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Ray Fullbringer
"Indestructible Determination that is incorruptible, from the otherside of terror to behold , Annihilation will be unavoidable
Every broken enemy will know that their opponent tend to be invincible."

Rank: Elder
Honor: 12
Wisdom: 9
Glory: 6

Character Information

Name: Ray Fullbringer

Deed Name: Roars with Justice (Cliath), Stalks the Flames (Fostern), Serpentsbane, Seeks the Hidden Path

Auspice: Philodox

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Position: Sept Beta of the Sept of the Golden Door

Renown: 12 honor, 6 glory, 9 wisdom

Domain: Sept of The Golden Door

Notable Traits: Missing One eye, Glyph of Ishtara on his left cheek, Gold right arm, strand of pure blond hair that frames his facce.

Title or Positon: Unbreakable, Eldest Philodox of his Former Sept, Former Master of Challenges, Former Sept Beta of the Sept of Falling Jewels, Jarl of the East Central, Sept Beta of the Sept of the Golden Door

Ray Fullbringer

Player: Jesse B
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Rank: Elder
Domain: Washington, DC
VST: Jennifer A.


"Sic vis pacem parabellum"

- Frank Castle

Allies and Family



  • Jason Ray Fullbringer: Ray's son who is named after the Gurahl, Jason and himself. Born November 11, 2013
  • Adriana Amaris Fullbringer: Ray's daughter who was born August 10, 2014 and 2 weeks early.


  • Sun Caller: Ray's mentor and looks to her for advice. Ray trusts her with his life.
  • Fearless Joy: One of the few cliath that Ray will be protective over. It is curious as she seems to be with Ray when not near her pack.
  • Breaks the Bonds: One of the Unbreakable. Ray tries to look out for him but knows that Breaks has his back. Deceased
  • Faces the Ancestors: The Wendigo of the Sept. This is the one Cliath that Ray expects to see much out of him.
  • Burns the Wyrm: One of the Unbreakable
  • Emma "ASAP" Rosencrantz: She is one of my students and my replacement as Master of Challenges. Deceased
  • Alleshannee
  • Ruric: One of Ray's students.
  • Ebony: A kinfolk that Ray respects and trusts. He considers her a sister, a confidant and friend. What is going on between these two, no one knows.
  • Atum's Pride: Ray's friend and the Sept Alpha of the Sept of the Golden Door. Usually, if these two are together... There is either a battle being planned... or... glass bottles of coke being shared.
  • Scarlett Jones, Legacy of the Norns: One of Ray's closest friends, allies and considers her his sister. If she needs something, Ray will do whatever he can for her.


Ray's Lores

  • Get of Fenris 5
  • Garou 4
  • Wyrm 1
  • Silver Fangs 1
  • Black Furies 1
  • BSD 1
  • Wyld 1
  • Spirit 3
  • Umbra 4
  • Weaver 1
  • Wendigo 2
  • Uktena 2

Packmates Forlorn Hope


Bayou dot2.jpg Member of the Unbreakables
Bayou dot2.jpg Wielder of the Crushing Tides Grand klaive.
Bayou dot2.jpg Follows Phoebe.

Notable Great Events:

  • Amazon trip to find/rescue Golgol
  • Recovery of the Lost Elders in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Fight of Raleigh, NC
  • Destruction of Setites within DC
  • Fight against the Thunderwyrm and Black Spiral Dancers at New River Valley
  • Wielder of the klaive, Flustern Heulen
  • Wielder of Crushing Tides, grand klaive
  • Former Sept Beta of the Sept of the Falling Jewels
  • Battle of Alaska
  • Peace summit between Wendigo and Fenrir
  • Sept Beta of the Sept of the Golden Door


In homid, Ray stands at 6 foot 3. He has long black hair, with a single blonde bang and pale skin. On each wrist, there is a tattoo. One is the symbol of the Get of Fenrir, the other is of the half moon. Ray tends to wear a torn up leather jacket that seems to have seen a fair share of battles, a tanktop, and black denim jeans. Upon his left cheek, Ray bears the glyph of Ishtara.

While in Crinos to Lupus, Ray's fur is a white with black points on his ears and paws.

Ray after his first change. ((Pic is Kit Harrington))

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Quotes and Rumors

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About Ray

  • "I would advise against annoying Ray. He might be nice, but he is still a Fenrir, with all that entails" - Taisia Vetrova
  • "Oh we are not even. I will put a fucking chestburster in you and let it sit for nine months. It will make you hormonal and nauseous and unable to shift and will distend your stomach and people will rub it like your the fucking Buddah. Then you will pop it out. Then we will be even. Love you sweetie." - Asha
  • "He is a Fenrir that knows how to listen, not just act. I am pleased to have had him by my side in battle" - ASAP
  • "How come I can never find a jacket like that?" - Junk
  • "He is one I must watch, to learn from. It is always good to find other of the Half-Moons that are wise as I wish to be." Safiya
  • "His is a name that is known to many of the Nation, and many of our enemies. His is a name that shall carve out the destiny of our Tribe. His is a name that speaks of Glory, holds much Honor and reaches for Wisdom. His is a name that is unknown only to those who refuse to listen. I hope to stand with him some day in a true test of our worth... for I feel he has much to teach, and I much to learn."- Ruric
  • ": I give you a name tonight, as is my right as Athro, for the killing blow of Blood Seeker. I call you Last Strike." - Archer's Paradox
  • ": Pssst! Don't tell him to get a manicure. Have you seen those claws?! Also, in all seriousness, he's grown up and grown strong. Sometimes I think we've grown a little too much; I see the fires of our past in his eyes."- Scarlett Jones, Legacy of the Norns
  • "His savagery and honour are equally known to those who have heard the name of this Garou. I've witnessed the first in person, and found it far from lacking. I look forward to knowing him well enough to see the second."- Tiercel Twice-Sworn
  • "An honorable man I am pleased to call ally. Perhaps if he keeps up his open minded ways, I will call him friend" Alleshannee
  • "Never heard of a laid back Fenrir...where'd he come from, any way?" - Ebony
  • "I like him, he refuses to put up with stupid shit any longer than he has to. Shame he gets so much of it in his direction." - Death From the Trees
  • "He's a man of strength and honor." - Lord Alexander Blackwinter
  • "If more Fenrir were like him, I'd worry less about their overall mentality. Proof that one can be a solider of Ragnarok...and a man of reason." - Dylan Price
  • "Ray... He is... Hold on... I wrote this down so I would remember this... A stubborn, arrogant, lugnut that needs a 2 x 4 to the head somedays." - Markus "Walks in Shades" Anderson
  • "Strong, solid, and willing to listed to reason when many would not. Damn fine Garou, and one that I look forward to getting to know better." - Sarah
  • "He is in Mississippi according to the Stone. - Atum's Pride
  • "Honorable, but not intolerable. Strong but not bullish. Good qualities. Good man. - Victor Dawncrown
  • "Ray is family, plain and simple. Yes, he's my nephew, and yes, he's older than me. All that means is we've got a unique relationship, and I'm glad he's seen fit to include me in his family. On top of that, his strength of will and his ferocity are things I admire greatly. Good genes, that one." - Aella Kriptikos
  • "This guy's intense. Just don't get on his bad side, or in his way and you'll continue having a head on your shoulders." - Stormseeker
  • "Giggling Awwww, C'mon. He has nothing to fear from me. He's too straitlaced to be worthy of any truly spectacular pranks...Though I did hear something about his enthusiasm in killing Spiral Dancers stemming from a grudge involving six cans of shaving cream, a hair net, and blue dye." - Cozzie Steals-the-Moon
  • "This Fenrir has impressed me. That is not an easy thing to accomplish, and he did it in the span of hours, courtesy of his level head, willingness to listen, insistence on seeing the truth, and making sounds judgments based on that truth. If the Fates intend for our paths to continue crossing... I feel that my existence will be better because of it." - Brigid
  • "Serpentsbane-Rhya has been a very popular person when it comes to rank challenges. He has always given challenges that help the challenger learn from the experience. I enjoy working with him." - Milagros "Reina Araña" Quioñes
  • "Loyal and fierce. Not one that I would've expected to call me 'family,' but I sure as hell ain't gonna complain." - Kat
  • "I see potential and I see strength but I also see pain and doubt. These last two will cost him dearly, I hope he survives that price when it comes due." - Arm of the Devil
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From Ray

  • "You stand with your brothers and sisters of Gaia against the corruption and destruction of the Wyrm and its servants. We will destroy them all."
  • "Rule 10 of the Fenrir: Don't make deals with the Wyrm." - Speaking to Markus, his pack Beta referencing his rules.
  • "Sometimes... You have to regroup to fight effectively."
  • "We will fight, brother. We will get them back. They will regret the day they ever screwed with us."
  • "I am Ray "Stalks the Flames" Fullbringer. I am a member of the Unbreakable. You can not beat me."
  • "I know better than to promise that I will never be a dick. But, I will do my best to try."
  • "As a Philodox, I must see from all sides. I approach the middle path. To do that, I have to learn from the other Moons."
  • "Do any one else challenge my camp!?"
  • "You THINK that I don't bear the burden of their deaths!? Every choice I make! When someone dies, their name is on of the last on my breath every night. A sigil to their life has been placed on my body! Don't you DARE think that I don't bear that." To Tears of Gaia, Elder Silver Fang Galliard
  • "May Gaia purify you. May you, in the next life, be whole and valiant. Forgive and have mercy on them. Excuse them and pardon them. Cleanse them making their reception honorable. Protect them from the impurities of the wyrm and its torment."


  • When Ray returned from the Amazon, he spoke of Mokole and Bastet. But, he was also returning with one of the seven Mjolnir.
  • Ray is a Fang of Garm, but hates a certain Glasswalker
  • Went to Fredericksburg and had a dick measuring contest with the local Silent Strider Adren.
  • Is a mentor to Emma Rosencrantz
  • Was said to be struck by lightning six times and not wounded.
    • No... He was struck.... Its just that with the Hammer... He thinks that he is Thor.
  • Ray got into a fight with a Nagah once. No one has seen the breed since then.
  • Fera exist because Ray was not alive during the War of Rage.
  • Unbreakable is a likely story. He's hiding the breaks in his soul and the Wyrm taint that festers within them. He's a figurative time bomb, just waiting to explode and take out his people with him.
  • Rokea once lived on land, until one of them insulted Ray's mother. Now they hide in the ocean and kill any Rokea that live on land to keep Ray from remembering they exist.

Tattoos for the dead

For each of his friends who have passed on, Ray adds a new tattoo to his body.

  • For James MacCalister, Ray's upper right arm,a crow with a broken sword.
  • For Taisia Vetrova, Ray has a crow holding a hammer in it claw and thunderbolt behind it on his left shoulder
  • For Breaks the Bonds, Ray has the word 'Brother' inscribed on his left wrist.
  • For Emma "ASAP" Rosencrantz, Ray has on his left arm with a rifle with a computer infront of it.
  • For Forges-Fury, Ray has a shield with the marking of the Fenrir upon it that is on fire. This tattoo is right shoulder.
  • For Sarah, Ray has a small set of glowsticks in the color of the rainbow on his right wrist
  • For Grins-with-Silver, Ray has the head of a Battle Axe on fire and melting on his right chest.
  • For Windows to the Soul, Ray has the image of a cybernetic heart with the glyphs of the Silicon Sentinels and Sister on his chest.
  • For Scarlett Jones, Ray has the image of the moon with a black eye and a silvery-blue eye on his right bicep with the words, "For Scarlett"
  • For Tiercel Twice-Sworn, Ray has the image of a blade in the ground, a book in front of it. A broken crown sits around the hilt. This tattoo sits on his left forearm
  • For Game Changer, Ray has a pair of dice tattooed on the back of his right hand. Where the one is, is the glyph for the Fenrir.
  • For Malena Eberhart, Ray has on his left calf an image of a woman in armor with black wings. In the middle of her armor is the glyph of the Fenrir.

Character Inspirations

Real People

  • Ron Pearlman
  • Kit Harrington

Fictional Sources

  • Eliot from Leverage
  • Thor from Avengers
  • Jon Snow from A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Kenpachi Zaraki from Bleach
  • Roronoa Zoro from One Piece


Glyphs upon Ray


Apocalypse PC

Player: Jesse Benge
Character: Ray "Serpentsbane" Fullbringer
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Camp: Fangs of Garm
Position: Sept Beta
Rank: Elder
Glory: ••••• •
Honor: ••••• ••••• ••
Wisdom: ••••• ••••
Domain: Sept of The Golden Door
VST: VST Jennifer Anderson

OOC Information

Player: Jesse Benge

MES Number: US2009094756

Location: Richmond, VA

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