Reach For The Sky

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Apocalypse PC

Player: Steve M.
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Silicon Sentinels
Rank: Athro
Domain: CO-016-D
VST: Michael Dyer



"Now these are the laws of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky, and the wolf that shall keep them will prosper, but the wolf that shall break them had better have a damn good excuse, 'cause I'm a hairsbreadth from going all philodox on you, Cub. Now explain to me why you did this." -- Reach For The Sky

James is tall, overweight and walks with a limp — anyone who knows him knows it's been there since before his first change, though it's been worse lately after a toe-to-toe fight with a pack of Spirals and leeches. He favors clothes that make him look like the mayor of a small Arizona town, even, when he can get away with it in the courtroom, though lately he's been seen sporting the Captain America tee shirt that seems to be his pack's unofficial uniform. In Lupus, his fur is brown and black, resembling a German Shepherd.

For all that his injury and generally noncombatant nature might make him seem an affront to the Litany in the eyes of older Garou, he suffers no one to tend his weakness. Reach For The Sky fights fiercely for Gaia in the courtroom and on the battlefield, using the weapons and tactics of his pack's patron, Clashing Boom Boom.

When he was a cub, he spoke like a cub, and carried no deed names, for he had done no great deeds. As a Cliath, they called him A Fistful of Honor, for his breaking up a fight between two fellow Garou through physical prowress and judicious application of the Litany. As a Fostern, he was called Six-Gun Litigation, for mastering his Rage and finishing law school, and for having the fastest injunctions in the west. As an Adren and now as an Athro, he is Reach For The Sky, for throwing the shackles of the jackbooted thugs of a shadow government off Denver and building strong ties between the Sept of Falling Anvils and several west coast Caerns.

Pack: Ultima Ratio Regina

Formerly of the Screaming Eagles

Rumors from the Wild

  • Reach was present at the battle in June 2013 against the proto-Hive in Denver, and assisted in calling in an airstrike against the Wyrm.
  • He carries two battle scars earned in combat with a Black Spiral Dancer.
  • Contrary to popular belief, James has never actually used a revolver.
  • Six-Gun's father was kinfolk; his mother was Garou.
  • When attacked by a major Wyrm spirit, his first instinct was to fire a shotgun at it.
  • James wants to bring back and modernize the Iron Riders as a camp within the Glass Walkers.
  • Reach For the Sky needs a dedicated tank, lest he draw aggro.
  • James is buiding a fearsome mecha in his spare time.
  • He's a City Farmer, but you'd never know it to look at him.
  • Reach has put lupus in the cone of shame for egregious violations of the Litany.
  • He's waiting for a homid to piss him off so he can be equal-opportunity.
  • James wants to be mayor of Denver.
  • Reach's talen spirits "don't do that kind of thing anymore, bub."
  • He was present at the fight against the Mother Wyrm at the Sept of Phoebe's Rest, and saved several Garou ancestor spirits leading up to the fight. Phoebe herself blesses him.
  • Fought against the Nightmaster's forces as part of the rescue operation in the Faroe Islands.
  • With parts of his pack, made his way back from being stranded in Pangea after.
  • Wrote the Silicon Sentinel Constitution, at least three times.
  • Fastest punishment rites in the West.
  • Helped his pack utterly break the hold of the warring emotion spirits in Kansas City.
  • He's not a City Farmer, but an Umbral Pilot without a ship.
  • Bears the Mark of the Survivor from Cockroach after fighting in Hong Kong and the homelands.
  • He and his pack ventured to Pangaea — again — to help Danger Close bring back I'wai.
  • Reach has basically adopted Aisling O'Gara and will drive her to earn Adren again come Wyrm or High Water.
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Quotes About and By Reach For The Sky

  • "If you see my wardrobe, my limp, and my vocal affectations, and choose to underestimate me, it's not going to go well for you. The courtroom is my battlefield, and your little oil-company-fellatiating organization? It's in my sights. Back down." -- Six-Gun Litigation
  • He's a Philodox who fights like an Ahroun, a Glass Walker who thinks like a Shadow Lord, and a cousin who seems like a brother. He's going to do great things, and you can either be on his side or against it." -- Michael "Wars-on-all-Fronts" Anders
  • "He uses guns. I do not like guns. But I can honor the skill in which he wields them for Gaia. And even I cannot deny their efficacy." -- Steel Vice Bite
  • "I'm afraid I'll just have to refer you to arbitration." <Cocks "Arbitration," his combat shotgun> -- Reach For The Sky
  • "A warrior. A friend. A cousin. A brother. He is one of the few of my tribe that appreciates his wolf heart. He has a long way to go before he understands it. But he is closer than most." -- Steel Vice Bite
  • "James and I sort of just fell into each other's orbit. We answered a lot of the same rallying calls for aid, agreed on many various subjects concerning the Litany, and often found each other fighting next to the other. Right from the start he offered me trust and respect and it was only the natural course to become friends.I do not always agree on some of his choices, but I will always hear him out." -- Sabine Silver Swift
  • “He knew the way to get a teenage monkey girl to leave her date without causing trouble. His mastery over homid dating rituals is impressive.” -- Jìde
  • "This man is all cowboy, from the name on down. And that ride-in guns-blazing swagger tends to get the job done nine times in ten. Thing is, one of these days when he hits a number ten, he's going to die with an awfully-surprised look on his face. I'd love to avoid that if possible." -- Laughs Last
  • "My job isn't to die for Gaia. My job is to make the Spirals, the Fomori, the Nexus Crawlers and the Thunderwyrms die for the Wyrm, as often and as efficiently as possible." — Reach For The Sky
  • "Man is sure is fun seeing him twitch when you offer alternative interpretations to the litany." -- Damnit Jim
    • "Just because it doesn't mention eating Garou doesn't make it okay, damn it!" — Reach For The Sky, in response
  • "He listens, and asks questions. I feel like these are two important characteristics of a Philodox, and ones that more and more are lacking. He may disagree with you, and he'll make his own decisions, but he'll let you say your piece before he does, and take it into consideration. It helps that he and I tend to see eye to eye. Makes me think that I'm on the right track." -- Aisling O'Gara
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