  • "I'll admit, part of the reason I visit San Juan is to listen to the things he says." -Maria Aigner
  • "Darth Sith Rand is my teacher in the art of tongue daggers. But all isn't what it seems; I know there is more behind the lessons then he is letting on. He's cool as fuck though." -Fayina Makarov
  • "Seneschal Ryan is a cordial gentleman, and I found our talks quite enlightening during my brief stay in San Juan. I do hope to get the time to speak with him at length again." - Serafina Durante
  • "Wow, that guy is scary. The way he so dispassionately discussed how to dissect someone's mind, and leaving Ghouls to die of old age....fuck." - Some ghoul
  • Regarding modern culture: "Rand Ryan watches, like people watch train derailments. Obvious fascination, but the element of horror is not far afield."
  • "Omgee. I, like, don't have the words. Best. Mentor. Evaaar. All that catting people do accidentally he does as an art form. I am not worthy." - Addison Bell
  • "I think I just met one of the most dangerous people I could imagine. The most pleasant of smiles can lead someone to their doom." - Isabella Marie
  • "There are words that are similar to enthusiasm and passion when it comes to Elder Ryan. His obstacles and high standards adds significance to all I do." - Abigal Beauchemin
  • ""He is the first to reach me, and give me a reason to smile. A dutiful, dedicated, and determined man I am honored to have in my life." - Abigal Beauchemin

  • Rand uses everyone like he's got a cold, and they're a Kleenex.
  • Rand had an extensive history of smuggling Kindred from Southeastern Europe into resettlement elsewhere. It is rumored that he moved Kindred as far West as the Atlantic Seaboard, and as far East as Muscovy.
  • The reason he dotes upon Addison Bell is that she is his long lost grand-grand-whatever-daughter.
  • He's involved with that Giovanni chick. Elsplatto's cousin, Violetta.
  • Addison Bell nixed his idea of a Salubri Tribute band called 'Third Eye Blind'
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Rand Ryan

Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Social Class: Elder
Domain: San Juan, Puerto Rico
The Player: Will S.
The VST: Trason

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Common Knowledge

  • Rand is a trained physician.
  • He loves classical and baroque compositions.
  • He moves languidly, like someone under the influence of either extreme calm or mild sedation.
  • AKA/Aliases: Dr. Ryan ; Randy; Na'Tak Burella
  • Political Affiliation: Camarilla (Cynics say Randian sub-sect)

Relevant Tropes: Zero Approval Gambit; Jerkass Has A Point; Dragon in Chief; Magnificent Bastard; Wicked Cultured; Rambling Old Man Monologue; More Than Mind Control; Villain with Good Publicity

From Mona Leesa Grant "To Rand Ryan, the only Man I have ever loved and now, will ever love. My motorcycle. Take lessons, so you don't wreck, my Darling and only Light. And my Jukebox. I'm sorry for having left you." (6/30/15)

Warning- links include adult language, violence, and Classical Music. Discretion is advised.

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