Razor's Wake

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The Invitation

Kindred of the Domain of Atlanta and Honored Guests,

The Brujah Horde of Atlanta invites you to a celebration of the life, unlife, and final death of our brother, Razor.

We will gather at an isolated lake southeast of the city and send our fallen comrade off in the style of the life he led, the Norse tradition of his Brujah Prince, and the ancient ways of his Gall-Gaelic Kindred lineage. Grave goods are welcome.

Following the ceremony we invite you to enjoy our hospitality, and we encourage you to honor Razor with displays of the strength, the knowledge, and the passion that our Clan values and cherishes. We will do our best to keep our own passions in check, but please remember that we are Brujah. We ask for your understanding should our grief at Razor's loss or our joy at the iron he showed in his final moments erupt in unexpected ways.

For the Horde,

Lochlann MacAllan

The Ceremony

The setting is a lake at a rock quarry in Gangrel territory. For the past month on the shore of the lake the Brujah have been constructing a birlinn, a type of clinker-built longship popular in the Kingdom of the Isles during Lochlann MacAllan's mortal days. When completed the upper deck of the ship is treated with heating oil and the hold filled with straw.

The ceremony begins with the approaching thunder of motorcycles, a dozen or more. The Horde of Atlanta streams into the clearing at the head of the lake with Bear Jameson leading the way, followed by Hawthorne astride Razor's bike. Lochlann and Roane ride at the forefront of the remainder of the Clan. After rumbling to a halt at the shoreline the Horde rev their motorcycles in unison three times before all save Bear cut their ignitions. Bear performs the two ceremonial Last Revs and then idles while Hawthorne dismounts and the pallbearers step forward and hoist Razor's bike on their shoulders. Bear then leads them up the ramp and onto the foredeck of the birlinn, where he dismounts and lashes his bike to the deck while the others do the same with Razor's on the afterdeck. He is the final Brujah to disembark and lights the large oil lamp at the sternpost on his way off.

After the younger Brujah return to the shore Lochlann, as head of Razor's lineage, says a few words, followed by Bear as Razor's Sire. Hawthorne and Roane speak following Bear as Primogen and Prince if they wish, then any remaining members of the Horde (briefly). Once the final farewells are said the Elders use the Potence power of Force and shove the birlinn out into the lake. When it has reached the center Roane shouts out the christening name of the birlinn and Flicks the oil lamp, causing it to shatter and cover the afterdeck with burning oil. A bagpipes version of Amazing Grace plays as the ship burns to the waterline and then sinks beneath the surface.

The Grave Goods

The OOC Info


Location: The Georgia Rib Company

Address: 4930 Davidson Rd NE, Marietta, Georgia 30068

Date: August 2nd, 2014

Time 6:00pm to 11:30pm

Hosted By: GA-010-D